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"...During the first decade I made and sold chutney, and taught French, creative writing and computer skills. I became a journalist, wrote manuals and newsletters and self- published a cookery book. When I noticed how desperate the local expatriates were for books I turned to network marketing and sold Dorling Kindersley books and CD-ROMs. When I heard my dinner guests commending the delicious curry our Indian housekeeper had prepared, I ran a small take away service. I soon realised problems are opportunities in disguise. ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...of good quality English books at the time and the market was ripe. Although I did my best to ensure my operations were legal, when in Oman, I discovered a local bookstore was not happy with what I was doing and put a stop to it. Not all network marketing companies have licences to trade in every country, so do make sure you check up before you barge on in, as I did. ..."
"...‘Many network marketing schemes such as this [Cabouchon] give their distributors no set monthly targets. You sell products at the usual retail price but you buy them from the manufacturer at discount. The discount increases as you sell more products. Cabouchon is a good choice of party plan product because jewellery ..."
" location. The best way to keep this type of business alive, despite postings, is to add another string to your bow. Maybe you write a book on your specialism, which you can continue to sell online regardless of where you live? Or perhaps you could also become a network marketing distributor selling a product that complements your work? An aromatherapist could also sell essential oils. A beauty therapist could sell make-up. A massage therapist could sell aloe vera products and so on. You will find that there are a range of products suitable to complement most businesses. ..."

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"Jo is the perfect example of how a ‘trailing spouse’ can make the most of her time abroad. She is..."

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