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Career in Your Suitcase
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The Hague, the Netherlands, is known as the International City of Peace and Justice. It is home to the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia and Peace Palace as well as countless other UN organizations, Europol, the European Patent Office, European Space Agency and NATO – the list of International organisations goes on and on. With several multinationals based in the city, and the most prominent being the Shell Global Headquarters, The Hague is a hub for expatriates from all over the world.

This vast number of global migrants converging in one place to work means the ratio of partners to spouses is almost equal. These individuals are often highly educated with a tremendous amount of experience. However, they find themselves searching for new career opportunities and meaningful work in a very different context and circumstance from the one they left behind.

In 2005 I founded the Women’s Business Initiative International, a business incubator and professional network, based in The Hague, to support women (and men too) as they explored new business opportunities, created new entrepreneurial ventures or started on the path of self-employment. It is through the Women’s Business Initiative that I had the pleasure to meet both Jo and Colleen.

Making a global move can often be a unique opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of starting your own business or being your own boss, but it is surely not for everyone nor is it the only option. A Career in Your Suitcase is the ultimate tool to help individuals consider and explore all the options available to them. Thanks to all the examples and success stories that illustrate the practical information in the book, it provides reassurance that you are not alone in the way you are feeling; the loss of identity, the frustration, the fear are common emotions. Others have come before you and have found success and you can too.

Thank you, Jo and Colleen, for transforming this edition into the stunning new workbook format. It inspires action from the outset, particularly when those first crucial steps seem so difficult. We need to get this empowering resource into more people’s hands.

Suzy Ogé

Director – Women’s Business Initiative International

"I wish A Career In Your Suitcase had been published when I was struggling with the ‘ideal portable career’ while..."

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