Back Channel The Kennedy Years
Inside the John F. Kennedy White House

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1. An Underwater Approach to the White House
An Introduction to Bertie Mac • The Early Days • CIA Recruitment • Moscow • Lubyanka • Salvation by Generals • Walter Reed Hospital • Take Me to the President – Now! • The President Requests the Honor of Your Presence • My God! I’m in the Oval Office • Back Channel Inception • Lunch with the President • Rétablissement
2. Bertie in the White House
A Traitor in Our Midst • Calling the President • First Day on the Job • Special Assistant to the President • Communicating with the Generals • Inside the Cuban Missile Crisis • Anatoly Dobrynin
3. Camelot
An Incredible Sense of Hope • Christmas Invitation from the President • Social Bachelor • Being Hunted • Two Strong Women • Cast Iron Armor
4. Assassins
Death as a Calling Card • The Blair House – and a Gilded Cage • The Soviet Embassy New Year Eve’s Party • Robert McNamara and the Pentagon • Gennady Exacts a Heavy Price • Excalibur • Hunting the Hunter • Walter Reed - Again • Irwin, the Chess Master
5. Evaluating Vietnam
Diem and Nhu • You Leave Tomorrow • Tall, Blue Eyes and White Skin • Interviewing Village Elders • Ambushed • Trying to Avoid Death • Jungle Confrontation • From Bien Hoa Hospital to Walter Reed • “Situation Utterly Hopeless” – “Damn!”
6. Hyannis Port and Work
Invitation to Hyannis Port • Evening Chat with Rose • Jack Goes too Far • Traumatic “Touch Football” • An Evening with Bobby • Operation Sunshine • Vietnam Briefing to President • Bertie Opens Up to the President • Bastille Day – A Cause for Celebration • Malware Crisis at the Pentagon
7. June - November 1, 1963
"A recounting of the events that occurred both domestically and in Vietnam during this time period. It covers policy disputes, the Civil Rights Movement, the Partial Nuclear Test Ban ... " - read more
8. The Assassination of the 35th President
My Response to the News – 1:45 p.m. • Putting together My Insurance Policy • One on One with Bobby • Motivations for an Assassination • J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI • The Mafia • Big Oil • Lyndon Johnson • A Single Term VP? • Dallas, November 22, 1963
9. The Transition
November 26, 1963 – Americanizing the War • Meeting with the 36th President • This Plan Better Work – or I Die • Serendipity • What Would LBJ’s Reaction Be? • Sardinia, Here I Come • The Moretti Family • A Tourist in Sardinia • Return to the Unknown

"This is a must read! It is great suspense and a fantastic window into the workings of the highest levels..."

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