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Reviews and Testimonials for Buying Property in Poland

"An easy to follow guide to buying property in Poland, full of invaluable practical tips, offering prudent advice for the unsuspecting and seasoned property investor alike. Tim Hill has produced a much-needed source of solid information for anyone buying or intending to buy property in Poland, covering every corner of this beautiful country.  He has simplified the sometimes complicated and bureaucratic buying process for everyone’s consumption.  An essential read for anyone thinking about buying property in Poland."

"It's a very useful and well written guidebook for anyone seriously considering investing in the property market in Poland. Undoubtedly the most valuable advantage of this book is the precise explanation it gives of the (vague and very often problematic) Polish procedures of buying properties. I'm strongly convinced that the readers will appreciate it — especially those without sufficient knowledge about Poland and who are investing here."

"At a time where it seems that any expat at a loose end seems to have set themselves up as a 'property developer', and there is no end of offers to help you buy, build, develop and renovate Polish property, it is encouraging to see someone with Tim Hill's experience put this work together. The sheer breadth of the work demonstrates Tim's determination to give the reader a thorough understanding of both Poland and the local property market as well as to show what a fascinating and sometimes complicated place this is to do business. The information provided in addition to the very useful property tips helps the reader obtain a fuller picture of the different aspects of investing in Poland as well as demonstrating that many stereotypes of Poland are either out-of-date or just pure wrong. I recommend this book as a must-read to anyone considering investing either money or time in Poland."

"A sympathetic introduction to Poland and the Polish property market, offering an accurate insight into what is for many British buyers still a 'terra incognita'. The guide is comprehensive and practical, covering all property types across Poland, and answers all questions that potential property investors are likely to ask."

"Poland is a nation with a population of 40 million people located in the centre of Europe and with one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing real estate markets on the continent. This book is the perfect guide for anyone looking to buy a flat, house, commercial property or land in a country with great possibilities. I strongly recommend it."

"Buying Property in Poland is a must read for those thinking about investing in the country. Pages of advice and money saving tips as well as how to make the purchase run smoothly. Buy it!"

"Buying Property in Poland is essential reading for anyone contemplating investing here. It is a comprehensive guide to the advantages, opportunities and pitfalls encountered in Poland. The advice and guidance enclosed is first class. A must not only for the first time investor but for experienced hands as well."

"The definitive insiders’ guide to property investment in Poland. The experience and enthusiasm of Tim Hill, a top property professional, shine through as he uncovers exceptional investment opportunities across the country while at the same time he gives a fascinating insight into Polish history, culture and outlook.  Far more interesting reading than the 'usual issue' for those looking to maximise on property returns! Very readable, incredibly useful and highly recommended!"

"Buying Property In Poland is one of the most comprehensive guides for purchasing foreign property that I have ever seen. Going beyond the usual regulatory considerations to provide an invaluable in-depth step by step guide to the Polish buying process, helping potential buyers avoid the usual pitfalls of purchasing abroad.  This easy to read guide is essential for anyone looking at purchasing in Poland and will save buyers significant amounts of time and money."


"Buying Property In Poland is one of the most comprehensive guides for purchasing foreign property that I have ever seen. Going beyond..."

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