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"...Warehousingland means land for commercial production, storage, Warehousing, logistics and service provision. Each plot will have its own listing of what activities you are allowed to carry out there. For example many state that land can be used for only Warehousing or only for services (such as a petrol station, ..."

"...Warehousingplenty of land. The United Nations World Population Prospects estimated on average 123 people lived in each square kilometre of the country compared to 246 people in the United Kingdom. The issue has been in deciding what this land should be used for and to this end the government is ..."

"...Warehousing are already being felt with the Warsaw Voice reporting “The demand for container transport in Poland is growing about 9% faster than the worldwide average”3. The property market is struggling to keep up — in 2004 there was 1.5 million square metres of Warehousing space in the country and ..."
"... few years. This is a veritable cocktail of economic drivers that will add to the demand for properties from residential apartments to modern Warehousing, and all in a country which can only offer limited supply. It is also a cocktail that no other emerging market can offer. ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"... may be more profitable from both a resale or rental point of view to make the space suitable for office, rather than residential, use. - Warehousing - The country’s natural geographical location is already making it a leader in terms of freight and logistics (see Part Two: Why Poland) ..."
"...Warehousing’s natural geographical location is already making it a leader in terms of freight and logistics (see Part Two: Why Poland) but bear in mind most current and future clients want large and modern facilities3. The smaller Warehousing units on older estates in the suburbs have access issues and limited ..."
"...Warehousingarehousing in its own right is an excellent source for capital gain and one often overlooked by foreign investors. Construction companies just cannot keep pace with the growing demand caused both by rising levels of freight passing through the country and the increasing levels of production happening domestically. Cushman and ..."

"...Warehousingxist and many of the routes are drawn. The opportunity is almost being handed to investors on a plate. Buy residential or business property close to one of these arteries and you could own a highly desirable piece of commuter belt real estate in 10 years’ time. Put your money ..."
"... cheap as locals cannot quite believe what is about to happen. While residential property close to the sites is unlikely to be a good move, office space, Warehousing and hotels will be in immediate demand. - Special Economic Zones - In order to regenerate certain areas of ..."
"...Warehousingnes will benefit from the developing infrastructure of the country they are likely to go through dramatic growth. Although this means Warehousing, factories and office space will all rise in value do not be blinkered, the local population will also get richer increasing their demand for residential property and possibly ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Warehousingthen that the east is the place to be when it comes to investments and this is certainly where a great deal of private, state and EU funds are heading. But this needs to be balanced with the fact that western counties are benefiting more now, and will do to ..."
"...Warehousingthe purchase of logistics or Warehousing space along the routes of the new motorway and express route is a viable and attractive proposition for those wanting to speculate. A promising choice here would be Legnica as it will sit on the cross roads of the current A4 motorway and the ..."
"...Warehousing is a large town and although it may not be picture postcard there is plenty in the way of business activity making long lets a sound option. Couple this with its close proximity to the new motorway and there is plenty for speculators in the way of land, Warehousing ..."
"...Warehousings already a commercial centre with an established long lets market and it is expected that from this a corporate or short let demand will emerge in the future. The city is also short of offices and modern Warehousing space. As it grows land around its borders could rise substantially ..."
"... Obviously if commerce is the future then some of the best buys in both cities will be office and commercial space, hotels and conference centres and Warehousing and logistics. There is a well-developed infrastructure already in place for those looking at long lets and student lets. Be ..."

"...Warehousingxception exists to the above and this can be in Special Economic Zones. There are 14 of these across the country. Primarily these zones are for commercial use and each one has a variety of incentives, some of which include different types of tax breaks for the first two to ..."

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