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"...Until 1987 I (Jo) had enjoyed a successful career as a partner in a computer training business. I made my living from teaching and writing and had already published more than ten computer handbooks. Then I got married and my husband was posted to Dubai. Telling me I would regret it for the rest of my life if I refused to join him, my new husband persuaded me to become what is sometimes rather unflatteringly called a ‘trailing spouse’. In this politically correct world the term has become the more anodyne ‘accompanying partner’. It ..."
"...Let’s go back to my arrival in Dubai back in 1987. I was a new wife unaccustomed to idleness. We were living in a fully serviced apartment and it was not many weeks before I tired of sunbathing and small talk around the pool. I found it hard to do what I considered to be ‘nothing’ ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"... computer training and writing company. Then I fell in love with Ian and we decided to get married. The trouble was my new husband had been ‘temporarily’ posted to Dubai and refused to cut short his assignment and come home. So I moved abroad. Life without work When I (Jo) arrived ..."
"...When I (Jo) arrived in Dubai the day after my wedding, they put a stamp in my passport that read ‘not permitted to take up employment’. I was devastated. I had a few writing contracts to complete that I’d brought with me, but would have to spend six weeks waiting for my computer to arrive ..."
"... Despite the stamp in my passport that apparently didn’t allow me to work, I discovered not all hope was lost. In fact, working in Dubai was remarkably easy. Provided you found a local company to sponsor you and supply a labour card, you could do almost anything at all. Over the ..."
"...Over the next six years in Dubai, and three in Oman, I developed a range of complementary and changing careers I dipped into when the opportunity arose. Fortunately, I was also happy to discard some career streams when the opportunity disappeared. This ability to reinvent myself and be flexible has been key to my success. ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...In Dubai I (Jo) taught word-processing, but when I moved four hours down the road to Muscat I found there was little demand for this skill. So I recycled my talent and taught desktop publishing instead. To elaborate with a more fanciful example, had I sand-skied in the Middle East, I ..."
"...Teaching is a more transferable skill than most people realise. If you can teach one thing, the chances are you can teach another. I (Jo) taught computers in England, French conversation in Dubai, creative writing in Oman and how to create a portable career in Norway. Related to teaching are training and facilitating workshops. In a number of different work roles starting during university, I (Colleen) have facilitated fitness lessons, information sessions on healthy eating, events and activities, and finally career ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"...Over the years we have come across countless examples of people who found work through the hidden job market. One of my (Jo’s) friends, newly arrived in Dubai, found herself a job as a secretary for an airline company by chatting to someone at a drinks party. I started working for an employment agency writing CVs, because my husband had told someone he’d met in a bar that his wife had arrived in town and was looking ..."
"...I (Jo) remember, back in the early nineties, living in Dubai with two young children and an oft-absent husband made the days seemed endless. It was then I joined a group called Mother to Mother. Back then I didn’t class this volunteer group as a network, but that’s exactly what it was. The monthly coffee mornings became a ..."
"...When I (Jo) lived in Dubai, Oman and Norway, before the Internet, I lost my clients with every move and had to begin again elsewhere. Now, thanks to cyberspace, my clients come from all over the world. I can build an online network of mentors, mentees, clients, potential clients and information sources that ..."
"...Before I (Jo) learned how profitable existing networks could be, I had inadvertently been creating my own wherever I had been living. Writing was my passion and I needed to be around other creative people in order to feel fulfilled. When I arrived in Dubai I decided to set up a Writers’ Circle. Getting started only involved writing a simple notice, pinning this up on a few noticeboards, and asking people who might be interested to give me a call. We held monthly meetings in each other’s homes, kept things informal, charged nothing, took ..."
"...After creating a Writers’ Circle in Dubai, I created one in Muscat and then in Stavanger — but by the time we repatriated to England in 1997 I was more interested in business. So I set up the women’s business group, Women Connecting Women. In four years it went from strength to strength, and while I ..."

"...times over the course of my career. I find it’s a natural way to develop my network and share resources for mutual benefit. It makes my work more enjoyable as well. During the last 25 years I (Jo) have also partnered with many others on a project-by-project basis. In Dubai, when I worked at the recruitment agency, running a computer training department, having an alliance with the agency was mutually beneficial. As their clients became my clients, mine became theirs. I have run workshops jointly with others. This has many benefits. Not only does it mean we share the ..."

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"‘A Career In Your Suitcase’ is the perfect primer to inform and inspire spouses moving internationally. Jo Parfitt writes from..."

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