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" experience based on the above, and how can you prepare yourself to deal effectively with them? For example, if men in the culture where you are living will not shake hands with you, what will you do? Will you choose to feel unacknowledged and undervalued, or will you collaborate with them to find a way to acknowledge them that still respects their values along with yours? ..."
"...In a job sharing arrangement, two people collaborate to perform the duties of a single, usually full time, position. Some companies hire new employees who are looking for part time work into positions they can share with another employee. And if a job is not advertised as a job share you can always explore the idea. ..."

"...While it seems a bit of an oxymoron when starting your own thing, you will definitely want to find ways to collaborate. The owner of a small business, especially a home- based one or a consulting practice, can feel very isolated. There are no more coffee breaks or lunches in the company cafeteria with ‘the gang’. The consultant can go from project to project, never developing close or lasting relationships. One ..."
"...I (Colleen) have collaborated in developing and co-facilitating workshops with other freelancers many times over the course of my career. I find it’s a natural way to develop my network and share resources for mutual benefit. It makes my work more enjoyable as well. During the last 25 years I (Jo) have also ..."

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"A smart move! The book and complementary website addresses everything and more for spouses on the move. Both informative, practical,..."

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