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"... have already made the move along with retail giants like Ikea and Media Markt. Your competition may also be making similar plans. - Capital Gain - Poland has already seen large-scale price rises and from afar it would be an easy mistake to believe the property market was now in ..."

"... and Percentages - The press has made the most of pointing out countries where the percentage Capital Gain over a year seems high. They interview investors who gleam with pride that the house they purchase 12 months ago is now worth 100% more. But 100% of what? Firstly, in any market, ..."
"...Capital Gainfor both sides in saving considerable amounts in fees and taxes but obviously goes a long way to distort the recorded figures of the last few years. Stricter rules, Capital Gains issues and the use of mortgages have now removed much of this but how wide spread it was and ..."

"... have seen annual passenger numbers grow by over 30% in 2005 and 2006. As the future unfolds tourism will undoubtedly climb even higher and the Capital Gains and yields on holiday lets will also continue to grow. - Confidence in Mortgages - Despite exceptional price rises, most ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"... need to re-market it. Ultimately because of the acute housing shortage in Poland (see Part Two: Why Poland) it is hard to go wrong with residential property when it comes to Capital Gain but the level of gain will depend on buying the right property in the right place. - Off Plan Properties ..."
"... dates can be in the far future. If you are buying specifically for Capital Gain it is important to read Part Four: How to Buy, which helps you to avoid being sold an off-plan unit on a development aimed solely at foreign buyers and priced up accordingly. - Apartment Shells - While ..."
"... it (see Forested Land below). The obvious choice would be areas around or within the borders of major cities and towns. As they expand there is every chance you will be successful in a Change of Use application, which would generate substantial Capital Gain. But other locations where ..."
"...Capital Gainrehousing in its own right is an excellent source for Capital Gain and one often overlooked by foreign investors. Construction companies just cannot keep pace with the growing demand caused both by rising levels of freight passing through the country and the increasing levels of production happening domestically. Cushman and ..."
"...Capital Gainooking for Capital Gain and a good steady income as well as the ability to purchase more than one property hotels are definitely one of the most viable options available. If tourism is your line of business and you cannot afford to buy and start a hotel in your own ..."

"...Capital GainCapital Gain one would easily be forgiven, having read the previous pages, for believing it is possible to march into Poland and buy anything, anywhere and make a profit. To some extent this is true but exact locations will produce even better financial results than a simple random purchase. ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Capital Gainhen that the east is the place to be when it comes to investments and this is certainly where a great deal of private, state and EU funds are heading. But this needs to be balanced with the fact that western counties are benefiting more now, and will do to ..."
"...Capital Gain contains a map of the area identifying the road infrastructure (both current and planned) as well as airports that exist and those that are expected to be built over the next decade. The maps also show recommended towns and regions where specific types of property can be found or ..."
"...Capital Gaining links and reading further information readers may also come across the terms ‘First, Second and Third Tier’ cities. This is a reference to Capital Gain. First Tier cities are generally those that most agree have already been discovered by foreign buyers and these would be Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. ..."
"...Capital Gainly clear that such a well-developed county is not the best place to look for exceptional Capital Gain. However as Poland integrates further into Europe its proximity to the German border means that the wealth of those living there and interest from the easily accessible west will undoubtedly cause prices ..."
"...Capital Gain and Piotrków Trybunalski are obvious targets for Capital Gain. In the former the price of residential real estate is nearly one half that of Warsaw, only 100 kilometres away. Currently this is a long drive but the A2 motorway is being extended to connect the two cities and a ..."
"...Capital Gain questionable if many of the investments made in developments like this will achieve any respectable Capital Gain over the next decade as they are already so far ahead of general property prices. Furthermore many have been bought in order to turn the contracts before completion which could result in ..."

"...Capital Gainhas been said once before it is worth repeating. Poland is not always an easy country to buy in, especially if you are trailblazing off the beaten path, but if it was prices would already be even higher. Effort is required in return for exceptional Capital Gain or to secure ..."

Chapter 15: Buying Off-Plan
"...Capital Gain developments attract wealthier Poles (as both residents and tenants) because modern buildings are simply more aesthetically pleasing. In many cases they are not the best financial investments for either yield or Capital Gain1 but they have appeal because, for foreign buyers, they are easier to understand and compare with ..."
"... it is difficult to do both. This does not mean that you will not make money when purchasing the former, it is hard not to do so in a country with the expected growth that Poland has, but your overall Capital Gain will be diminished in return for an easier life. Tell tale signs that you are ..."

"... include this in their pricing despite it being a considerable on cost. Once the property is in your hands, if you are thinking of renting there is income tax and when you come to sell a Capital Gains tax operates. - Transaction Costs - The table below demonstrates the sample costs ..."
"... charge from the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and does a very good job of explaining tax liabilities in English. - Capital Gains Tax - When you come to sell there is an obligation to pay tax on the profit of your purchase but the amount depends on what you were using ..."
"... purchase the sale is. The current rate is 10% for properties purchased before 31st December 2006 where the property is being sold within five years of the purchase. This can be avoided only when the Capital Gain is re-invested in another property within two years. For properties purchased ..."
"... you accordingly. Residents of the United Kingdom should also be aware that, should they bring Capital Gain back to Great Britain, they will be liable to pay tax in the UK. This is at the rate defined by HM Revenue and Customs but any tax paid in Poland can be deducted. ..."

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