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What does CIA mean?
Back Channel The Kennedy Years
Inside the John F. Kennedy White House

What does 'CIA' mean?

Find out what CIA means. CIA is explained by William Bertram MacFarland - author of Back Channel The Kennedy Years


The United States Central Intelligence Agency

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"... have a material impact on the likelihood of such a war and confrontation. I began to reflect on the events that had led me here. - CIA Recruitment - Near the end of my junior year at Duke University, I was surprised to get a message from the Dean of Men, Dean Cox, asking me to ..."
"...Mr. Smith skipped the normal niceties and wasted no time in getting down to business. He informed me that he worked for the CIA and that the CIA was continuously seeking outstanding college students for recruitment. He spoke at length about career opportunities, service to country, opportunities for travel worldwide, etc. He finished by asking me if I would like to have a well-paid summer vacation learning more about the Agency. ..."
"...U.S. Army Reserves. After the final academic graduation ceremonies in 1958 I flew to Washington to start my new career. It was unbelievably intense. Because of my examinations and work the previous summer, I was fast tracked to “The Farm” which was then a super secret CIA training camp near Williamsburg, VA.2 At the Farm, I underwent four months of paramilitary and tradecraft training. In the spring of 1959, I was sent to basic paratrooper training, then, after a short break, to an advanced school to receive training in high-speed, low altitude jumps, ..."
"...The Bay of Pigs fiasco, which originated in the Eisenhower administration, was launched in April 1961 of that year – some three months after Kennedy had become President. It was a major embarrassment not only for the President and the nation but also very much for the CIA, which had planned the operation. President Kennedy was furious and espeCIAlly critical of our Director, Allen W. Dulles. Although Director Dulles defended himself vigorously and distributed the blame around the Agency as best he could, President Kennedy replaced him with John McCone at the end of September. ..."
"...and very slowly put to death if it were discovered that we had tried. In any case, we would have no credibility with your President even if we did succeed in making direct contact with him. We believe that your President has no knowledge whatsoever that your CIA Director Dulles agreed to swap you for your Embassy’s Cultural Attaché but we are sure he will know that some major diplomatic outrage has occurred when you show up in your present condition at the American Embassy in Helsinki. The Soviet Union does not trust the United States ..."
"...happened to me until he had received the urgent dispatch from the Swedish Embassy, I was still extremely traumatized by the fact that my own government had been the major player in my arrest and subsequent torture. I also had a hard time believing it could have been CIA Director Dulles acting alone, but then all three major suspects - Dulles, Rusk and McNamara - reported directly to the President. I was lulled by the President’s charm and easy familiarity but realized with a sense of real surprise that I simply wasn’t prepared to unconditionally accept everything ..."

"...at the UN stating that Cuba was taking measures that would make any direct attack on Cuba the equivalent of a World War and he claimed that the U.S.S.R had invested greatly in helping defend his country. I learned that on August 10, John McCone, Director of the CIA had sent a memo to the President expressing his belief that Soviet medium range missiles ballistic missiles would be deployed in Cuba. ..."

Chapter 3: Camelot
"...As I began walking, I got an old familiar sensation. I hadn’t thought about tradecraft since I was carted off to Lubyanka and I suppose I felt that my CIA days were completely behind me (in fact they were, but the lessons I learned have kept me alive for many, many years). Suddenly, all my training came back to me with a rush of adrenaline. It’s almost impossible to describe, but when ‘telltales’ (little subconscious mental alarm ..."

Chapter 4: Assassins
"...The President tried to be reassuring. He said, “Now Bertie, we’ll get you out of there safely. When White House security played back the tape of your phone call to them for emergency medical service, I immediately called John McCone (Director of the CIA) and asked him what he thought was going on. He asked for five minutes to consult with some of his senior advisors and when he called me back, he told me the unanimous opinion of his advisors was that you had just stirred up a real hornet’s nest ..."
"...Sometime last July, The CIA intercepted a cable that had been sent from one of the Kremlin’s top military men that informed a high officer in the Soviet Embassy here in Washington that they had very good reason to believe that there was a mole in the Embassy who was communicating with an unknown ..."
"...Although the CIA has got a number of people working on trying to find the person who killed your driver last night, even if they find him, somebody else will follow in his place. We have to cut this off at the source. I know it sounds as though I’m ..."
"...had no doubt of his identity. “That’s Gennady!” I whipped back around to look out the rear window – he had disappeared! I wondered how in the name of heaven somebody that huge could disappear in the twinkling of an eye. I devoutly hoped that the CIA or the KGB would get him soon. I definitely did not want to face that guy on my own. ..."
"...apartment, broke down the door, and when he couldn’t find you, trashed the apartment. I’m going to tell Bob that I want armed guards to accompany you every time you move around in the Pentagon. I’ve called John McCone and asked him to not only redouble the CIA’s efforts to get this guy but to also try to get the KGB to do so as well. Our forensic team has been in your apartment since 6:00 this morning. So far they haven’t been able to find a single fingerprint other than yours. This guy ..."
"...will by this evening because he will definitely follow you home. We’re doing everything we can to keep you safe Bertie, but this guy is good – very, very good. I wish I had some advice for you but I don’t. I’m confident that either the CIA or the KGB will get him, but I’m troubled that neither agency has been able to so far. If there’s anything that you would like me to do, just tell me - and I’m sure the President would tell you the same thing. ..."
"...How about the others? Did they have wives and maybe children as well? Not that their own deaths weren’t sufficient but how much additional damage had been caused? It had to stop and I was going to stop it one way or another. Maybe the CIA and the KGB couldn’t find Gennady – but Gennady could find me. And he was going to. Tonight. ..."
"... One of us would die tonight. If it were Gennady, then clearly the killings would stop but if it were to be me, at least the killings of people connected with me would stop and Gennady would move on to some other target. But neither the CIA nor the KGB would stop looking for him. If I couldn’t kill him, they eventually would. He had no more support system. ..."

"...said, “I’m paying for a victory, not a landslide.” Although once Joe was sidelined because of his stroke and Bobby became famous for his fight against organized crime, Bobby was not above using the mob when it suited his purposes. Through an intermediary, he arranged for the CIA to conduct negotiations through Sam Giancana from the Chicago mob (more on Sam later) to negotiate with the Miami mob to hire a mob member who was a Cuban exile to assassinate Fidel Castro. ..."
"...I sat a few moments gathering my thoughts and told him, “Well when the CIA recruits you they don’t tell you how lonely it’s going to be. I found that out dramatically when I first returned to Baltimore where I grew up and had lots of good friends – both male and female. The first thing everybody says is, “Well tell us ..."

"... There was far too much mutual distrust among the South Vietnamese generals (and fear of Diem) to allow for the formation of a coherent and workable coup plan and on the 31st, the CIA agency in South Vietnam sent a message to headquarters saying, “This particular coup is finished.” ..."
"...U.S. that aid would continue after the fall of the Diem regime and that the U.S. would not interfere with the coup. As this would be a coup engineered entirely by the Vietnamese and which would require no direct U.S. involvement, the President gave his approval. The CIA in Saigon informed Minh that aid would continue and the U.S. would not interfere. On the 6th, the President informed Lodge that the U.S. didn’t want to encourage the coup but didn’t want to discourage it either. ..."

"...somebody else who of course would never have heard of me but I relaxed somewhat when I reasoned there would surely be some sort of transition period. I really wanted to stay in intelligence but I sure as hell didn’t want to have anything to do with the CIA. I reflected that I couldn’t have done so even if I had wanted to. When they dumped me into Lubyanka, they systematically and thoroughly destroyed all my Agency records. I suppose they figured that if I ever had any family or friends coming to look for ..."
"...the casinos, abolished prostitution, reclaimed the country’s sugar fields as well as natural resources (mining and mineral, etc.), not only the mob but scores of American businesses took a tremendous finanCIAl blow. Intense pressure was brought to bear on the Eisenhower administration to reverse the “outrage” and the CIA began its misbegotten plans for the Bay of Pigs fiasco which was carried out on April 17, 1961 – slightly less than three months after JFK became President. It threw roughly 1,500 poorly trained Cuban exiles living in Miami (who were recruited by the ubiquitous CIA staffer E. ..."

Chapter 9: The Transition
"... for such operations, since their timing and character can have an intimate relation to the fluctuating situation in Laos. (Action: State, DOD, and CIA.)” Note: CAS = Controlled American Source (pseudonym for CIA); MACV = Military Assistance Command, Vietnam This was truly ..."
"... can have an intimate relation to the fluctuating situation in Laos. (Action: State, DOD, and CIA.)” Note: CAS = Controlled American Source (pseudonym for CIA); MACV = Military Assistance Command, Vietnam This was truly chilling. Although a good part of the Ho Chi Minh ..."

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