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"...Commercial500 km North coast there is plenty of variety from golden beaches to secluded bays as well as lively tourist towns and major sea ports (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście) handling both global freight and Commercial ferry services, especially to Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States. ..."

"...Commercials, old and new, contain some Commercial or retail space on the ground floor as planners looked to create estates that were, to some degree, self contained with their own shops and services. As such checking what activities can be carried out in these units is a prudent move to ..."
"...Commercial land means land for Commercial production, storage, warehousing, logistics and service provision. Each plot will have its own listing of what activities you are allowed to carry out there. For example many state that land can be used for only warehousing or only for services (such as a petrol ..."

"...Commercialis an important factor it is often worth considering properties away from the mainstream residential apartments favoured by most investors. On new developments look at any Commercial or retail space often included on the ground floors for service related businesses such as nursery schools or for shops which will serve ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Commercial long lets refer to any tenancy over six months as well as student lets when specified in the text. Summer holiday lets can cover apartments, houses and recreational houses. Office and Commercial space includes retail units. Hotels and conference centres may mean both or either and is clarified in ..."
"...Commercialocław is so far advanced long lets, short lets and student lets are all safe options with a fair yield. For the latter it is well worth looking at some of the 1970s stock as this is cheap to buy but rents well to those in academia. The city is ..."
"...Commercialomorskie (pronounced koo-yav-sko pom-or-ski-e) is one of contrasts. On the one hand it is home to the city of Toruń which has the largest medieval old town in Poland and on the other hand, less than 50 kilometres away is the industrial metropolis of Bydgoszcz. In the surrounding countryside visitors ..."
"... to the east. Bydgoszcz may have less to offer the tourist but it is a hive of Commercial, business and industrial activity and has an international airport. Wrocławek is a predominantly post-war city, which will also feel the effects of the A1 motorway when it arrives. Grudziądz is a ..."
"...Commercialis already a Commercial centre with an established long lets market and it is expected that from this a corporate or short let demand will emerge in the future. The city is also short of offices and modern warehousing space. As it grows land around its borders could rise substantially ..."
"... Obviously if commerce is the future then some of the best buys in both cities will be office and Commercial space, hotels and conference centres and warehousing and logistics. There is a well-developed infrastructure already in place for those looking at long lets and student lets. Be ..."

"...Commercialexception exists to the above and this can be in Special Economic Zones. There are 14 of these across the country. Primarily these zones are for Commercial use and each one has a variety of incentives, some of which include different types of tax breaks for the first two to ..."

"... the income. As yields on rental incomes, both Commercial and residential, are fairly low, it is unlikely that you will have a net income liable for tax in the first or second year on a mortgaged property after agency fees and service charges are taken into account. However as prices ..."

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"At a time where it seems that any expat at a loose end seems to have set themselves up as..."

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