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"...With a population of 38 million it is the 7th largest country in Europe. 62% live in urban areas and 63% are of working age (making it broadly similar in its working population to that of the United Kingdom). Approximately 1.7 million live in the capital Warsaw and this figure is expected to grow considerably over the next decade. ..."
"... European expansion. Equally important and taught at Polish schools across the land is 1791 when Poland introduced the first constitution in Europe (the second in the world after America) and 1747 when the first public library in mainland Europe was opened in Warsaw. Unfortunately internal ..."
"...Most memorable, and least known outside Poland, is the Warsaw Uprising, still celebrated with a national holiday each year. On the 1st August 1944 the Polish underground army launched an attack on German troops in the capital after promises of assistance from London. Russian forces had advanced to within a few kilometres and this seemed like an ideal and ..."
"...The scars of these war years are still evident in international relationships today. Germany has apologised for its actions in the Warsaw Uprising creating a better atmosphere between the two countries, both the Polish and Ukrainians have apologised to each other for various atrocities committed by both sides. But Russia continues to refuse acknowledgement of Katyn and so it continues to bubble uncomfortably below the surface of many talks and events ..."
"... Greece and Australia was possible for those who could afford it. It is perhaps then of little surprise that this country would prove the undoing of the Warsaw Pact although it happened in a way usually misreported. Events actually began in 1981 at a factory in Świdnik, a small town ..."

Chapter 2: Poland Today
"... the A4 motorway west to the German border and east past Rzeszów to the Ukrainian border. Extending the A2 motorway west to the German border and east from Łódź to Warsaw and the Belarusian border. Extending the A1 motorway from Gdańsk on the North coast leading south past Łódż to ..."
"... an assumption that works most of the time… The state of the trunk roads varies dramatically with the Warsaw-Kraków route being in excellent condition while the road from the German border towards Poznan can have deep ruts and regular potholes. In smaller rural areas there are still a ..."
"...Connections between cities are dominated by the national carrier Polski Express with its modern air-conditioned fleet. There are also numerous privately operated minibuses offering fast and frequent services across the country but some can be cramped and many are driven aggressively making a seven-hour journey from Warsaw to Zakopane a trip to be remembered. ..."
"...With the south of the country bristling with mountain peaks there is a strong tradition of skiing in the winter and climbing in the summer. Direct train links from Warsaw and Poznan ferry weekenders backwards and forwards and in high season trunk roads can be clogged with cars heading for a leisure break. ..."

"... escapees make. Unlike a number of its European counterparts all these options are open to the immigrant with modest savings. A Warsaw city centre pad to ‘live it up’ can cost just 250,000 euros while a country house could set someone back as little as 15,000 euros. The country offers ..."
"...It is widely accepted in Poland that most properties will not provide an impressive yield in their first two to three years. In major cities like Kraków or Warsaw expect about 4—6% and probably to earn no substantial income on a mortgaged property after service charges and agency fees are accounted for. ..."

"...The effects are already being felt with the Warsaw Voice reporting “The demand for container transport in Poland is growing about 9% faster than the worldwide average”3. The property market is struggling to keep up — in 2004 there was 1.5 million square metres of warehousing space in the country and despite an increase of 76% over the ..."

"... are prime capital growth locations. With this in mind it would seem easy to take a compass, draw a circle around say, Warsaw, with the circumference set up to 100 kilometres away from the centre and declare this the commuting belt of the future. The history of Western Europe however ..."
"... felt the pressure and demands of family life. The family cycle for property owners is in all Western cities and the new wealth of the Poles means it is just starting to happen in the likes of Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków and beyond. It works something like this: The young ..."
"... everything a metropolis has to offer. Eventually old age sets in and the city feels more like hustle and bustle than excitement. At this stage the couple may choose a large move. A change from say, Warsaw, to the Beskidy Hills or Mazurian Lake District. The Family Cycle means the following ..."
"...This is currently limited to Warsaw with plans in place for a new east-west line and most maps even mark where the stations will be. For anyone who saw the effects on property prices along the South Bank when the Jubilee Line was extended in London it is obvious that real estate by planned underground ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...While following links and reading further information readers may also come across the terms ‘First, Second and Third Tier’ cities. This is a reference to capital gain. First Tier cities are generally those that most agree have already been discovered by foreign buyers and these would be Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. Second Tier cities are those currently being discovered and include Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódż and Poznań. Third Tier cities are those yet to be discovered and include Lublin, Rszezów and Toruń among others. ..."
"...towns and countryside either for those who love to visit various monuments and other historic buildings or for those who seek outdoor pursuits. But secondly it is an ideal base to see the north of Poland. Gdańsk and the coast are to the north, Poznań to the south-west and Warsaw to the south-east, all accessible by road and rail. ..."
"...Brodnica in the east and the municipality of Inowrocławski in the south also offer the same opportunities. However Brodnica is fairly well developed and more in demand. The Inowrocławski on the other hand is much closer to Warsaw and speculators might consider looking for cheap land and property here to benefit from the planned motorway. ..."
"... only a single page. For this voivodship the future really is a practical one. Logistically both the A1 motorway (Gdańsk-Katowice) and the A2 (Berlin-Poznań-Warsaw-Moscow) will come straight through the centre of the county crossing each other just north-east of Łódż. - Major Cities and ..."
"...Both Łódż and Piotrków Trybunalski are obvious targets for capital gain. In the former the price of residential real estate is nearly one half that of Warsaw, only 100 kilometres away. Currently this is a long drive but the A2 motorway is being extended to connect the two cities and a high-speed train link is planned. This not only means more commerce but that Łódż itself may become a commuter town of Warsaw. Piotrków Trybunalski already ..."
"...cotton factory was converted into apartments in 2007. It is still underway and one of the better quality projects in the city. However at around 8,000 zlotys per square metre they were nearly twice the price of the average residential property and larger spaces could actually be purchased in Warsaw itself. They were heavily marketed to foreign buyers who understood lofts but perhaps did not understand local value. They were, after all, cheap when compared to lofts in other European cities. ..."

"...In looking for quality or desirability Poles get to know the names of areas or estates which have become known as well to do. In Warsaw this would be Wilanow, Mokotow and so on. Within these there might be particularly prestigious developments. In Wilanow this would be Wilanow One, in Mokotow perhaps The Marina. ..."
"... perhaps The Marina. Only experience can teach these things and of course the situation is constantly changing. Praga Połnoc in east Warsaw was seen only two years ago as a gritty, dirty and dangerous neighbourhood. Today it is trendy, arty and very much in vogue. Once a city or area is ..."

Chapter 14: Visiting Poland
"...peak times or seasons. Mini buses also operate between cities and towns and are far faster than the coach service but the breakneck attitude of the drivers may leave your nerves a little tattered. Try a small trip first before considering such an option for a journey such as Warsaw to Krakow. Do not expect the drivers to speak much or any English. ..."
"... off leaving businesses operating on the minimum number of staff. Warsaw Uprising Remembrance — On the 1st August Warsaw remembers the 1944 uprising against the Nazi occupiers with large parades and a national bank holiday. Body of Christ Day — Held usually in early June, some towns can ..."

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