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"...Land Registry family members have been returning to Poland to see if they can reclaim what was taken from them in such extenuating circumstances and both Germans and Jews have had pleasant surprises. Imagine returning to a country you left 60 or 70 years ago, opening the Land Registry, identifying a ..."
"...Land Registrye two fold. Firstly the Polish statute books were never updated to recognise the 1945 Potsdam agreement, which gave Poland its new borders. Secondly Polish Land Registry is hopelessly out of date and in many cases it is the current owner who is to blame. In order to save on ..."
"...So when the case of a Jewish or German national comes before a Polish court, the judge can often have no option. The Land Registry records show the property belongs to the applicant, there has been no legislation to recognise the Potsdam agreement, and so the property must be returned to its original owner. ..."
"...Land Registrygn buyer however there is little cause for concern and recent rumours that it is safer to buy in the east than the west or better to purchase properties built after 1945 have been overplayed. So long as the solicitor lodges the appropriate papers with the court, Land Registry will ..."

"... problems can occur in two ways. Firstly, you can make the purchase successfully but when, at the end of the transaction, the papers are sent to the Land Registry to have the property recorded in your name the court can refuse to do so if there is no permit. Effectively this means that in ..."
"...Land Registryuld the court not be that diligent it might not check for a permit and your property will be successfully entered into the Land Registry. However at any time in the future this decision can be reversed if the courts’ error is discovered and this means the original purchase is ..."

"... TABLE IS A GRAPHIC AND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PREVIEW VERSION] On new builds there is also VAT to pay on the purchase price if it has not already been included by the developer and a larger Land Registry fee (see below). - Agency Fees - The majority of agents charge buyers a fee when ..."
"... purchase requires tax to be paid at 2% of the sale price and this must be done within 14 days of the transaction being completed. - Land Registry Fee - A real estate transaction in Poland can only legally be recognized by a court of law and entered into the land registry. On the ..."
"...Land Registry transaction in Poland can only legally be recognized by a court of law and entered into the Land Registry. On the secondary market this is a case of updating the current record to show you as the new owner, on the primary (new build) market this means creating a ..."
"... however is compulsory. For the secondary market, under no circumstances be tempted to skip or delay this, to do so may mean later disputes rule that the property does not belong to you as the sale was never recorded correctly and entered into the Land Registry. This is also an absolute ..."
"...Land Registryan absolute essential to avoid disputes where a previous owner may have been a Jewish or German citizen displaced during or after World War Two. There may have been two or three owners since the Jewish or German party was in possession of the property but if none of ..."
"...Land Registry properties or properties that have never been entered into the Land Registry (and this can include fairly old real estate), there is a different formula to calculate the fee and this is based on the value of the property. In words it is calculated as 20% of the total ..."

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