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Chapter 7: Property Types
"...Local Governmente drawn to the fact that not all recreational land has permission to build so your solicitor should check the restrictions carefully if this is your intention. Even if there is a house on the land it may not be legal and the Local Government could enforce an order for ..."

"...Local Governmentmber of tax discounts to foreign companies including a reduction on the income tax they need to pay and even grants towards set up costs. All 14 are looking to attract capital and apart from the standard government assistance there are a variety of further discounts from the Local Governments. ..."
"...Local Governmentve been sporadic in their success with Słupsk one of the better performers. This town of 100,000 people has no motorway, no modern rail link, no airport and it is over 100 kilometres from Gdansk. Despite all this it has attracted capital investment from Italy, Switzerland, America, Holland, Denmark and ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Local Governmentpronounced Dol-nosh-slon-ski-a) is one of Poland’s economic success stories. Much can be attributed to the Local Government who took the initiative and made the area extremely business friendly. This was helped by a national government decision to locate three of the country's Special Economic Zones in the county. So popular ..."

"...Local Governmentnd very straightforward and it often is in certain cases but it may require a trip to Poland in order to secure documentation such as birth or death certificates or to find the records confirming citizenship of your ancestors. Bearing in mind the bureaucracy within the country and the way ..."

"...Local Government from afar the best option is undoubtedly to hire a suitably qualified and experienced solicitor to act on your behalf via power of attorney. You can then specify to this solicitor what you would like to know before they sign the exchange contracts. There is no standard set of ..."
"... feel can be answered by the agent, managing agents, seller or local government organisations within the necessary timescales. - Local Government and Bureaucracy - During the transaction certain papers may be required from local government or you may have agreed to purchase a property ..."
"... - Local Government and Bureaucracy - During the transaction certain papers may be required from Local Government or you may have agreed to purchase a property conditional on certain acts such as the division of a plot into smaller parcels of land. Unfortunately local government and ..."
"...Local Governmentcal government and bureaucracy go together all too often in Poland and when it comes to land and property Local Government has some wide ranging powers at its disposal including issuing building permits and change of use classifications for land or dividing areas into smaller plots. ..."
"... areas into smaller plots. For a Westerner it is essential to remember that local means local. With little demographic movement over the last few decades in any area everyone knows someone in the Local Government, or they know someone who knows someone. As such tread with care and ..."
"... the aunt of a person who issues planning permits. In all cases expect Local Government to be slow, even in the simplest of tasks. It is often their way of proving how much work they have and why their headcount is, and must remain, so high. Bureaucracy is rife in Poland and needs to be ..."
"... further it is expected other changes will occur. With this historical background in mind it is suddenly understandable why splitting a plot of land, even with a proactive agent and a friendly Local Government, can take months to achieve. - Currency Transfers - Most foreign buyers are ..."

Chapter 13: After the Purchase
"... drawings. Computer generated images are also advantageous. It should be noted that by law the Local Government has up to 12 months to decide on Change of Use applications and up to 12 months to consider a permit. It is therefore a good idea to apply for both at once. It is possible ..."
"... so there is no concrete chronological order in which these steps need to be taken. In dealing with Local Government ensure you have read the section on Local Government and bureaucracy in the previous chapter. ..."

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