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Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"...When living abroad, we were lucky enough not to need me to produce a solid second income. This has been a terrific opportunity and has given me permission to do only what I most enjoy. But when your family needs a second income, as ours did on repatriation to the UK for seven years after a decade overseas, your dreams may take a little honing. ..."
"...Bolles recommends that we think of our work as the expression of our mission in life and he supplies us with many inventive exercises to help us identify the nature of this mission. Passion ignites the fuel of your skills and can keep you going when the going gets rough. It is an internal drive that finds expression through your values and skills. ..."
"...Give yourself permission to make a space in which to explore. This may mean you will have to give up something else in your life to provide time for your voyage of discovery. Ideas will only come to you if you have the space in your head in which to think and ..."
"...theory test, arrange to take the test, get registered for driving lessons and get my license within six months as then I would no longer be able to use the driver’s license from my home country. I also needed to build up my confidence and experience driving a manual transmission car. ..."
"...using an English translation of the driver’s manual and a CD-ROM in the local language. I took as many driver’s lessons as recommended by the instructor to ensure I was ready for the practical exam and to reinforce through practice the ways of traffic here while using a manual transmission car. I did a practice exam so I would know what would be expected in an exam here and to help deal with exam stress (which I had never experienced to this degree before). ..."
"... needed for success are. Adapted with permission from Advanced Techniques for Work Search, published by the Government of Alberta, Human Services, For more career planning exercises, visit ECLECTIC CAREERS Some ..."
"... can come back to the present. Adapted with permission from Radical Change in the World of Work: The Workbook, published by the Government of Alberta, Human Resources and Employment. For more career planning exercises, visit Following this visualization it ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"... Skills coordinating evaluating implementing negotiating organizing planning promoting revising understanding the mission / role / big picture contributing to organisational goals Working with Information Skills attention to detail being precise following ..."
"...earned the right credentials to become a Certified Educational Planner, and used my State Department experience to become accepted as a full professional member of the best professional organisations in the US for my field, the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the National Association of College Admissions Counsellors. I am working from my home office here in Oman and have clients in various countries around the world. My portfolio includes choosing an international school, boarding schools, working with children with learning differences as well as those who are gifted and talented (and many times children are ..."
"... summary which captures who you are, your unique mix of passions, attitudes, motivators and drivers. Here are two ways to do this. Write your mission statement I (Jo) attended a workshop entitled ‘Write Your Own Mission Statement’, given by inspirational Danish holistic management ..."
"...missionattended a workshop entitled ‘Write Your Own mission Statement’, given by inspirational Danish holistic management expert Helen Eriksen. An actor at heart, Helen’s workshop is a lesson in how to forget convention and follow our instincts to be different. She teaches how we can free our ‘inner originals’, claiming, as ..."
"...I (Jo) last participated in Helen’s workshop in January 2002, just before I embarked on the project of rewriting the second edition of this book. My core values that day were ‘enthusiasm’, ‘creation’ and ‘sharing’. The mission statement I produced became ‘to use my enthusiasm to create things that I may share with people who want to do what they love for a living’. Now it’s your turn. Since then I have honed my mission to ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow’. Ten ..."
"...Developing a mission statement can help you focus your passion in a desired direction. It will help you to communicate to yourself and others what it is you hope to achieve, who you want to serve and what you hope to contribute that’s unique, by focusing your passion and values in ..."
"... information until you find a satisfying way to phrase it and write it here: Write this mission statement on a large piece of paper and post it near your computer, work area or where you will regularly see it. Six word memoir If you are looking to use even fewer words, try ..."
"...It is your mission statement and your memoir, so continue to revise and adjust it as you gain more insights or aha’s in the coming months. If you want a workbook to help you with finding your passion, check into creative entrepreneur coach Michelle Ward’s or Jo Parfitt’s Find Your Passion. Chapter ..."
" have found where your passions lie, what you most enjoy doing and what your skills are that you can begin to create and navigate your way towards your own perfect portable career. In the following chapter you will group your skills and passions into potential expressions of your mission statement. ..."

"... What is success to you? How will you know when you’ve succeeded? 3. What level of financial remuneration will you need to earn in order to achieve these purposes and live out your vision and mission? DO YOU LIKE TO BE ALONE? Most people tend to think of themselves as either ..."
"... people, collect new experiences and find your answers. Complete the Summing up Your Options worksheet in Your Career Passport. - Living Your mission - Setting goals Anthony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power, says, ‘The greatest achievers in the world all started by setting a ..."
"... goal you have a benchmark to rate progress against and somewhere to check in to see if you are on track with living out your values. STATE YOUR mission It’s not enough to know that you have goals; they need to be written down and clearly thought out. Stephen Covey also recommends ..."
"... YOUR MISSION It’s not enough to know that you have goals; they need to be written down and clearly thought out. Stephen Covey also recommends identifying your mission statement as a starting point for setting your goals. You will have started this in Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion ..."
"...Your Passion and in this section we give more detail as a foundation for writing your goals. Covey was perhaps best known for his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, in which he suggested we ‘begin with the end in mind’. He recommended developing a personal mission statement as it focuses you on what you want to be and do, based on your values. He compared the process to the construction of a house: no one would start building without first having a design and construction plans. Use the carpenter’s rule: ‘measure twice and cut once’. ..."
"...As you are discovering, a mission statement isn’t something you write overnight. It takes careful analysis and deep introspection, and could take several weeks or months to get it to be a complete concise expression of your innermost values and directions. You may need to review it regularly and make changes as required, depending on ..."
"...Once you have that vision and have established your values, you have the basis upon which to set long and short-term goals. Having a vision/mission allows you to judge every major decision you make and prioritise your activities according to what is important - hence making more effective use of your time and energies. ..."
"... making more effective use of your time and energies. Continue to refine the mission statement you started in Chapter 3 —What Can You Do, and incorporate the influencing information you have uncovered through these last exercises. Think of your mission statement as a North Star to guide ..."
"... you have uncovered through these last exercises. Think of your mission statement as a North Star to guide you and help you focus your energy and activities. Write the current working version of your mission statement here: ‘It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture. The ..."
"... going to achieve tomorrow, the night before.’ Victoria, New Zealander, now in India, Now you will develop more specifics for your mission statement. STATE YOUR GOALS Determine the reasons why you want what you want. If they are big and compelling enough you ..."
"... If your mission statement is the North Star guiding your journey, then the goals are the points on the star that define it and give it more shape. Goals serve your purpose and passion and express them in concrete actions. They lead towards your vision and mission in one way or another. ..."
"... you find out what to charge/what salary to ask? What are some goals that will allow you to express more of your values and passion in your everyday life, leading you in the direction of your portable career and fulfilling your mission? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. MAKE A ..."
"...It can help to list the steps from the last to the first that you can start today. Think of the song that goes, ‘one thing... leads to another’ and use this graphic. Start at the top with your ‘North Star’ and mission and work downwards. Or start at the bottom of the stairs and work up. Or start in the middle and work outwards like you did with your mindmap. Look at the two graphics that follow and choose whichever approach helps you to get some steps on paper and start ..."
"... in their network because I treated them as people and not numbers. 3. I will maintain ties with my former clients by including them (with their permission) on my mailing list for ‘tip of the month for living in X’. Route Map: • I will network with people from international ..."
"...The same applies for living out your mission and vision. What are some of the changes and potential investments you will need to make? Your mission needs to inspire you to go beyond the inconvenience of some of these changes and continue to make the investments over the long term. If needed make some revisions to your ..."
"...rough plan of action for them will help you to respond to the way things unfold in a proactive and productive way without losing as much of your momentum. Anticipating and rehearsing a potential situation will help you respond in a way that supports the expression of your mission and purpose. Scenario building helps you take a step back from your initial response and think of alternative responses so that you choose the one you think fits best, as opposed to going with your first, often emotional, response. These scenarios can be referred to as Plan B, C ..."
"... C This chapter has given you the chance to actively and creatively look at ways of applying your skills and expressing your talents in the world of work. You have also been able to continue to develop your mission statement and create scenarios that will support you to live your mission. ..."
"... you still need to research and learn. The next chapter focuses on building the relationships that will help you fill in some of this missing information and continue to support the expression of your passion and mission through your portable career. ..."

" not true that casting a wide net affords the best prospects of success. A lack of focus dissipates energy. If you are responding to positions in both accounting and the zoo management of chimpanzees, your likelihood of success plummets and so does your sense of purpose and mission as you try to fit yourself into many different moulds at the same time. ..."
"...Develop your online presence by creating your own website to post your CV and include related materials. Some people are creating online CVs. Your website is a place for you to more fully describe your mission, achievements and provide related proof. In this way your website can act as an online portfolio. Add a blog to it and a Twitter account and you are set to use the most recent tools for work search. Include a video to introduce yourself with your elevator pitch and/or ..."
" luck would have it I found a HR director at Qwest Communications and she sat and went through my resume with me, helping me re-word literally the whole thing. Even then it took a further 6 months for a company to hire me. If you are not fussy, commission jobs are ten a penny but in the current climate that does pay the bills.’ ..."
"... or conservative than that Make sure your non-verbal communication is as well prepared as your verbal Prepare your list of references: ask them for permission to use their name, tell them why you chose them and which of your skills you would like them to elaborate on Conduct a practice ..."
"...Prepare your references in advance by informing them of your work search, asking permission to use them as a reference and requesting they focus their comments on the specific skills and accomplishments most relevant to the position you are interviewing for. You may need to refresh their memory of the accomplishments you wish them to speak about. In this way you ensure your ..."

"... as long as you guarantee a uniform high quality. In the past I (Jo) have worked with associates and used a finder’s fee/commission arrangement. In this way, if my associate passes business to me, I pay her 15% of what I earn and vice versa. I (Colleen) have used this approach in an ..."
"... With a business plan you answer some very important questions to ensure it starts off on the right foot with no oversights: • What is my business’s mission? • Who are my primary customers and what are my markets? • How will I finance my business? • How will I market and ..."
"...though the courses themselves are established and successful. I do this for several reasons. One is that I like to mentor new writers and allowing those who cannot afford to pay to attend my classes free of charge is one way I can help them that fits with my mission. Often I ask them to provide or help serve the refreshments in exchange. Sometimes I ask them to help me in my other work, doing some proof reading or research for example. ..."
"... own site. If you find it hard to encourage people to advertise on your site, think about setting up affiliations with other sites and receive commission on sales resulting from all business that reached the affiliate’s site from yours. offers such a program. Search ..."
"... Risner, ‘Having a business plan is essential regardless of the specific nature of the business. It allows one to identify goals and objectives, form a mission and vision statement as well as be used as a reality check to gauge progress.’ Carol, American in Saudi ..."
"...employing people on a full or part-time basis. If you employ freelancers you will pay them an agreed hourly rate or per task. Many small business owners employ a virtual assistant (VA) to do much of their administrative work. When you work with associates you may agree on a commission rate or other method of reward. Commission rates tend to range from 15 percent to 60 percent. Perhaps you could work with someone who will do all your marketing and production and decide to share the workload for a ..."
" weekends or in the evenings. If you’re one of those people who always attempts to respond to every message you receive then you’ll find your inbox rarely reduces in size as your recipients, in turn, reply to you — even if it’s a simple ‘thank you’! Give yourself permission to let someone else have the last word. ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...I’m the first to admit it is easier to talk about taking time off than asking for permission to go, particularly if the person who gives the permission is you. Years of conditioning have made women, particularly mothers, willing to accept a martyr’s role. Read some real-life examples in the text-box below: ..."
"... Why? Why? Relationship Partnership Partnership Patient-doctor Timeframe Short-term Short / Medium-term Long-term Source: Coaches There are many people offering coaching these days. They may call themselves a Life Coach, Business Coach, ..."
"... of career development? e. Specialization Which element(s) of the career development process do they provide or specialise in? f. Vision or mission of the professional What unique vision and mission do they bring to the field of practice? Do they practice what they preach? g. References Ask ..."
"... process do they provide or specialise in? f. Vision or mission of the professional What unique vision and mission do they bring to the field of practice? Do they practice what they preach? g. References Ask for testimonials and/or references from previous clients. h. Work ..."

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"o Parfitt has put together an invaluable guide for the ‘career minded’ expatriate spouse. Her books and seminars will give..."

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