A Beautiful Glittering Lie
One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.

Chapter One

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“Oh, look! Here he comes!” Jenny exclaimed.

The crowd exploded with cheers.

David looked over to where she was pointing, his hazel eyes squinting in the bright sunshine. An elegant black-lacquered carriage drawn by six white horses pulled up to the steps of the regal Greek revival-style state capitol building. Eight musicians burst into “Dixie’s Land.” A slender, stately, middle-aged gentleman stepped out of the carriage, and was escorted by military personnel to a waiting platform, where he took his seat.

“He looks a mite sickly to me,” remarked David’s father, Hiram.
Mr. Kimball concurred.
“Well, I’ll be glad when this here circus act is over,” grumbled Hiram’s longtime friend, Bud Samuels.

He was an amusing man with a scraggly beard and a constant twinkle in his eye. David thought of him as an uncle. But the distressed tone in Bud’s voice alarmed him, for it was unusually out of character.

“I thought you wanted to bear witness to this,” Hiram fired back.
He looked at his son and winked. David saw a glimmer of devilishness in his father’s blue eyes.
“I did, till I had that vision last night,” Bud replied.

“Vision?” asked Mr. Kimball.
Bud frowned. “I’ll tell y’all about it later.”

A pastor stood, walked up onto the platform, and requested that the people bow their heads before he started a short prayer. The crowd chanted “Amen,” in unison, and the middle-aged man who had arrived with his entourage approached the podium. Withdrawing his notes from his inner coat pocket, he began to speak.

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"Civil war tore families apart, and many of those families fought to stay together every step of the way. "A..."

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