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Chapter 7: Property Types
"... These buildings are often in areas almost completely deserted during the winter months and are an obvious temptation for thieves. - Farms and Farmland - If you can get a permit (see Part Four: How to Buy) agricultural land has to be one of the shrewdest buys on the market. Not only can ..."
"... always ask your solicitor to verify if the plot you are interested in will qualify. As with Farms and Farmland there are restrictions on non-Polish citizens buying forests (see Part Four: How to Buy) - Office Space - Poland’s economy is growing, and it is set to continue growing. ..."

"... key extracts: "A foreigner may purchase real estate only after receiving permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (after approved by the Ministry of Defence and, in the case of Farmland, also after receipt of approval by the Minister of Agriculture) From the day of ..."
"...Farmlandry if you are from the EU you do not need a permit unless you are buying Farmland, forested land or a second property. For Farmland or forested land you don't need a permit if you can prove long term ‘bonds with the Republic of Poland’. An example might be ..."

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"It's a very useful and well written guidebook for anyone seriously considering investing in the property market in Poland. Undoubtedly..."

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