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"...came from. She may not have her work, so there may be no refuge there. On the contrary, she may have resigned from a fulfilling position back home and feel partly the victim of the corporate advancement practices of her husband’s company. For these reasons, the challenges posed by international relocation changes are often unusually stressful. ..."
"...But we don’t need to be a hapless victim of change and its emotional byproducts. Our key question, then, is this: How do we manage all the changes of relocation, especially international relocation, in a way that enriches, rather than diminishes, our lives? You can find many tips on handling stress in Chapter Eight. ..."

"...better chance of successfully setting themselves up in their new lifestyle than one who takes it on with little forethought. Approaching the experience with a positive attitude will go a long way towards smoothing the transition – but it will not necessarily make the transition easy. As with any international relocation, whether the accompanying partner is male or female, the mutual support of both partners is essential to protect and develop the relationship and the individual happiness of both those involved. ..."

"...get in the way, such as a lack of work permits or fluency in a new language. Perhaps your qualifications will not be accepted in a new country? Or maybe your usual career just does not exist in your new location? And then, with the demands of conducting an international relocation and all the domestic duties that entails, not to mention the responsibility of looking after a mobile family, it can be hard to find suitable work which fits round everything else. ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...‘My husband is a career diplomat and we have spent the last 27 years moving around the world. I have developed my own career as an educator and have had dream jobs that I’ve had to leave for the next international relocation. The last position I loved and had to leave was as the education and youth officer at the US Department of State. There I helped our American diplomatic families navigate all the issues they faced with international moves and the education and successful transitions of their children. I never ..."

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