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"...Roadsregards to the weather summers tend to be stable and sunny with temperatures reaching between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius while in the winter they can drop to minus 20. During these months regular snowfalls occur but the Poles have an exceptional ability to keep Roads clear and the infrastructure ..."

Chapter 2: Poland Today
"...Unlike many of the stereotypes associated with Poland as a cold and industrial land it is a modern country rapidly catching up with its Western neighbours (see Part Two: Why Poland). The infrastructure supporting telecommunications, the internet and postal services rival any European country. Roads and public transport may still need a great deal of work but there have been dramatic improvements in the last decade. ..."
"... emotion in each sentence. Many English speakers can also do the same in reverse by tuning out the Polish voice that is laid over the top. - Roads - Among those who have spent any time in Poland the roads are both famous and infamous. In 1990 there were almost no motorways and only a ..."
"...Roads those who have spent any time in Poland the Roads are both famous and infamous. In 1990 there were almost no motorways and only a handful of dual carriageways. The situation is improving slowly and now there is a toll motorway between Kraków and Wrocław (running along the south ..."
"... near Kraków and then on to the Czech border. At the moment however most traffic is still carried on trunk Roads. These are about four cars wide in most places and often with long, straight stretches to make overtaking possible. For the uninitiated it is worth taking it easy at ..."
"... an assumption that works most of the time… The state of the trunk Roads varies dramatically with the Warsaw-Kraków route being in excellent condition while the road from the German border towards Poznan can have deep ruts and regular potholes. In smaller rural areas there are still a ..."
"... of official road is still gravel. The Polish are excellent at keeping routes open in the winter, even in heavy snow, and large numbers of ploughs and gritters work around the clock. Even the smallest Roads tend to be cleared at least once a day. For detail on the future investment ..."
"...Roadsmparison to buses the train network is undergoing a much slower modernisation and travel is more expensive although reliable. Considering the state of the Roads trains can be a better option over long distances or to reach other European cities such as Berlin, Prague or Kiev. You may not save ..."
"...Roadsthe south of the country bristling with mountain peaks there is a strong tradition of skiing in the winter and climbing in the summer. Direct train links from Warsaw and Poznan ferry weekenders backwards and forwards and in high season trunk Roads can be clogged with cars heading for a ..."
"...Roads down a trunk road in autumn and you will see cars of all types parked up by the side of the road close to forests. Take a walk through the trees and you may well come across people of every age armed with short blade knives and sticks. There ..."

"...Roadsver because of the over-optimism of socialism the infrastructure was far ahead of its time. The government expected all the people would have a car and so the Roads and parking areas were built with this in mind. Do not be confused, many journalists write about these as “crumbling communist ..."

"...Roadsgrowing Euro-Russian trade and Central Europeans becoming richer consumers this is all set to grow but only within the constraints of the infrastructure. Polish Roads and rails tracks leave a great deal to be desired but at the same time they are a world away from what was to be ..."
"... the east. European Union funds have accelerated both the motorway programme and the renewal and replacement of rutted and potholed trunk and town Roads across the country. Between 2007 and 2013 a total of 27 billion euros in private, state and European funds is set to be spent. Make no ..."

"... manpower and red tape. If you are of a mind to speculate there are potentially high returns to be made from purchases today that will be close to new Roads, motorways, metro stations and airports or in Special Economic Zones or areas with some other hidden potential. - New Roads and ..."
"... close to new roads, motorways, metro stations and airports or in Special Economic Zones or areas with some other hidden potential. - New Roads and Motorways - The plans exist and many of the routes are drawn. The opportunity is almost being handed to investors on a plate. Buy residential ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Roadssaid, the purchase of logistics or warehousing space along the routes of the new motorway and express route is a viable and attractive proposition for those wanting to speculate. A promising choice here would be Legnica as it will sit on the cross Roads of the current A4 motorway and ..."

Chapter 14: Visiting Poland
"...Roadsng — If you decide to drive to Poland or rent a car on arrival remember to consider the state of the Polish network which can be of varying quality from modern motorways to rutted and potholed trunk Roads. Leave plenty of time for your journey and expect to cover ..."
"...Roadspeed limit in towns is 50 km/h and these are signposted by black and white rectangular signs depicting the skyline of some imaginary buildings. On trunk Roads you can drive at 90 km/h, 110 km/h on dual carriageways and 130 km/h on motorways. Do not make the mistake of simply ..."
"... between November and March. Finally it is also a legal requirement to have your headlights on at all times. This is a recent change to the law meant to help drivers see overtaking cars on trunk Roads. Even on the brightest, sunniest days, turn your headlights on. Parking — Walking around ..."
"... opening hours. All Soul’s Day — This is the last weekend in October when Poles travel to the cemeteries where their parents, grandparents or great grandparents are buried. As such the Roads are clogged with traffic and many businesses close down for a long weekend. Independence Day, ..."
"... against the Nazi occupiers with large parades and a national bank holiday. Body of Christ Day — Held usually in early June, some towns can have Roads closed for parades and many shops and businesses do not open. Independence Day — On the 11th November this bank holiday has various ..."

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