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"...Commuter Belt to buy for personal use should also take into account what is about to happen in Poland, as a sleepy town to get away from it all today may become a thriving Commuter Belt hotspot within a decade. At the same time business buyers can take advantage of this ..."
"...Commuter Beltnvestors a crystal ball really does exist. The previous decades of Western Europe clearly demonstrates how a population reacts to rising city prices and what they do when they can afford to make a choice. This comes in the form of Commuter Belts and corridors and within that a system ..."
"... of Western European cities and towns is about to be played out on Polish soil and smart buying will produce exceptional results. - The Commuter Belt - Many Poles have traditionally lived close to their place of work, or even chosen to work close to where they live. There is a comfort ..."
"... quieter, greener, safer, with better schools, and so on. Whatever the reasons higher property prices and affordable transportation are creating Commuter Belts across Poland and these areas are prime capital growth locations. With this in mind it would seem easy to take a compass, draw a ..."
"... kilometres away from the centre and declare this the commuting belt of the future. The history of Western Europe however teaches us two more lessons. Commuter Belts are made up of corridors and hot spots. Corridors run along all major transport links. A motorway is the easiest to imagine. ..."
"... is key. With a train line the effect is similar and stations cause certain hot spots for higher prices in Commuter Belts but these can also arise because of excellent schools, locations with outstanding beauty, or areas that offer that something extra outside of the cities. In the ..."
"...Commuter Belty choose to live in the Commuter Belt others are forced to make that choice by the gentle cycle of how life unfolds. Market research proves little here. Ask one thousand young Poles where they would like to live and the majority would imagine most of their lives in a ..."
"... most of the city. A few years pass, with the possible addition of another child and the couple realise they hardly visit the city except for work purposes. They also rightly calculate they could have a much better home if they lived in the Commuter Belt. They do just that. With children around ..."
"... apartments for young professional couples Small, suburban houses for young families Small houses close to Commuter Belt hotspots or larger family houses elsewhere in the Commuter Belt for growing families Small, modernised city centre and suburban houses for middle aged couples Small, ..."
"...Commuter Beltst and many of the routes are drawn. The opportunity is almost being handed to investors on a plate. Buy residential or business property close to one of these arteries and you could own a highly desirable piece of Commuter Belt real estate in 10 years’ time. Put your money ..."
"...Commuter Belts will benefit from the developing infrastructure of the country they are likely to go through dramatic growth. Although this means warehousing, factories and office space will all rise in value do not be blinkered, the local population will also get richer increasing their demand for residential property and possibly ..."

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