Back Channel The Kennedy Years
Inside the John F. Kennedy White House

What period of time does 'Back Channel' cover?


The total period of time is from 1958 to December, 1963 but the detailed coverage of the Kennedy White House is from June, 1962 through his assassination in November 1963.

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"...a patriot, a soldier, a spy and an assassin. I have served under, and reported directly to, nine Presidents of the United States – from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush. I have participated in some of the most momentous events which have occurred during that period – and due to that participation, in some small ways, may even have had an influence in this nation’s history. Throughout my long career, I have tried to keep a record of the events that I witnessed, lived through, and participated in. Taken together, I believe they ..."
"...The intervals between my periods of consciousness and total darkness were beginning to diminish significantly and although I can’t by any means remember exactly, a reasonably good approximation of their diminution (because by now the first thing I did when I woke up was to ask, “What date this?”) was May 13, then ..."
" the chair. I would raise my arms in the air as far as I could whereupon a therapist on each side of me would take my wrist in one hand, put his other one on my shoulder, and start stretching the arm further. During very long periods of bed rest, muscles start to atrophy somewhat and become stiff. The tendons that anchor the muscles to the bones begin to lose their elasticity due to the lack of motion. Stretching them back out again is astonishingly painful. I am fortunate to have a very ..."

"...(i.e. upper classes out first, then the middle classes - dropping to the lower middle class, etc.) which, in my belief, indicated a strong opposition to Castro within Cuba. I then pointed out that progress in Cuba towards a police and Communist state was more rapid during this period than that made by any country in Eastern Europe in an equivalent period of time. Because of the rapidity of the advance, immediate action on the part of the United States was necessary. With these factors in mind, I arranged a meeting in the autumn of 1961 ..."
"...current International Space Station varies between 278-460 km.). The electro-magnetic pulse generated by these explosions was impressive, to say the least. The United States was not without its own high altitude nuclear test program, however. Code-named Dominic, it was operating in full swing during the crisis period. Notwithstanding, no one in the upper levels of the U.S. Administration failed to recognize that the Soviet missile and nuclear weapon capabilities were, at a minimum, quite comparable to those of the U.S. ..."

"...(AAA) in Robertson County, Texas. The AAA was responsible for enforcing the Agricultural Adjustment Act which had been promulgated under the administration of FDR. In 1960, Henry was asked by the AAA to investigate the activities of Billie Sol Estes and found that over a two year period Estes had illegally purchased 3,200 acres of cotton allotments from over 100 different farmers and notified Washington of that fact. When Billie Sol learned of this, he sent his lawyer to talk to Henry who told him bluntly that if Billie Sol attempted to use those illegally obtained ..."

"...out on that score. I got a little bit of a cold chill when I suddenly realized Johnson might replace McNamara with somebody else who of course would never have heard of me but I relaxed somewhat when I reasoned there would surely be some sort of transition period. I really wanted to stay in intelligence but I sure as hell didn’t want to have anything to do with the CIA. I reflected that I couldn’t have done so even if I had wanted to. When they dumped me into Lubyanka, they systematically and thoroughly ..."

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What period of time does 'Back Channel' cover?

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"Excellent book, anxiously awaiting the next one! Educational and interesting! It's so hard to imagine what Bertie went through for..."

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