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"...Metroountry offers everything: ski resorts, mountain ranges, lake districts, extensive forests, protected coastlines with golden beaches and thousands upon thousands of square kilometres filled with rolling hills and rural living. Interspersed throughout are medieval towns and villages as well as larger Metropolises, home to a full menu of cultural activities ..."

"...Metrochildren around the quieter lifestyle and larger house suit well but the growing youths are all too soon ready to leave home for academia or work. The middle-aged couple feel boredom and a midlife crisis. Their careers however, have progressed and a move back to city lights is economically viable. ..."
"... manpower and red tape. If you are of a mind to speculate there are potentially high returns to be made from purchases today that will be close to new roads, motorways, Metro stations and airports or in Special Economic Zones or areas with some other hidden potential. - New Roads and ..."
"... an environmentally protected area. New plans could place the road on the complete opposite side of the town that it is bypassing. - New Metro Stations - This is currently limited to Warsaw with plans in place for a new east-west line and most maps even mark where the stations will be. ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Metrosko-Pomorskie (pronounced koo-yav-sko pom-or-ski-e) is one of contrasts. On the one hand it is home to the city of ToruĊ„ which has the largest medieval old town in Poland and on the other hand, less than 50 kilometres away is the industrial Metropolis of Bydgoszcz. In the surrounding countryside visitors ..."
"...Metroity was already becoming wealthy due to its logistical location and attracting foreign investment at a steady rate so it was only a matter of time before old breweries were to turn into shopping centres and factories into loft apartments. This is all still in the very early stages but ..."

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"It's a very useful and well written guidebook for anyone seriously considering investing in the property market in Poland. Undoubtedly..."

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