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"...Hotelsh almost all European countries Poland had a large and wealthy aristocracy who built palaces of all shapes and sizes from 10 to over 100 rooms. During socialist times many of these were confiscated by the authorities and fell into disrepair. Hence now you will find a large number of ..."

"... - Poland has a huge potential in the leisure market, often limited more by the lack of Hotels than demand. The PMR research group found the country has fewer hotel bed spaces per 10,000 inhabitants than the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia and Lithuania. From ..."
"...Hotelslls airlines like Wizz Air have also recently announced plans to increase the number of routes and services between the UK and Poland “in response to higher than expected ticket sales” and the Orbis Hotel group is expanding its 64 Hotels to 83 in the country while also building a ..."
"... a further 36 economy class establishments. From a macro prospective the PMR research group are predicting the number of hotel rooms in the Poland will rise by 7% per year between 2008 and 2012 providing an extra 30,000 rooms and 560 new Hotels. To cope with this trend Poland is planning ..."
"...Hotelsg at the future of the Polish property market, growth in demand seems the most viable scenario. The reasons are numerous: the population is getting wealthier at a rapid rate; plans for foreign direct investment place Poland consistently as a top 20 country for global companies; freight and logistics will ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"... use bear in mind the greatest demand is for modern facilities on green field sites which allow better access for heavy goods vehicles. - Hotels - The number of quality bed spaces in Poland is hopelessly inadequate for the demands placed upon them. From a tourist business point of view ..."
"...Hotels are not limited to those with large capital. They come with three or four bedrooms as well as those that run into the hundreds. From major cities to tourist resorts Hotels are, and will be, in demand. This opportunity has not gone unnoticed by the big chains, the Orbis ..."
"...Hotels are looking for capital gain and a good steady income as well as the ability to purchase more than one property Hotels are definitely one of the most viable options available. If tourism is your line of business and you cannot afford to buy and start a hotel in ..."
"... of an architect not only to renovate, but also to modernize. This latter set comes from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many of them were government or private projects such as Hotels, restaurants and office blocks. When the socialist system finally collapsed there was simply no ..."

"... cheap as locals cannot quite believe what is about to happen. While residential property close to the sites is unlikely to be a good move, office space, warehousing and Hotels will be in immediate demand. - Special Economic Zones - In order to regenerate certain areas of ..."
"...Hotels moment it has a fairly disjointed infrastructure with horse riding, canoeing, cycling and a wealth of other activities on offer but only if you know where to look for them and can speak a little Polish. The area is also woefully short of Hotels and tourist accommodation, which is ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...In general long lets refer to any tenancy over six months as well as student lets when specified in the text. Summer holiday lets can cover apartments, houses and recreational houses. Office and commercial space includes retail units. Hotels and conference centres may mean both or either and is clarified in the What to Buy sections. Land can mean both agricultural as well as that zoned for industrial, residential or commercial use. ..."
"...Hotels and winter holiday lets as well as Hotels, recreational houses and retirement and lifestyle homes are all to be found anywhere within 50 kilometres of the Czech border, especially close to the numerous spa towns. Better infrastructures and local amenities exist in towns such as Jelenia Góra, Wałbrzych and ..."
"...Hotelsourist friendly area it is fairly advanced although the number of Hotels and conference centres is still vastly inadequate for both the leisure and business visitors that want their bed spaces1. Its popularity works from two sides. Firstly there is plenty to see and do in the picture postcard towns ..."
"...Hotelsski and Świecki are both municipalities in the north of the country with extensive forests and lakes and an absolute haven of tranquillity. So far undiscovered by foreigners there are exceptionally well-priced properties for holiday or lifestyle homes, summer lets or tourist related businesses such as Hotels. Be aware however ..."
"...Hotelsawek is a large town and although it may not be picture postcard there is plenty in the way of business activity making long lets a sound option. Couple this with its close proximity to the new motorway and there is plenty for speculators in the way of land, warehousing ..."
"...Toruń is the expensive but safe option relative to the other towns in the county. Well developed and with plenty of agents long lets and summer lets are all fairly straightforward to buy and organise although initial yields may be limited. Hotels and conference centres are already in short supply so developers should certainly consider this option as an alternative to residential housing. The coming of the motorway could see substantial increases in the value of land. Toruń is a beautiful city and if you are in search of a lifestyle ..."
"... Obviously if commerce is the future then some of the best buys in both cities will be office and commercial space, Hotels and conference centres and warehousing and logistics. There is a well-developed infrastructure already in place for those looking at long lets and student lets. Be ..."

Chapter 14: Visiting Poland
"...Hotelsand Banks — There is little need to exchange money in advance or bring travellers cheques on your trip as ATMs are widespread even in the smaller towns. You will get a better level of exchange however if you bring cash and exchange it in Poland at any ‘kantor’. Avoid ..."
"...Hotels and Debit Cards — In cities these are accepted in most shops, restaurants and Hotels with Visa slightly more widespread than Maestro. Elsewhere however they should not be relied upon and carrying a few hundred zlotys in cash is recommended. The exception to this are petrol stations which, even ..."
"...Hotels and Accommodation — Part Two: Why Poland covers in detail the desperate shortage of quality accommodation currently in the country so booking well ahead is always the best option. In outlying areas there may only be basic hotel accommodation or hostels, so when planning your trip decide if you ..."

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