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What does 'Recreational Land' mean?

Find out what Recreational Land means. Recreational Land is explained by Tim Hill - author of Buying Property in Poland

Recreational Land

This is land which can only be utilised for leisure use. This may mean that you can build a house there, complete with kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, but that the house is clearly for summer / leisure use only.

Note that some recreational land has strict limits on what can be built, all the way down to 'nothing at all'. In this case it would be impossible to establish electricity or water supplies as the utility companies would not recognise the plot as an address for these types of services.

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"...Recreational LandWorld War brick built houses became more popular and led to a distinctive style during the sixties and seventies. In the last 25 years there has been exceptional growth in Polish wealth, which has allowed many to build their own property. Unlike a number of European countries there has been ..."
"... but also a project that has been chosen and documents confirming that there is permission for that particular house to be built. - Recreational Land - Recreational land is a very European concept. This is land not for agricultural use but for people to enjoy during the summer and ..."

Chapter 7: Property Types
"... matured and in a neighbourhood where the infrastructure has come into place, which may make it an easier option to rent out. - Recreational Land and Housing - This is an ideal way to get a foothold in Polish property if you don't have a large budget. Both land and houses can be picked ..."
"...Recreational Land drawn to the fact that not all Recreational Land has permission to build so your solicitor should check the restrictions carefully if this is your intention. Even if there is a house on the land it may not be legal and the local government could enforce an order for ..."

"... time the house is finished, the garden is already mature. Recreational Land and Houses — Properties used at weekends or summer homes which are not sufficiently insulated or in an area with suitable access for year round living. Reinforced front door — This is a door usually with a ..."

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Recreational Land

"An easy to follow guide to buying property in Poland, full of invaluable practical tips, offering prudent advice for the..."

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