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How are houses in Poland heated?


Apart from the usual systems you will find anywhere (e.g. gas central heating, etc.) there are a couple of more unusual ways:

  • Fireplace Heating - this is where a fireplace, usually in the reception room, has ducts connected which distribute warm air to the other rooms in the house.
  • Mains Heating - if the house is in an urban area it may well have mains heating. This is where hot water to the radiators actually comes from a large boiler somewhere on the estate or in the district and you are billed for how much you use in a very similar way to electricity or mains water.

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Chapter 2: Poland Today
"... and 320V (industrial). Gas is in most cities and towns, and can be found in flats and houses of all ages although it has not proved popular in a large number of new developments (see also About Polish Apartments later for information on communal heating). The mains sewage network is ..."

"...The general population couldn’t wait to get into properties with double glazing, central heating and hot running water despite the high prices and so almost without exception the “grey, drab concrete blocks” you read about are owner occupied and thus well cared for, while neighbours in a period apartment house can be noisy, antisocial and difficult to live with. ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"...When checking the rental yield however, make sure to include service charges and, if possible, ask to see the utility bills for the last 12 months so you have a good hold on running costs. Poorly insulated houses and top floor apartments have high heating costs and although these may be borne by the tenant it will result in your property being unpopular and a continuous need to re-market it. ..."

Chapter 15: Buying Off-Plan
"...If it is winter turn all the radiators and the heating on. This may seem like an expensive start but it greatly speeds up fit outs, which can be delayed by damp floor screeding. Note that no matter how dry it looks or feels to the hand it needs to be checked with a damp meter. Readings above three mean ..."

"...Fireplace heating — You will often see on property details a phrase such as “central heating is via a gas boiler or the main fireplace”. This is especially common in houses where the fireplace in the reception room is connected to a system of warm air ducts that carry the heat throughout the property. So when a Polish person says their fireplace heats the whole ..."
"...Mains / Town / Estate hot water and heating — Many apartments, and even some houses, have their hot water and central heating piped in from a central boiler via underground piping. This is still popular as it means each flat or house does not have to have its own boiler with the associated safety and maintenance issues. ..."

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Communal Heating
Fireplace Heating

"Poland is a nation with a population of 40 million people located in the centre of Europe and with one..."

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