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Chapter 5: Networking
"... be on their initiative. EIGHT TIPS FOR INFORMATION INTERVIEWS 1. Prepare a script for your information interview, including a very brief introduction of yourself. Adapt your elevator pitch for the purpose of this meeting. 2. Identify the purpose of the meeting and why you have chosen ..."
"... people you identified as potential mentors in the section on mentoring. What will you say about yourself? Tailor your elevator pitch (see a few pages further in this chapter) to the purpose of an information interview. What key relevant points about yourself will you include in your ..."
"...This way of describing what you do in such a way that the other person is likely to want to know more, is called the elevator pitch. The term came about to describe how you might tell someone what you do when asked in an elevator and you only have the time it takes to reach the next floor to answer in a compelling way. ..."
"... to reach the next floor to answer in a compelling way. The elevator pitch I used failed to describe every aspect of my work and did not mention I specialised in expat issues. It did pique Dave’s interest enough for him to say: ‘Oh! What sort of books?’ ‘Living abroad, mainly. ..."
"... Culture Kids? What’s that?’ … and so on. You see. The best kind of elevator pitches are so compelling the stranger in the lift would prefer to miss his floor and stay talking to you than to leave you not knowing. It is important your own elevator pitch is short and ..."
"...It is important your own elevator pitch is short and raises curiosity. But it is also important you are clear about your target market. The reason for this is you want the person who is asking you to identify right away whether he may need your services, or just as importantly, he may know someone else ..."
"... know someone else who does. If possible create a pitch which clearly shows the benefits of your business too. An elevator pitch can serve you socially as well as professionally. Chris Pavone, author of the bestselling novel Expats, says his answer to the ‘what do you do’ questions ..."
" parties was, “I take care of the children, and the house, and I try not to go insane.” While this wouldn’t have opened doors professionally it certainly lowered the barriers socially with others experiencing the same things. You don’t need to be working in order to have an elevator pitch that captures what you find meaningful in your life at that moment. ..."
"...My (Jo’s) own elevator pitch is short and sweet, but it has been designed to ensure that the person to whom I am talking keeps wanting to know more. When you are talking to a group, giving a workshop or presentation for example, there will be no opportunity to take questions. In this case ..."
"...Stephanie Ward, the source of the examples above, explains a three step approach to your elevator pitch or answering the ‘what do you do’ question: “I work with (your niche or ideal clients) who are having trouble with (problems your ideal clients face) and who want (what they want to see happen, the result).” Alternatively, you can relate your elevator pitch or answer to a ..."
"...It can take some time to create your own set of elevator pitches which will work well for you in the situations you most commonly find yourself. Practise on your friends and get their feedback, then try them out and see which work best when you are with complete strangers. And just as you may keep changing your location or what you ..."
"... And just as you may keep changing your location or what you do, remember you may need to change your elevator pitch too. Try out a few elevator pitches in the space here: Follow up If you find yourself networking consciously or unconsciously as much as we do, it can be hard to keep track ..."

"...websites of the companies who will be hosting a booth. You can use some of the same questions you prepared for your information interviews in Chapter 5 — Networking to help you gather information. Be prepared to tell people about yourself and prepare in advance a one-minute self-introduction or elevator pitch targeted at some of the companies who will be there. See Chapter 5 — Networking for more on elevator pitches. ..."
"...describe your mission, achievements and provide related proof. In this way your website can act as an online portfolio. Add a blog to it and a Twitter account and you are set to use the most recent tools for work search. Include a video to introduce yourself with your elevator pitch and/or demonstrate a skill you have. Tailor your use of this tool to meet the specific needs of your own work idea. ..."
"...The networking CV allows you to follow-up your elevator pitch and elaborate your skills further. It is not targeted at a specific company or job opening but at opportunities in your desired career direction or business sector. Using the vision of your ideal opportunity to guide you, write your networking CV as if you were using it to ..."

"...elevator pitchrking can be one of the biggest sources of business development. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool available. Don’t keep your new business venture a secret. As you meet people in your new community (at professional meetings, a synagogue or church, social gatherings) introduce yourself and your new ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
" that completing the exercises suggested in Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion can be most helpful. Take the gift of time at this stage to do the inner work of reflecting on who you are and begin the external process of exploring your options. Create a temporary elevator pitch for this time so when answering the question ‘And what do you do?’ you don’t feel the emptiness of the ending or the pressure to find a new beginning before its time. ..."

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