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"...Factoriesleft unchecked by local authorities and soon word spread to nearby facilities and then across the country, with all manner of Factories and services grinding to a halt in solidarity (in Polish, "Solidarność").By the time it reached Gdansk confidence had grown and the dispute had taken on a political meaning ..."

"... Poland has gone a long way to turning round the inefficiencies in many of its Factories, making the country’s products desirable in foreign markets. Unprecedented growth in exports since the start of the new millennium is bringing in substantial wealth to the country and its population. ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"...In the long term these latter types are either destined for demolition or for conversion into loft apartments (see Factories below). Demolition should not be seen as a downside as there is always a reason, and often it is to make way for residential housing. An old and destitute warehouse being sold for a song today may well be worth its weight in gold in decades to come when ..."
"... metres of lease transactions took place on the Polish warehousing market, compared with 900,000 square metres for the whole of 2006". - Factories - This does not only mean space suitable for production but also buildings suitable for conversion. The city of Lodz has been a leader in ..."
"... - Derelict Buildings - Most people know and expect to find derelict buildings in any country that could be renovated back to their glory days. These might be old farmhouses, apartment buildings or 19th century Factories ripe for loft conversions. However there is a second set of ..."

"...Factorieszones will benefit from the developing infrastructure of the country they are likely to go through dramatic growth. Although this means warehousing, Factories and office space will all rise in value do not be blinkered, the local population will also get richer increasing their demand for residential property and possibly ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Factoriesż (pronounced woodsh) Voivodship is located in the centre of the country and was one of the areas to be heavily affected by the pre-war industrial revolution. Much of this was due to the brown coal mines in the region. Today this tradition still continues but in a more up ..."
"... Business with the West dates back far beyond 1989 and automotive companies often sourced products from Factories in the region in the post-war decades. Today companies such as Merloni, Shell, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Bosh-Siemens, Nibco, and Pepsico have all chosen to locate businesses here. ..."
"...Factoriess the heavyweight and the capital of the county. It can best be described as what Birmingham was and is compared to London in the United Kingdom. For years it was sidelined as a dirty, industrial town with no attractions and then someone noticed how many derelict buildings there were ..."
"...Factorieswas already becoming wealthy due to its logistical location and attracting foreign investment at a steady rate so it was only a matter of time before old breweries were to turn into shopping centres and Factories into loft apartments. This is all still in the very early stages but Łódż ..."

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