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The Murcian Countryside – A Baptism by Fire

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"Deborah decides to swap her hectic life in Britain for a sunnier and more serene existence in southern Spain – or so she thinks. Her husband remains back in England to help finance the renovations of their derelict stone house, which stands on a huge plot of land they have acquired in a rural river valley in Murcia. Deborah is more often than not left to her own devices while living in a temporary caravan with three dogs, a cat and six parrots.

Equipped with less than perfect Spanish and a dream to build a home and one day to create a playground for her parrots, Deborah endures countless spectacular thunderstorms, cunningly outsmarts a malicious neighbour, adopts a puppy that grows to be the size of a stallion, and continues to rebuild her house despite failing to acquire any sort of planning permission to speak of. The author faces each challenge with great gusto and a tremendous sense of humour. Anyone who is thinking about moving to Spain should read this book.

"Debs describes life in a remote valley, while she and her husband are renovating a shed into a liveable house with all the modern commodities necessary for us northern Europeans
... All the while their Spanish neighbours are watching, shaking their heads.
Wildlife, in the form of spiders, wild boars and scorpions;
pets – whether dogs, cats or cockatoos; neighbourly courtesies,

from over-the-fence exchange of produce to special occasions, these are all things anybody who has settled among the Spanish in a rural environment can relate to. Debs describes it with a wonderful sense of humour – taking aim at our peculiar, set ways, as well as at those of our hosts.
It is easy reading, and full of humour and love for the Spanish way of life. I enjoyed reading Bitten by Spain because, after 12 years of sharing my life with the Murcians, this is the first book I have come across that I can relate to.

Read it – this is a true description of rural Murcian life from an expat’s point of view!

"Amusing, innovative descriptions coupled with the author’s personal experiences of building a house in southern Spain make this book an interesting read … Bitten by Spain had me chuckling from the first page till the last as author Deborah Fletcher describes the ups and downs of building a house in the Murcian countryside of southern Spain."

"If you haven’t read Deborah Fletcher’s Bitten by Spain then you’re not a true Spain aficionado. This is a brilliantly written and funny account of her move to Spain. I’m not going to spoil it for you … Read it whilst sitting by the pool on holiday!"

"Reading this book made me laugh and also had me saying “how true” on numerous occasions … It also made me glad that we decided to live in the town rather than the campo, as although I love animals I am not keen on spiders and snakes! Deborah gives a vivid description of what it is like to live away from the costas, in a Spanish community, and I would highly recommend reading her book if you are contemplating moving to Spain."

"A truly delightful read! An honest, down-to-earth and thoroughly entertaining account of a British couple’s first years as expats in southern Spain. As well as describing the indigenous flora and fauna with which she has to contend, the writer introduces us to her new Murcian neighbours. It all adds up to a colourful and often hilarious tale with which most expats here in Spain will instantly identify. Whether you live in Spain or are contemplating the move – or are just in the mood for a good read – I can thoroughly recommend Bitten by Spain"


"Reading this book made me laugh and also had me saying “how true” on numerous occasions … It also made..."

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