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"...Officeforgotten to others but deep in the culture of the Poles is the fact that 1939 not only saw Hitler advance from the West, but also Stalin from the East and his policies were far more ruthless. In a no mercy exercise known as 'Katyn2' Polish Officers captured by the ..."

"... during the purchase and once you take possession. Here the look and feel of Polish houses, apartments, Offices and land are covered while recommendations on what to buy and where are considered in Part Three: What and Where to Buy. - Period Properties and Purpose Built - In the ..."
"...Officeave their own external door and so have become Offices for small businesses. On the raised ground floor are the reception room, main kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. These may not be the most picturesque of houses but the majority are solid, well built and extremely practical while offering much better ..."
"...Officewer ground floor layout has remained in most houses providing garage space, storage areas, games rooms, saunas and more. As before these often have their own front door and so they can easily be converted into Offices. The result is that most modern Polish houses are excellent both for living ..."
"... should be taken to investigate the service charge levels needed to maintain these services as they can have a large impact on yields. - Polish Offices - Poland does have new and modern office space exactly as you would expect to find in Western European countries, albeit in short supply. ..."
"...Office does have new and modern Office space exactly as you would expect to find in Western European countries, albeit in short supply. Equally there is plenty to be found in blocks from the 1960s and 1970s, some of which has been renovated and cabled for modern computer and telecommunications ..."
"...Officeird type can take some foreign visitors by surprise and this is the converted residential apartment. These are often to be found in city centres or business districts and have evolved over time because there is nothing to stop a residential owner converting their property for service related business use. ..."
"... fitted kitchen with appliances. Finally many houses also use their lower ground floor as Office or retail space and a great deal of the modern stock has been designed this way from the beginning to offer more flexibility in the future or on the resale market. - Polish Land - There is ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"... in will qualify. As with Farms and Farmland there are restrictions on non-Polish citizens buying forests (see Part Four: How to Buy) - Office Space - Poland’s economy is growing, and it is set to continue growing. With it comes the increased demand for services and office space, ..."
"...Office’s economy is growing, and it is set to continue growing. With it comes the increased demand for services and Office space, already in chronic short supply. Cushman and Wakefield, as recently as April 2007, noted, "What’s more important is that the situation is unlikely to change in the near ..."
"...This real estate has the advantage that tenants are often more stable, long term and less demanding. Office space does not necessarily mean an Office block or part of it. It could equally be a ground floor apartment (often seen as less desirable residentially for security reasons) or a house that is close to or in a business district and could be converted either now or in ..."
"... converted either now or in the future. Developers should think carefully when looking at buildings to renovate, as it may be more profitable from both a resale or rental point of view to make the space suitable for Office, rather than residential, use. - Warehousing - The country’s ..."
"... of an architect not only to renovate, but also to modernize. This latter set comes from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many of them were government or private projects such as hotels, restaurants and Office blocks. When the socialist system finally collapsed there was simply no ..."

"... cheap as locals cannot quite believe what is about to happen. While residential property close to the sites is unlikely to be a good move, Office space, warehousing and hotels will be in immediate demand. - Special Economic Zones - In order to regenerate certain areas of ..."
"...Officese zones will benefit from the developing infrastructure of the country they are likely to go through dramatic growth. Although this means warehousing, factories and Office space will all rise in value do not be blinkered, the local population will also get richer increasing their demand for residential property and ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...In general long lets refer to any tenancy over six months as well as student lets when specified in the text. Summer holiday lets can cover apartments, houses and recreational houses. Office and commercial space includes retail units. Hotels and conference centres may mean both or either and is clarified in the What to Buy sections. Land can mean both agricultural as well as that zoned for industrial, residential or commercial use. ..."
"...Officee Wrocław is so far advanced long lets, short lets and student lets are all safe options with a fair yield. For the latter it is well worth looking at some of the 1970s stock as this is cheap to buy but rents well to those in academia. The city ..."
"... and Towns - Kujawsko-Pomorskie has two capitals, Toruń and Bydgoszcz with government Offices split between the two. This means for certain tasks it is often necessary to travel to both cities but they are located close to each other and well connected by road and rail. Toruń is the ..."
"...Officezcz is already a commercial centre with an established long lets market and it is expected that from this a corporate or short let demand will emerge in the future. The city is also short of Offices and modern warehousing space. As it grows land around its borders could rise ..."
"... Obviously if commerce is the future then some of the best buys in both cities will be Office and commercial space, hotels and conference centres and warehousing and logistics. There is a well-developed infrastructure already in place for those looking at long lets and student lets. Be ..."

"...Officey here is to set up a Polish company with foreign capital, which is then used to buy Polish real estate. The reason it is only viable for the larger investor is that the process of registering a company is extremely complex and for limited companies 50,000 zlotys must be ..."
"...Officeall exception exists to the above and this can be in Special Economic Zones. There are 14 of these across the country. Primarily these zones are for commercial use and each one has a variety of incentives, some of which include different types of tax breaks for the first two ..."
"...Officeast comment may sound a little strange but for many investors actually seeing the property is not a requirement. This is especially true of off-plan properties where many companies provide no sales Office and the construction site may be little more than a green field. From time to time the ..."

"...Officeered above, the solicitor is there to witness the sale and really nothing more. For most Poles this is all they want because they carry out their own due diligence. They ask the agent to check the documentation is in order, make their own visits to government Offices to find ..."
"... of different codes run into their thousands). Register the company with the National Court Register. Apply to the Central Statistical Office for an identification number (known as the REGON). With the REGON apply to the Tax Office for a tax identification number (known as the NIP). Open a ..."
"... Register. Apply to the Central Statistical office for an identification number (known as the REGON). With the REGON apply to the Tax Office for a tax identification number (known as the NIP). Open a Polish bank account (by law every registered Polish business must have a bank account). Notify ..."
"... by the nature of business you are operating. Apply for any licences that may be required for the business you are operating. Register with the tax Office for VAT. All this complexity did not come out of the blue. Its roots can be found in the socialist post-war decades when jobs were hard ..."

Chapter 13: After the Purchase
"...Officerst port of call are local agencies who know exactly what the market is short of and they are often excellent in pinpointing specifics. This may be quality retail space, fully furnished Office space or warehouses with HGV access. Equally it could be unfurnished residential apartments or furnished houses. From ..."
"... With the majority of land not yet classified 'Change of Use' may sound ironic but this is still required if you want to use a plot for something other than what it actually is at the moment. A green field in a town with no classification is not an open ticket to build housing or Offices. ..."

Chapter 14: Visiting Poland
"...Office — The Polish train service does tend to work with fair punctuality and in any one stay it is possible to end up in some of the newest and oldest rolling stock within mainland Europe. Once again do not expect those at ticket Offices to speak any English but ..."

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