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How much of a plot can I build on?


This varies and is always stated in the papers of any plot which has permission to build.

As a general rule the percentage is smaller in conservation areas (both rural and urban) at about 30-40% and higher in other places.

Note for detached residential houses a space of 3 meters must be left between the border of the plot and the wall of the building.

This also means an outbuilding that has a wall within three meters of the plot's border cannot be converted for residential use.

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"...their neighbours some properties have become disproportionate to the land they are on leaving the owner with a large house surrounded by a very small garden. It is always worth checking the land size no matter how beautiful the house. If it is built to the borders of the plot and a neighbour decides to do the same thing, life can start to feel very crowded. ..."
"...As such they are not usually insulated to the same extent as residential houses and some do not have double-glazing. This type of house is a growing trend among Poles. More and more wealth has allowed them to buy a second plot of land, perhaps near a lake, forest or the sea, that they can use during the exceptionally hot summers. Some are brick built but the majority have been constructed from wood. ..."
"...There is currently a massive categorisation programme of land going on across Poland known as the Three Dimensional Spatial Plan. Each plot of land is being assigned a use, agricultural, housing, industrial, recreational and so on. As expected this process is full of disputes, arguments and disagreements and so in many areas, especially the major cities, it is slow going. If you are buying land it is essential to know if ..."
"...This type of real estate comes in two forms: plain agricultural land for use in the growing of crops and agricultural land with planning permission to build. On farms, for example, most of the land will be classified as the former with a separate plot, containing the house and outbuildings, classified as the latter. ..."
"... complete the build. Thus it is often possible to find plots available on the market that not only have planning permission in a general sense but also a project that has been chosen and documents confirming that there is permission for that particular house to be built. - Recreational Land ..."
"...ploteational land is a very European concept. This is land not for agricultural use but for people to enjoy during the summer and weekends as a place to relax. plots are often located by a lake, forest or other attractions that offer their owners plenty to do such as swimming, ..."
"...Industrial land means land for commercial production, storage, warehousing, logistics and service provision. Each plot will have its own listing of what activities you are allowed to carry out there. For example many state that land can be used for only warehousing or only for services (such as a petrol station, vehicle repair, etc.). ..."

" compared to 246 people in the United Kingdom. The issue has been in deciding what this land should be used for and to this end the government is in the middle of a massive programme known as the Three Dimensional Spatial Plan. This project is to classify every plot of land across the nation for specific use — residential housing, apartment blocks, retail space, warehousing and so on. ..."
" use for a specific purpose. After all nobody who lives at the edge of a city wants anything built on their nearby green fields or forests and while the system grinds through disputes land that can be agreed on is rising in price as developers struggle to find plots on which to build. ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
" an ideal way to get a foothold in Polish property if you don't have a large budget. Both land and houses can be picked up for a few thousand euros and they can double as a holiday home for yourself. Furthermore it could allow you to own a plot and when you can, build a small property for summer use. ..."
"... of Use application, which would generate substantial capital gain. But other locations where recreational housing would be popular are also worth considering. Lakeside plots within an hour’s drive of a city, for example. Change of Use is never guaranteed however and so agricultural land ..."
"...Much of the forest in Poland is state owned but private plots do come onto the market regularly. These have become very popular as most generate an automatic annual subsidy from the EU. If this is a factor in your purchase always ask your solicitor to verify if the plot you are interested in will qualify. ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...rising real estate prices but the euro sign is used where these increases are expected to be exceptional. Readers should bear in mind that with any investment there is risk and nothing is ever guaranteed. If speculating, the assistance of an experienced consultancy company to more accurately identify exact plots or buildings is recommended. ..."

"... - Local Government and Bureaucracy - During the transaction certain papers may be required from local government or you may have agreed to purchase a property conditional on certain acts such as the division of a plot into smaller parcels of land. Unfortunately local government and ..."
"...Unfortunately local government and bureaucracy go together all too often in Poland and when it comes to land and property local government has some wide ranging powers at its disposal including issuing building permits and change of use classifications for land or dividing areas into smaller plots. ..."
"... further it is expected other changes will occur. With this historical background in mind it is suddenly understandable why splitting a plot of land, even with a proactive agent and a friendly local government, can take months to achieve. - Currency Transfers - Most foreign buyers are ..."

Chapter 13: After the Purchase
"... With the majority of land not yet classified 'Change of Use' may sound ironic but this is still required if you want to use a plot for something other than what it actually is at the moment. A green field in a town with no classification is not an open ticket to build housing or offices. ..."
"...The chances of success are broadly governed by what you apply for and what is around the plot. For example agricultural land on a street with residential housing is likely to be changed for land classified for detached family housing. A green field next to apartment blocks could be changed to a new classification for further apartment blocks or residential housing. ..."
"... of changing it to recreational use. If successful a further application will need to be made to divide large plots up into smaller legally recognised parcels of land without which individual electricity supplies cannot be established. Finally a permit is needed for the exact ..."

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How much of a plot can I build on?

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Recreational Land

"Buying Property in Poland is essential reading for anyone contemplating investing here. It is a comprehensive guide to the advantages,..."

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