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Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"...In 1997 we were living in Norway. I’d started to compile notes for the first edition of A Career in Your Suitcase. One of the mothers from my son’s preschool, Kit Prendergast, commented that my story was inspirational and I should do a short presentation to the business women’s network there. Not one to pass ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...four hours down the road to Muscat I found there was little demand for this skill. So I recycled my talent and taught desktop publishing instead. To elaborate with a more fanciful example, had I sand-skied in the Middle East, I could have recycled this into snow skiing in Norway. The point is this: be prepared to adapt and modify some of your skills so they fit the needs and the market you find in each location. Realise in some countries you may need to secure local certifications for activities that are unregulated in the country from which you ..."
"...Some skills and passions are just not made for a given location. For example, dates were hard to come by in Norway in 1996, so there was naturally little demand for my (Jo’s) date cookery books. In the Middle East I was able to find English language journalism work with local publications. But I was out of luck in Stavanger, where there was no commercial English language newspaper or ..."
"...Some skills transfer more easily than others from place to place. There are few dates in Norway and few snowy slopes in the Middle East. But people who want to learn the English language are nearly everywhere. So teachers of English as a foreign language can usually find work wherever they go, although they may have to adapt to a different group of learners. And while ..."
"... about the qualifications or the language they do not have. Coming here made me see what I really was able to do.’ Kit, American in Norway, Grow I (Colleen) like to include a fourth element in the Skills Cycle which I call grow. Because of the recycling ..."
"...Teaching is a more transferable skill than most people realise. If you can teach one thing, the chances are you can teach another. I (Jo) taught computers in England, French conversation in Dubai, creative writing in Oman and how to create a portable career in Norway. Related to teaching are training and facilitating workshops. In a number of different work roles starting during university, I (Colleen) have facilitated fitness lessons, information sessions on healthy eating, events and activities, and finally career development workshops in the course of my career. Take a presentation, training or ..."
"... parties in their homes you help to add to the social scene. Generally expatriates have a bit of spare cash too.’ Pauline, British in Norway, Online trading If you enjoy investing in the money markets then you may enjoy trading both for yourself and even ..."
"... suitable to complement most businesses. ‘In Norway most of my clients came from my husband’s company. Women hate having to change their hairdresser when they move. At least with me being English they knew I would understand what they wanted.’ Pauline, British in Norway, ..."
"... parties in their homes you help to add to the social scene. Generally expatriates have a bit of spare cash too.’ Pauline, British in Norway, Online trading If you enjoy investing in the money markets then you may enjoy trading both for yourself and even ..."

"...In some countries, such as Norway, it’s normal for an employee to negotiate pro-rated pay for a reduced working week. Some employees are able to work a four-day week, others do this during term time only. Employers are becoming increasingly flexible about this kind of arrangement in order to retain key staff, particularly mothers ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"... make my own business cards and spread the word. I join professional and other groups and network as much as I can.’ Kitty, American in Norway, CLUBS All over the world the American Women’s Clubs thrive on helping newcomers to make friends - and while many ..."
"...In 1996 when my family moved to Stavanger in Norway I experienced the benefits of networks within a day of arriving. My husband was working for Schlumberger, a large oilfield services provider, and their spouses’ association (SSA) is run on a voluntary basis by the spouses themselves. There are now around 100 active chapters worldwide. Shell ..."
"... I also took any substitute teaching I could find at the International School. It took six months to settle down.’ Penny, British in Norway, THE INTERNET This is another source of new friends. Find sites which appeal to you whether they focus on your ..."
"...Several years ago, when I (Jo) was living in Norway, I subscribed to Writers News magazine. One day I spotted a small feature about a lady called Bobby Meyer, who had started an enterprising new publication called Dual Career Network. I was so inspired by her initiative I got in touch. On my next trip to England we met ..."
"...When I (Jo) lived in Dubai, Oman and Norway, before the Internet, I lost my clients with every move and had to begin again elsewhere. Now, thanks to cyberspace, my clients come from all over the world. I can build an online network of mentors, mentees, clients, potential clients and information sources that grows with every ..."
"... one of them later showed me a photograph in his office of his team from 20 years earlier. I was in that photograph.’ Alice, British in Norway, Local networks As I (Jo) said earlier, I need to be with people regularly and cannot work alone all the time. It is ..."
"...I (Jo) learned to present in an unthreatening and wholly supportive environment back in 1996. Since then I’ve never looked back. In Stavanger, Norway, I belonged to the women’s networking group, WIN. Today I give credit to WIN for much of what I have achieved. Not only were there monthly meetings with a motivational speaker, but a number of sub-groups for WIN members to join. No fee was charged and members met once ..."
"... on, say, health, homeopathy or foot zone I always end up acquiring a handful of new patients from the audience.’ Angelika, German in Norway, Today, as I said earlier, I have learned to ask for those who would like to receive my email newsletter, The ..."

"... I have never suffered from this because I have always known that I could do something for myself, however small. Pauline, British in Norway, COLLABORATE While it seems a bit of an oxymoron when starting your own thing, you will definitely want to find ..."
"... to my users. It took some while to pitch the price correctly I admit. Then the conversion rate kept fluctuating!’ Kitty, American in Norway, - Marketing your business - You may have the best, most brilliant idea in the world. There is a market for it. ..."
"... I also treat some people for free if I know they can’t afford it. An open hand both gives and receives therapy.’ Angelika, German in Norway, Marketing materials Your well-designed brochure and business card can be produced inexpensively (perhaps even ..."

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