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Can I buy a farm in Poland?


Farms are usually divided into two parts - the farm house and buildings and the agricultural land.

If you are an EU citizen you may be able to buy the farm house and buildings without a permit if the land is simply zoned as a 'building plot'. However if the land is zoned as an 'agricultural building plot' you will need a permit.

In all cases you will need a permit for agricultural land and these are very hard to obtain except in the rarest of circumstances.

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Chapter 2: Poland Today
"...When times were not as good as they are today a favour system developed. A farmer would borrow a neighbour’s tractor in return for the loan of some scaffolding to repair a roof. This did not always happen at the same time and months could pass before the neighbour requested the return of the ‘tractor favour’ with a ‘scaffolding favour’. This culture still remains, especially ..."

"...Polish agricultural land is famous for being highly fertile and producing an excellent crop yield. For this reason large amounts have already been purchased by British farmers keen to work soil that requires fewer chemicals and offers them a chance to compete in the lucrative organic produce market. ..."
"...This type of real estate comes in two forms: plain agricultural land for use in the growing of crops and agricultural land with planning permission to build. On farms, for example, most of the land will be classified as the former with a separate plot, containing the house and outbuildings, classified as the latter. ..."

"...Although geography and entertainment are important, a better lifestyle also depends on food. Poland’s new wealth has seen the rise of supermarkets selling low cost, albeit bland products. But as with France these sit peacefully alongside farmers markets with the organic and tasty produce that has all but been forgotten in countries such as Britain. ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"... These buildings are often in areas almost completely deserted during the winter months and are an obvious temptation for thieves. - farms and farmland - If you can get a permit (see Part Four: How to Buy) agricultural land has to be one of the shrewdest buys on the market. Not only can ..."
"...If you can get a permit (see Part Four: How to Buy) agricultural land has to be one of the shrewdest buys on the market. Not only can it provide an immediate income via rental to local farmers but there is also the possibility of EU subsidies for those working the land or those who plant trees on it (see Forested Land below). ..."
"...Change of Use is never guaranteed however and so agricultural land is only for the speculative investor or the genuine farmer. As a general point it is expected to increase in value anyway as the permit system comes to an end and due to the rising demand for soil suitable for the growing of organic produce. ..."
"... always ask your solicitor to verify if the plot you are interested in will qualify. As with farms and farmland there are restrictions on non-Polish citizens buying forests (see Part Four: How to Buy) - Office Space - Poland’s economy is growing, and it is set to continue growing. ..."
"... - Derelict Buildings - Most people know and expect to find derelict buildings in any country that could be renovated back to their glory days. These might be old farmhouses, apartment buildings or 19th century factories ripe for loft conversions. However there is a second set of ..."

"...The Polish know only too well the even larger boom in property prices that would occur if it was left to the free market — with picturesque farms available for as little as 15,000 euros how many would you buy? As such there are a number of restrictions on what a non-Polish citizen can buy. These will be gradually phased out between 2009 (for an investment property) and 2016 (for agricultural land). ..."
"... key extracts: "A foreigner may purchase real estate only after receiving permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (after approved by the Ministry of Defence and, in the case of farmland, also after receipt of approval by the Minister of Agriculture) From the day of ..."
"...farmarms and woodlands — Permission is required during the first 12 years from the date of Poland's accession to the EU. However, permission is not required if several conditions are fulfilled: if the person who wants to purchase the real estate is a leaseholder over a defined period (seven years ..."
"...In summary if you are from the EU you do not need a permit unless you are buying farmland, forested land or a second property. For farmland or forested land you don't need a permit if you can prove long term ‘bonds with the Republic of Poland’. An example might be that you have been renting farmland and using it for agricultural purposes over the last few years. ..."

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Can I buy a farm in Poland?

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"Poland is a nation with a population of 40 million people located in the centre of Europe and with one..."

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