Blades of Shadow
Dark and gritty trip into the realms of fantasy.

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This is the table of contents for Blades of Shadow. Dip into the various chapters and access free preview sections of Blades of Shadow and be sure that this is the right book for you.

1. Swords and Wings
"The murder of her father rips Silver's world apart. This chapter opens up Silver's world and puts you right inside her termoil and loss. Follow her steps into darkness. ... " - read more
2. Travelers Haven
"Silver's jouney continues into the dark city of Mulding where dark people have even darker motives. ... " - read more
3. Dark streets and darker people
"Mulding is a dark and twisted place. Silver goes on a desperate search for more infomation regarding her father's murder. ... " - read more
4. Sailson
"Sailson an enigmatic theif claims he is the only one with the knowledge and skill to save Silver and her companion. ... " - read more
5. Shaker
"Events begin to twist even further and running is no longer an option for Silver she has to stand and fight back. ... " - read more
6. Darkness swarms
"The truth about Sailson finally comes out but will Silver stay her hand? ... " - read more


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