British Marathon Running Legends of the 1980s
Interviews with London Marathon winners, an Olympic medallist and other top-class British marathon runners from this era

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Reviews and Testimonials for British Marathon Running Legends of the 1980s

"This is quite simply a brilliant book. Gabrielle Collison has really done her research and what comes out of the interviews is the fiercely competitive and at the same time overwhelmingly modest characters of the people running amazing times in marathons in the 1980s."

"Excellent stuff…not just a very interesting read but useful for us coaches too."

"A great book to pick up and read when you have little snatches of available time, though once you've picked it up you may find it hard to put back down."

"Loving the book…a great read!"

"Fascinating accounts of how serious marathon runners trained."

"These interviewees are legends indeed and the author has done a brilliant job in putting this book together. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in marathon running and who isn't looking for yet another formulaic training plan."

" unexpected gem and highly recommended."

"Best read this year! Anyone who ran in the ’80′s needs to get this."

"I only received this book a short time ago and being halfway through another book which I wanted to finish first I am only halfway through it. However I am finding it a fascinating read and difficult to put down."

"I really loved this book...As someone involved in coaching athletes now, the insights from these past masters are fascinating and revealing. Their methods were often blindingly simple but clearly effective and their passion for the sport evident to all, a great read."

"This books identifies the desire and self sacrifice needed to become a elite marathon runner. Great read for all age groups."

"One of the best running books I have ever read."


"One of the best running books I have ever read...."

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