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What does Back Channel mean?
Back Channel The Kennedy Years
Inside the John F. Kennedy White House

What does 'Back Channel' mean?

Find out what Back Channel means. Back Channel is explained by William Bertram MacFarland - author of Back Channel The Kennedy Years

Back Channel

An unofficial (and deniable) communication channel between governments. It allows high-level contact outside the formal, official, documented communication channels. For example, one government might make a back channel inquiry of another government like, "If I will do [A], will you do [B]?" If the answer is "No" there is no record of the question ever having been asked.

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"... terribly busy so let me not detain you any longer. I’ll contact you after the Lieutenant and I have finished our discussions.” - Back Channel Inception - He sat back down and said, “Now that we have a little time together, why don’t you take me back to the very beginning of this ..."

"...Back Channelany question, the most important thing that happened that day (as the culmination of the intense Back Channel communication) was a late night visit by Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet Ambassador to the United States, to the office of Robert F. Kennedy, who had invited him. After a long and ..."
"...Back Channelynin was a charming, extremely intelligent man who was born on November 16, 1919 and died at age 90 on April 6, 2010. His father was a locksmith. Dobrynin served as the Soviet Ambassador to the United States from 1962 to 1986 - from John. F. Kennedy to ..."

Chapter 3: Camelot
"...Back Channelasn’t part of the inner circle surrounding President Kennedy can imagine the intensity of that situation - and the fear that this really could be the beginning of a nuclear holocaust and the end of life on earth as we know it. I know I was petrified that I ..."
"...Back Channelt was mid-December 1962 when I had the luxury of time to reflect on what had happened and I wondered what was going to happen to me now that I was no longer needed as a Back Channel to Chairman Khrushchev. Fortunately, the President had been impressed by the ..."

"...Back Channel very much wanted to get out of Vietnam. In January 1963, I had served once again as Back Channel to Nikita Khrushchev who was surprisingly receptive to the idea of trying to achieve a negotiated solution – but in the end, it came to nothing. First of ..."

"...Back Channelll somebody for the first time in my life, which triggered a cascade of hapless innocent victims who got killed because of the simple fact that I exist - my limo driver, my Marine guard, the doorman and concierge at my apartment, Siddhi and his entire family – well, ..."

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Back Channel

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