A Beautiful Glittering Lie
One bullet can make a man a hero… or a casualty.


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Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"...The weather had been typical, although Hiram, Bud, and the rest of their regiment thought differently, since they were unaccustomed to Virginia’s snowy winters. General Joe Johnston’s Army of Northern Virginia established their winter quarters, and the camp sprawled from Fredericksburg southwest into the Shenandoah Valley, with the 4th Alabama constructing their site near Manassas Junction at Dumfries. ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"...With time to reflect, he thought back to the previous month’s events. The 4th Alabama had abandoned their encampment for Culpeper Court House, and stayed there until November 22, when Lee discovered that Burnside was headed north from Richmond, so he assembled his troops near the quaint town of Fredericksburg. The Confederate army swelled to almost twice its size, due to returning soldiers who had become ill prior to their march into Maryland. Remaining on the south side of the icy Rappahannock River, the Rebels gazed at the church spires that rose up from the town like bony, skeletal ..."
"...the men were required only to attend dress parade and roll call, they idled away their time by staging snowball fights, some so zealous that several soldiers were wounded, and a few were killed. They also spent time exploring the town, as well as the terrain north of camp. Fredericksburg had been nearly evacuated, except for a few citizens who still remained, because their only other option was to camp in the snowy woods until danger passed. On a few rare occasions, the 4th Alabama was detailed to picket duty in town, where they stayed inside deserted homes that ..."
"...At ten o’clock, the Yankees started to bombard the town, each of their 367 guns firing fifty rounds. From their position, Hiram and his comrades could see Fredericksburg set ablaze. Hysterical citizens ran out into the streets, scattering into the nearby woods. Although the weather was mild for December, Hiram knew that they would likely freeze come nightfall. The thought of those destitute women and children wrenched his heart. After some time, the Confederates’ efforts to repel ..."
"...Jackson rode by, dressed in a crisp new uniform, followed by Generals Stuart and Lee. The day was a repeat of the previous one, and when darkness fell, the men returned to their winter quarters to secure rations, since their food supply had vastly improved upon their arrival to Fredericksburg. Warm and comfortable, most fell asleep right away, but Hiram stayed awake, penning a letter to his wife by firelight. ..."
"...The Alabamians were told that Fredericksburg had been left in terrible condition. The Yankees were allowed to freely loot, ransack, burn, and pillage anything and everything, which infuriated the Rebels. Bud decided that the pity he had felt while on the battlefield was wasted. Those bastards don’t deserve my sympathy, he reasoned. The invaders caused ..."

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