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Permit System

There are two types of Permit Systems in Poland:

For Foreigners - if you are not a Polish national you will need a permit to buy real estate within the country. EU citizens are exempt from this unless they are trying to buy agricultural or forested land.

Building Permit - This is very similar to planning permission and is as you would expect. The local government offices will want to see full details of the building or house that you want to construct before they will issue you with (or deny you) a building permit.

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"... land in the surrounding areas has also been defined. Land is also one of the more restricted types of real estate under the Permit System and certain classifications are very hard for foreigners to acquire (see Part Four: How to Buy). Polish land can be divided into four ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"...Permit System is never guaranteed however and so agricultural land is only for the speculative investor or the genuine farmer. As a general point it is expected to increase in value anyway as the Permit System comes to an end and due to the rising demand for soil suitable for the ..."

Chapter 9: The Regions
"...Permit Systemland is extremely fertile, ideal for organic crops and, with milder temperatures than other parts of the country, it can be worked longer every year. Its other attraction is that it is almost impossible for a foreign person to buy any as it is heavily protected under the Permit System. ..."

"...Permit Systeming the search for a Polish property any buyer must first ensure they are allowed to purchase. Poland operates a strict Permit System to regulate the amount of real estate that foreigners can buy, which not only helps to regulate price increases but ensures property values remain within the reach ..."
"... agents, how viewings work and how best to make an offer. Specific details on visiting Poland and buying off-plan are also discussed. - The Permit System - The Polish know only too well the even larger boom in property prices that would occur if it was left to the free market — with ..."
"...Permit Systemstem is not uniform across the country but stricter in the west than the east. This is because left unchecked much of the border area would probably already be under German ownership due to the low prices of Polish land and real estate versus the much richer wealth of this ..."
"... have the language engage a solicitor to help you complete the documents correctly and thus avoid any unnecessary delays. - Getting Round the Permit System - The permit system is strict and should be treated with caution. It is possible to ignore it altogether but you do so at your ..."
"... unnecessary delays. - Getting Round the Permit System - The Permit System is strict and should be treated with caution. It is possible to ignore it altogether but you do so at your own peril as problems can occur in two ways. Firstly, you can make the purchase successfully but when, at ..."
"...Permit System ways around the Permit System that are legal. The first is to apply for Polish nationality and this has proved so popular that there are now waiting times of several months on applications. Citizenship is open to anyone who has Polish ancestry and this could simply be a grandmother ..."
"...Permit Systemy round the Permit System only really applies to those who are looking to make large scale purchases, say 10 properties or more where the total value is at least one million dollars. In this regard there is good news as you will be regarded by the Polish Information and ..."
"...Permit Systemconfident that the Permit System is not relevant to you or that you know how to handle it and finance is in place it is time to start the search in earnest. In doing so remember that there are large numbers of foreign buyers out there who are not as ..."

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Permit System

"A sympathetic introduction to Poland and the Polish property market, offering an accurate insight into what is for many British..."

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