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"... To cope with this trend Poland is planning to convert eight Airports currently used for sports or military use and build three more, all within the next five years. This is understandable as the current 11 Airports have seen annual passenger numbers grow by over 30% in 2005 and 2006. As ..."
"...Airport at the future of the Polish property market, growth in demand seems the most viable scenario. The reasons are numerous: the population is getting wealthier at a rapid rate; plans for foreign direct investment place Poland consistently as a top 20 country for global companies; freight and logistics will ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"...Airportre they? A few hundred metres from the beach, overlooking a lake or just around the corner from one of the new Airports to be built over the next decade. Once you have decided where you want to buy ask local agents if they know of any such properties or ..."

"... manpower and red tape. If you are of a mind to speculate there are potentially high returns to be made from purchases today that will be close to new roads, motorways, metro stations and Airports or in Special Economic Zones or areas with some other hidden potential. - New Roads and ..."
"... when the Jubilee Line was extended in London it is obvious that real estate by planned underground stations is a worthwhile investment. - Airports - With at least 11 new airports at the planning stage and five more under consideration (see Part Two: Why Poland) there are numerous areas ..."
"... - With at least 11 new Airports at the planning stage and five more under consideration (see Part Two: Why Poland) there are numerous areas of temptation for speculators. Many of these locations are still exceptionally cheap as locals cannot quite believe what is about to happen. While ..."
"...Airport these have been sporadic in their success with Słupsk one of the better performers. This town of 100,000 people has no motorway, no modern rail link, no Airport and it is over 100 kilometres from Gdansk. Despite all this it has attracted capital investment from Italy, Switzerland, America, Holland, ..."
"... spa resort, all of which already draw domestic tourists in large numbers. In the future there will be an international Airport two hours drive to the north and there is already one an hour away at Rzeszow in the south. Some have speculated2 that in 2012, as football fans travel back and fourth ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Airportction contains a map of the area identifying the road infrastructure (both current and planned) as well as Airports that exist and those that are expected to be built over the next decade. The maps also show recommended towns and regions where specific types of property can be found or ..."
"...Airportall this county is one of the most advanced and developed in Poland and there is altogether a more Western European attitude and approach to life. This is greatly helped by the ease of travel with direct trains to many international destinations and an Airport with routes to and from ..."
"... and restaurants. The residents have become some of the richest inhabitants of Poland and property prices have risen at a dramatic rate. Wroclaw has its own international Airport included in the schedules of many no frills airlines and lies just north of the A4 motorway. Jelenia Góra, a ..."
"... to the east. Bydgoszcz may have less to offer the tourist but it is a hive of commercial, business and industrial activity and has an international Airport. Wrocławek is a predominantly post-war city, which will also feel the effects of the A1 motorway when it arrives. Grudziądz is a ..."

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"A sympathetic introduction to Poland and the Polish property market, offering an accurate insight into what is for many British..."

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