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"...The country quite literally sits on a European crossroads. Sea freight comes in from Scandinavia and the globe via the ports of the north where Gdansk is the only major Baltic sea port to offer year round ice free access to some 300 million central European consumers. Road and Rail freight criss-crosses the country on its way from east to west and back again. ..."
"...Rail growing Euro-Russian trade and Central Europeans becoming richer consumers this is all set to grow but only within the constraints of the infrastructure. Polish roads and Rails tracks leave a great deal to be desired but at the same time they are a world away from what was to ..."
"...Railnational Rail carrier also has grand plans and in 2007 announced its intention to dispose of extensive real estate assets to pay for further modernization of both track and rolling stock. This, together with European funding will account for investments of 6.2 billion euros between 2007 and 2013. ..."
"...Railing at the future of the Polish property market, growth in demand seems the most viable scenario. The reasons are numerous: the population is getting wealthier at a rapid rate; plans for foreign direct investment place Poland consistently as a top 20 country for global companies; freight and logistics will ..."

"...Railrder to 'buy clever' it is important to understand how Poland is evolving and the future impact of this on property prices. Demographic changes, the effect of new road and Rail infrastructures, how certain areas have reinvented themselves (seemingly out of the blue) will all affect particular regions. ..."
"...Railate these have been sporadic in their success with Słupsk one of the better performers. This town of 100,000 people has no motorway, no modern Rail link, no airport and it is over 100 kilometres from Gdansk. Despite all this it has attracted capital investment from Italy, Switzerland, America, Holland, ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Rail tourist friendly area it is fairly advanced although the number of hotels and conference centres is still vastly inadequate for both the leisure and business visitors that want their bed spaces1. Its popularity works from two sides. Firstly there is plenty to see and do in the picture postcard ..."
"... and Towns - Kujawsko-Pomorskie has two capitals, Toruń and Bydgoszcz with government offices split between the two. This means for certain tasks it is often necessary to travel to both cities but they are located close to each other and well connected by road and Rail. Toruń is the ..."

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