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Who approves planning permission in Poland?


Planning permission comes in two states:
1) Are you allowed to build at all?
2) What are you allowed to build?

The first is a mix between the national spacial plan and local government. The second is a decision made by local government at Parish level when you submit architectural drawings.

Note the zoning of the land will often give some guidance - e.g. a residential house no higher than 4 meters.

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"...This type of real estate comes in two forms: plain agricultural land for use in the growing of crops and agricultural land with planning permission to build. On farms, for example, most of the land will be classified as the former with a separate plot, containing the house and outbuildings, classified as the latter. ..."
"... complete the build. Thus it is often possible to find plots available on the market that not only have planning permission in a general sense but also a project that has been chosen and documents confirming that there is permission for that particular house to be built. - Recreational Land ..."

"... To cope with this trend Poland is planning to convert eight airports currently used for sports or military use and build three more, all within the next five years. This is understandable as the current 11 airports have seen annual passenger numbers grow by over 30% in 2005 and 2006. As ..."

"...If you have the cash flow capabilities the returns are expected to be substantial but they are not without risk as the Rospuda Valley incident has proved. Here the construction of a road 10 years in the planning was halted only a few days after work began when it was discovered, by the European Union, that the route would pass through an environmentally protected area. New plans could place the road on the complete opposite side of the town that it is bypassing. ..."
"... - With at least 11 new airports at the planning stage and five more under consideration (see Part Two: Why Poland) there are numerous areas of temptation for speculators. Many of these locations are still exceptionally cheap as locals cannot quite believe what is about to happen. While ..."

"... funds are normally sent to the bank account of the seller but in some rare circumstances they can be sent to your account. ,h3>Step 8: planning for the Future - Although the work seems to be over there is one final step that is advisable. At this point find out exactly who it is within ..."

"...come into their own. They have had to undergo rigorous training and up to a year as an apprentice in order to acquire a licence that will allow them to sell property, so they are a mine of knowledge on interpreting all manner of documents from title deeds to planning permits and leases. They are the ones you will be taking to court should it be found that they misled you and they are the ones who must by law be insured against this eventuality. ..."
"... knows someone. As such tread with care and tact, especially in rural areas, if you do not want to come unstuck. One completely unrelated argument with a local shopkeeper and you may have just made an enemy of the niece of the aunt of a person who issues planning permits. In all cases ..."

Chapter 14: Visiting Poland
"...Hotels and Accommodation — Part Two: Why Poland covers in detail the desperate shortage of quality accommodation currently in the country so booking well ahead is always the best option. In outlying areas there may only be basic hotel accommodation or hostels, so when planning your trip decide if you want modern facilities and budget extra time for travelling to your destination or vice versa. ..."

Chapter 15: Buying Off-Plan
"...Ways to reserve an off-plan unit in Poland vary wildly and much of what would set off alarm bells in other countries is widely accepted. Most notably it is possible to find reservations being taken on developments where the land has not yet been purchased, or planning permission has not been granted, or a construction company has not yet been found to make the plans a reality. ..."
"... of the finished building. A technical specification of the finished apartment. What changes the developer is allowed to make to these finishes (if required, for example, in order to gain planning permission). By how much the final floor size can vary compared to the plan without affecting ..."
"...easiest way to do this is to ask them to state in writing that the final price of the work will not rise above the quote and if it does so they will pay the cost. This is a surprisingly quick and effective way of flushing out the ones planning to sting you further down the line. ..."

"...New House, Mature Garden…? — Many foreign buyers have questioned how a house built this year could have a 'mature garden'. It's like this — wealth in Poland is new but it has been growing rapidly for over 15 years. Many Poles buy land with planning permission to build even though they do not have the funds to construct the property. Then, over the years, they will gradually build a house as money allows. Normally, due to constraints in their budgets they will plant the garden first. Building a house in this way can take ..."

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Who approves planning permission in Poland?

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Permit System

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