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What is a cellar storage cupboard?


Almost all apartments in post war blocks come with a cellar storage cupboard. Usually the basement are of the block, or part of the underground garage area, is given over to rows of cupboards or storage areas. These can be bought and sold separately.

Their size varies dramatically from something which is literally cupboard sized to a full size room for storing bicyles or even motorbikes.

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"...Common sense prevails, you are still a guest in someone’s home, so ask before opening cupboards or closed doors. With apartments the owner will often want to show you the cellar storage cupboard and garaged parking space if there is one (see Part One: About Poland) and these are always worth seeing to compare with other properties. ..."

Chapter 15: Buying Off-Plan
"... Options below). How much is due on exchange. How and when the balance will be paid. What else is included in the purchase such as garaged parking, a cellar storage cupboard of a particular size, etc. Note that the final price can increase as well as decrease should the final floor space ..."

"...blocks have a basement floor that is split into storage cupboards, one or more for each flat. These are useful places to keep bicycles, sledges, tools, etc. Anything you don't want cluttering up the flat. For this reason even an apartment on the 10th storey may often have a cellar storage cupboard listed in the description . ..."

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What is a cellar storage cupboard?

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"A sympathetic introduction to Poland and the Polish property market, offering an accurate insight into what is for many British..."

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