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"... to the east. In general however it limits foreign buyers to one piece of real estate and makes agricultural and Forested Land almost completely out of bounds. More detailed information on how it works and some ways around it are covered in the Part Four: How to Buy. The Act has been ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"...Buy) agricultural land has to be one of the shrewdest buys on the market. Not only can it provide an immediate income via rental to local farmers but there is also the possibility of EU subsidies for those working the land or those who plant trees on it (see Forested Land below). ..."
"... in value anyway as the permit system comes to an end and due to the rising demand for soil suitable for the growing of organic produce. - Forested Land - Much of the forest in Poland is state owned but private plots do come onto the market regularly. These have become very popular as most ..."

"...Forested Land you are from the EU you do not need a permit unless you are buying farmland, Forested Land or a second property. For farmland or Forested Land you don't need a permit if you can prove long term ‘bonds with the Republic of Poland’. An example might be that ..."

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Permit System

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