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60 brilliant ideas

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All these simple ideas have worked for me or for people I have known. Most of them have become freelance businesses. Remember, listen to complaints of unmet needs and take note of what people say they will pay money for. Maybe one of these projects could be yours.

1. Teach people to do the things you find easy – cooking, typing, sewing, painting or word processing, for example.
2. Write a guidebook about your new town for newcomers, tourists or visiting grandparents.
3. Learn a new skill and turn it into a business. Aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation, yoga, astrology, hypnotherapy, writing, painting, teaching, flower arranging, cooking, stencilling, fitness, interior design and so on.
4. If you can’t do anything artistic or creative yourself, then be aware that there are lots of artists out there who are hopeless at marketing. Offer to help them with their business. I knew an artist who teamed up with a marketing person and together they ran successful Christmas card business.
5. Teach other people to teach something that you already teach yourself. After I taught word processing and ran my own computer training company, I taught others how to teach too and run their own training courses. Produce a course outline and sell it to potential teachers.
6. Make your life one long garage sale. Buy things cheaply and sell them at a mark-up.
7. Export local goods back home.
8. Import goods from home to the place you are living.
9. Print tee-shirts or sweatshirts with locally desirable motifs.
10. Offer to act as a guide to other people’s visitors.
11. Type from home. People often need their dissertations, curriculum vitae or labels typed or word processed. Small businesses may not be able to afford a secretary of their own.
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