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Two Family House

Some houses are referred to as two family, three family or even four family properties.

This is where the building was designed as two or more separate residential areas and was popular in the seventies with parents building houses on the assumption that at least one of their children would live 'upstairs' after they were married.

They now make excellent lettings investments for people who prefer buying houses but renting flats.

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"... but the majority are solid, well built and extremely practical while offering much better value for money than the modern stock. - Two Family Houses - The houses above often have a second and third storey. These can contain the expected bedrooms and bathrooms but many also have a ..."
"...or Three Family Houses'. This was a practical move often in preparation to provide separate space for sons or daughters (who married and had children of their own) while they were saving for their own house. Today they are equally useful as holiday lets or long term rentals. A 'Two Family House' can provide the foreign investor with the ability to buy a home and then rent part of it out thus ensuring someone is on site all year round while still giving them a separate holiday space whenever they want it. ..."
"...Two Family Houseng are further subdivided into categories. There may be permission to build flats, family houses, Two Family Houses, semidetached houses, terraced houses and so on. The permission granted will usually include height limits as well. For example you may be able to build a one-storey house with a usable attic ..."

"... walls along with cabinets and a stove or hob and oven. Two Family Houses — Houses that have been designed essentially as two separate residential areas, usually one on each floor with shared usage of the garden and cellar floor. Walk in Wardrobes — These are very common in apartments ..."

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Two Family House

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