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"... it's glory days now firmly in the past. By geographical size Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe covering just over 312,000 square kilometres and so placing it on a par with the likes of Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The nation borders Germany, the Czech Republic, ..."
"... Italy. The nation borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Lithuania. Almost 30% of the land mass is covered by forests and the largest rivers (the Vistula, Odra, Warta and Bug) are evenly dispersed from East to West, running South to North. Along the ..."
"... the first public library in mainland Europe was opened in Warsaw. Unfortunately internal bickering in the late 1700s weakened the country to such an extent that it was annexed with some ease by Germany, Austria and Russia. The following 125 years are always referred to as the time when ..."
"... for regenerating a weak army. Its brief time as a free country was not however long enough to build a military strength sufficient to defend itself against Nazi Germany and despite valiant and heroic acts it could not stop the invasion of 1939. Often forgotten to others but deep in ..."
"...For some Poles, notably older generations, a bitterness does still exist surrounding the events of September 1939. Many in the country and the armed forces understood Britain’s declaration of war against Germany on the fourth of September as a sign that help was on its way. This after all had been agreed in treaties with France and the United Kingdom. ..."
"...even a small logistics division in Gdansk managed to hold out against the might of Nazi forces for thirty days despite little in the way of food or equipment. With eighty-five percent of Hitler’s army involved in the attack there is some credible case that an attack in to Germany from the West may have caused the Führer to stop and think. France did advance a few kilometres into the Fatherland meeting no resistance but retreated anyway, a few days later. ..."
"...The scars of these war years are still evident in international relationships today. Germany has apologised for its actions in the Warsaw Uprising creating a better atmosphere between the two countries, both the Polish and Ukrainians have apologised to each other for various atrocities committed by both sides. But Russia continues to refuse acknowledgement of Katyn and so it continues to bubble uncomfortably ..."

"... such as Britain. This is made all the more tempting by the low cost of living. According to Eurosat few places are cheaper than Poland for food, beverages and tobacco1. Electricity and gas bills are also considerably lower than Spain, Ireland, Germany and Italy. If you are considering ..."

"...The indications for Poland are numerous and strong as the country has a strong imbalance in its Gross Domestic Product versus Germany and it is set to benefit from further foreign investment, freight and logistics growth, a rising tourist trade, further confidence in the use of mortgages and the introduction of the euro. Furthermore as covered in the previous chapter it is clear that the supply of new housing will be ..."
"...When Poland achieved full independence in 1989 its Gross Domestic Product per Capita was a fraction of its German neighbour. It was obvious that two countries sitting next to each other with similar political systems and resources could not maintain this disparity. Either Germany would have to go into recession or Poland was going to start growing. ..."
"...On the former Poland has performed extraordinarily well with large inflows — 13 billion dollars in 2004, 10.5 billion in 2005 and nearly 14.9 billion in 2006 (when it overtook Germany). High unemployment, low salaries, cheap land, an educated workforce and numerous tax incentives have all played their part in attracting FDI. ..."
"... - Poland has a huge potential in the leisure market, often limited more by the lack of hotels than demand. The PMR research group found the country has fewer hotel bed spaces per 10,000 inhabitants than the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia and Lithuania. From ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"...The number of quality bed spaces in Poland is hopelessly inadequate for the demands placed upon them. From a tourist business point of view there are fewer bed spaces per 10,000 inhabitants than countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia6 (see Part Two: Why Poland). Add to this the growing demands of businesses to accommodate their travelling representatives and you have a situation where the current system is bursting at the seams. ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
" and this is certainly where a great deal of private, state and EU funds are heading. But this needs to be balanced with the fact that western counties are benefiting more now, and will do to an even greater extent in the future, because of their proximity to Germany and the rest of Western Europe. The following pages will examine these regions one by one outlining the backgrounds of each county and what types of property can be found there, from land promising capital gain to holiday homes to warehousing space. ..."
"...The region's fortunes have been further assisted by the simple fact that it borders Germany and the building of the A4 motorway has and will offer fast links east and west. Today it is a powerhouse of industry and commerce with foreign investment from Volkswagen, Toyota, Electrolux, Whirlpool, General Electric, Colgate-Palmolive, Bridgestone Tyres and a whole host of other globally recognised brands. ..."
"... own right as wealth grows and a sense of pride returns. Łódż is also a designated Special Economic Zone and has so far been successful in attracting foreign investment from companies in Japan, the United States, Italy and Germany. Just to the south is Piotrków Trybunalski, again ..."

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