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"... towards the future with hope and a sense of adventure. A portable career is perfect for today’s mobile dual career family. But if you are mobile then you are inevitably going to have to be able to handle change. Galen Tinder investigates. A well-known rating system measures the amount of ..."

"...If you know what you want to do, for example to write and publish a book, or to create a portable career, then you may need a mentor in addition to, or instead of, a coach. The ideal mentor would be someone you admire and want to emulate, someone who has ‘been there and done that’ and, more importantly, has lots of contacts and information he or she is happy to ..."
"... to be college graduate. - a PhD research scientist. - a person returning to the workforce after a 20 year absence. - an accompanying partner looking for a portable career. - a woman who was sexually harassed at work seven years ago, resigned, and has not worked since. - a recent retiree ..."

"...When in 1995 his wife’s career took him first to Turkey and then to France, Huw Francis put down his briefcase and took over the role of househusband. During this time he has created a portable career for himself and a brand new identity. His story will resonate with and inspire accompanying partners, both male and female. ..."
"... community. This is precisely why it can be very important for a male accompanying partner to have a portable career – especially if there is a likelihood that his partner will continue to move around the world as she progresses in her career, and he wants to go with her. As Carrie ..."
"... my sons while they were young – our second son, Sean, having been born in an Islamic Foundation hospital in Ankara. - Benefits of having a successful portable career - When Live and Work Abroad: A Guide for Modern Nomads came out, people started writing to me with offers of work. The ..."
"...The other indispensable part of being a successful male accompanying partner, and having a real portable career, is having a supportive partner willing to listen to my gripes and support me in the work I choose to do. We are a team, and doing our best to support each other as we aim for our career and personal goals is essential for the ongoing health of ..."
"...Back then I was a lot more confident when I told people I was a writer than when I said I was a househusband – mostly, I believe, because I was unsure of my own status. But now that I have been successful with my portable career, I can happily call myself a househusband – though I still get strange looks from people who don’t know what else I do. However when Seonaid adds, ‘He’s a writer and has a book published too,’ you can see a lot of people visibly relax because they now have ..."
"... the enthusiasm to carry it out. The options for that portable career are many and various and though not all will appeal to every male, having a career goal and going after it can make the experience of being a male accompanying partner much more enjoyable. ..."

"...followed, I have come to agree with my husband. I am glad I made the journey and yes, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life had I stayed behind. During these intervening years, I have developed what I call a career in my suitcase, a portable career that moves when I do. A career that is mobile, sustainable and keeps growing despite moving country every few years. ..."
"...Fifteen years ago I began to study the phenomenon. I attended conferences, interviewed countless experts and talked with many women, and men, who shared my interest in portable careers. As a journalist, I was able to learn about this at the source and then share what I knew in the best way I knew - by writing about it. ..."
"...At the same time, globalisation, increased mobility and self-employment alongside the desire for adventure are encouraging more and more people to consider developing a portable career for themselves. If you plan to make just a single move or move within the same country, then thankfully issues such as language barriers, work permits and unrecognised qualifications are likely to be less of a problem. But you may still find it difficult to obtain work similar to ..."
"... there are skills to be learned and techniques that will support you to develop your own personally meaningful portable career. - What is a portable career? - A portable career is work that you can take with you wherever you go. It is based on your own unique set of skills, values, ..."
"...A portable career is work that you can take with you wherever you go. It is based on your own unique set of skills, values, passion and vision and is not based in a physical location. Lower costs of travel and technological advances have made the global labour market a more accessible ..."
"... If the need for a portable career is driven by the fact that your partner is pursuing a career track involving international assignments, then there are additional factors to consider. A dual career couple is one where both are similarly educated and equally wish to pursue a career. DUAL ..."
"...With a loss of identity often comes a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. Enforced idleness can be hard to deal with. Without something ‘interesting’ or purposeful to focus on, it is easy to become stressed or depressed. This is where learning the skills to develop a portable career can create much more life satisfaction for the accompanying partner. ..."
"...the opportunity to keep learning and developing. With no support or inspiration from my husband’s employer, I decided to make my own luck and, over the next 20 years on the move, acquired a range of skills that would allow me to create, maintain, pick up and pack my portable career. Despite living in five different countries, in the end I learned how to look inside myself to discover what I most enjoyed doing and how I might adapt my interests and my skills to match them up with opportunities in each location. ..."
"...I believe a successful portable career is possible for anyone. First we must look inside ourselves to find our passions, then we must look outside ourselves to find the opportunities in the locality, and finally we must find a way to blend this together so we can tailor-make a career that fits our ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"...Suitcase. I formed Summertime Publishing and, during 1998, launched this title and one called Forced To Fly. This took a lot of work and investment, and the returns were relatively small at first - so I decided to develop a range of seminars and workshops on the theme of portable careers. I soon discovered that, on average, about a quarter of delegates would buy a book too. And while these seminars were successful and well received, the marketing response was slow to start with. Along the way, I discovered those who most wanted me to speak, and whom I most ..."
" writing and in order to give me the most satisfaction, I needed to write about subjects that interested me. It became clear I had picked up a few more skills and passions to add to my list. I could now call myself an expert on expatriate living and portable careers. I began in earnest to look for opportunities. Within a few months I was writing for Resident Abroad (later called FT Expat), The Weekly Telegraph, Women’s Business Magazine and the Smart Moves section of The Independent on Sunday. ..."
"... Journalism was the work that paid the bills. portable career presentations and publishing were the expression of my passion. At first my work funded my passion but over time the two merged until I was able to pick and choose my writing projects and my presenting started to earn me money. ..."
"...where my passions lie. But it was not always like that. It is only now, with the luxury of hindsight I can look back and see the patterns and the ‘red threads’ emerge. I believe very strongly that finding your passion is the fundamental first step to creating a portable career which will sustain you from move to move and will keep you motivated. A career based on your passion is more likely to earn you money, because if you truly believe in what you do, people will notice and they will believe in you too. And then, of course, ..."
"...the world, to thousands of different people. I know I belong on a stage. I prepare cue cards or PowerPoint presentations, but rarely look at them. In 2007 I was even invited to be the closing keynote speaker at the Families in Global Transition conference to talk about my portable career. My passion for being on stage was suppressed for so many years for reasons common to many of us. ..."
"... and papers behind closed doors and remove mirrors from areas where they reflect clutter. Create yourself a mental and physical space to provide a solid foundation for your portable career journey. MAKE A COMMITMENT Promise yourself you’ll follow through on this. Picture yourself ..."
"...things to be — as well as by what we think we should be, instead of what really is. Try hard to be honest about what you are and how you feel. Accept yourself as you are and believe this is all that is needed for your authentic, passionate portable career start. ..."
"...Barbara also has certified leadership materials to start your own success team available here: Who knows, maybe this is the portable career opportunity you’ve been looking for? Her bulletin board here is also a place where people can list unique ways to support yourself. Perhaps your ideas will be sparked by reading what has been posted? ..."
"...To make an informal success team for your portable career, recruit supporters who will support you in finding out who you really are, and who believe in you. We all need to be encouraged and praised, and especially so in times of transition. If your closest family members are not with you in this, then prepare for a rough, ..."
"... in writing For example: I commit to the process of increasing my self-awareness and learning the skills to build a portable career for myself. I will keep track of and recognise my progress and reward myself for my efforts. I will share what I learn with others. Signed: Build my ..."
"... see this symbol at the end of the exercise: go to Your Career Passport and summarise your results there. You will find leafing through this summary, once completed, will give you much support as you find your way towards your portable career. VALUES Your passion often stems from your ..."
"...well as work related tasks. Think about the last time you did these things and use your creativity to bring more of them into your life now. They can help provide the fuel you need to keep going in this process as well as give you direction for your portable career. ..."
"... is: Allow your inner animal to take the lead and enjoy the adventure. Give yourself the time and space to find that path and follow one hot track to another. Eventually you will decipher your own individual route and journey. That’s what having a portable career is all about anyway. Right? ..."
"...journal. Blogging, old-fashioned letter writing and even scrapbooking can be a form of journaling. If you are starting to journal for the first time and would like a journal with prompts in it, consider the ‘Become’ journal available at for your journey towards a portable career. ..."
" a personally satisfying way. Writing your own career story in this way puts you in a strong position to gain insights into your life as a story and continue the development of its main character and plot. You will have put yourself in the driver’s seat of your portable career. ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...In this chapter we look inside ourselves again to analyse our skills and find out what we are good at. In the chapters that follow we will think creatively about the best kind of portable career for us and finally we need to adapt that ‘dream’ to the market. We then look at our context, the location and environment where we’re living, whether temporarily or permanently, and consider whether we want to work locally with the people and resources in our community, ..."
"...will see just how many skills they contain. When considering your career options, it’s important to take a closer look at all the activities you do, not only work-related ones, because they all hold a great deal of information about you and can help generate ideas for your portable career. ..."
"...if they already possess the soft skills. Alongside an awareness of your occupation-specific skills, knowing what your soft skills are, and being able to present them well, will give you a great advantage when you are looking for opportunities. These are some of the most important skills for your portable career! ..."
"... classes online through UCLA that have been wonderful.’ Rebecca (Becky), American in Oman, - What is a Perfect portable career? - A career you can put in your suitcase and take with you anywhere in the world is a portable career. But we want you to find ..."
"...A career you can put in your suitcase and take with you anywhere in the world is a portable career. But we want you to find the perfect portable career for you, not just any career. If it does not allow you to express what is important to you, and make the difference you want to make in the world, then it will not be easy to sustain it ..."
"... up quickly in a new location • It is sustainable despite moves • It continues to grow and evolve Here are some examples of portable careers that may fulfil the above objectives. Teaching Teaching is a more transferable skill than most people realise. If you can teach one thing, ..."
"...Teaching is a more transferable skill than most people realise. If you can teach one thing, the chances are you can teach another. I (Jo) taught computers in England, French conversation in Dubai, creative writing in Oman and how to create a portable career in Norway. Related to teaching are training and facilitating workshops. In a number of different work roles starting during university, I (Colleen) have facilitated fitness lessons, information sessions on healthy eating, events and activities, and finally career development workshops in the course of my career. Take a presentation, ..."
"...These options are grouped together here because they all involve building and maintaining a client base. Once you have trained in a skill such as reflexology, acupuncture, psychotherapy, beauty, hairdressing, colour and style analysis or similar areas there is a good chance this could become a portable career. While you cannot take clients with you when you move, you can take your skills and, with a good marketing strategy and networking skills, you can find new clients fast in a new location. You do need to check your qualifications are recognised in the new country ..."
"...subject matter expert. Blogging on your topic and developing a large number followers means advertisers will pay to have their product on your blog page because of the niche group you give them access to. You can develop related products to broaden your income stream and thus create a portable career. Generally, you will need to work at this consistently over a number of years to get it going. An excellent resource for this area of work is Brendon Burchard who wrote Millionaire Messenger. His website is and he provides an abundance of sound advice in his free online ..."
"...maybe you can edit and proofread too. Create information products such as eBooks, and you can sell those online and the customer can download them immediately, so there is no shipping involved. While you can make a career from writing non-fiction, creative writing, poetry and fiction also make great portable careers. ..."
"...‘Now that I have been successful with my portable career, I can happily call myself a househusband – though I still get strange looks from people who don’t know what else I do. However when [my wife] adds, ‘He’s a writer and has a book published too,’ you can see a lot of people visibly relax because ..."
"...If you are already a professional artist or photographer you will have already thought of the portability of your skill. If you are an amateur in these areas, consider turning your hobby into a portable career for this chapter of your life. Perhaps your perspective is unique (and marketable) where you are currently located. Is there a market ‘back home’ for your greeting cards and other souvenir items? Create a website and sell to the rest of the world. You can teach your skill to ..."
"...Mary Farmer, management and organisation consultant, says a portable career requires constant introspection and reinvention - becoming too attached to what you’ve already been and already seen may be the biggest obstacle to your international career success. There are many inspiring stories in this book of non-traditional approaches to career management, of people who have demonstrated career resilience. Moving ..."
"...navigate your way. These approaches understand the importance of using creativity, intuition and openness, together with the more traditional career development techniques, to create possibilities which can be honed into workable career options. For the global nomad, these approaches will also be the most effective in developing a sustainable portable career. ..."
"...passions and skills into a career. This chapter has focused on looking inside yourself. It is only once you have found where your passions lie, what you most enjoy doing and what your skills are that you can begin to create and navigate your way towards your own perfect portable career. In the following chapter you will group your skills and passions into potential expressions of your mission statement. ..."

"...Career resilience, an essential skill for expats and those creating a portable career, is defined by career coach Carole Pemberton as ‘holding the beliefs that enable flexibility in thought, behaviours and actions when facing adversity’. Adversity can be seen as any situation which challenges your ability to come up with solutions and alternatives. According to Carole, career resilience is about holding ..."
"... is essential for me to understand what I need to learn to make good choices in my work and life. 4. How will you use these rephrased beliefs and rules to better serve your portable career? Changing how you think about the way the world and work operate will change the results you ..."
" challenged, as they are usually easier to recognise in someone else. You will be able to do it much more easily for someone on your team than yourself. Having done this exercise and reflected on it, write down the beliefs you will use to guide you towards your portable career in Your Career Passport. ..."
"...When developing a portable career, many of the options will involve differing levels of self-employment. Before you make a choice about what to do and how to do it, it’s a good idea to ask yourself what you need from your work and what will provide a framework for your choices. Sometimes it can ..."
"...In order to pinpoint the most suitable portable career for you, identify some more of your personal preferences and attributes. For example, you can work formally for an organisation, or you can venture off on your own and do your own thing. Each of these approaches is more suited to a particular personality type than another. ..."
"...It was only when I realised that people, including myself, were frustrated about not having a portable career, and not knowing how to create their own career on the move, that I came up with the idea for A Career in Your Suitcase. Make sure to use this griping about problems as a window to finding opportunities, and don’t get sucked into the negative cycle yourself. Remember ..."
"... - Blue sky dreams - From the moment you picked up this book you have shown your interest in finding the perfect portable career. The blue sky featured on the book’s cover is no accident. We all need to dream and to find the blue sky of open possibilities. A dream is more likely to ..."
" affect any specific kind of work in the years to come. While this information is obviously US-centric, the vocational and professional information has broad applicability to many other parts of the world and can help you fill in some of the blanks about your current ideas for your portable career. ..."
"...sail to your next career destination! The previous exercises will have helped you gather information you need. Now think about this information from a trends and demographics or big picture perspective. You may have an ‘aha’ moment and gain some insights that could help you find your unique portable career niche. ..."
"...One way to consider what style of working will fit your situation best and what option looks like it has the most potential for your portable career is to do what is called a SWOT analysis. Mary Farmer suggests performing a ruthless assessment of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats is always revealing, and very often provides us with key answers. ..."
"... you find out what to charge/what salary to ask? What are some goals that will allow you to express more of your values and passion in your everyday life, leading you in the direction of your portable career and fulfilling your mission? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. MAKE A ..."
"... you still need to research and learn. The next chapter focuses on building the relationships that will help you fill in some of this missing information and continue to support the expression of your passion and mission through your portable career. ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"... is advertised. - Building Your Network - Networking builds a web of contacts and associations. It is from your network you will most often find your next work opportunity. Learning how to network is essential to creating a portable career. Like a spider, you cannot build your whole web ..."
" almost five months to pluck up the courage to go along. When I arrived I could not have met a nicer, more helpful bunch of people. Here I was able to attend a series of fascinating seminars, meet women who shared my passion for maintaining a portable career, and learn new skills. In the true spirit of abundance I was soon giving my time back to the group producing the newsletter. I also met Elizabeth Douet, who helped me with the first Career in Your Suitcase and its associated seminar, joined a group that taught me how ..."
"... expand your network. GLOBAL OR LOCAL? We believe for a portable career to be sustainable and productive you should develop both local and global networks. We need global networks so that our clients are not reliant on the place in which we live. When I (Jo) lived in Dubai, Oman and ..."
"... either in this country, or in the place they move to next, about us. Simply put, we believe that both local and global networks are essential to a portable career and we need to make an effort to grow and nurture them both. Global networks A global network can be established in two ..."
" be over-enthusiastic, another to be bored, and this audience would listen to each talk and give constructive criticism later. The results were dramatic, humorous and immensely useful. Six months later I (Jo) found myself being the guest speaker at a WIN meeting, talking about my pet subject: portable careers. Three months later I was paid to develop and present a three-hour workshop on the same subject to a group of about 20 expatriate women. A year later I presented the same workshop to more than 100 people at the 1998 Women on the Move Conference in Paris. Since ..."
"... issues. It did pique Dave’s interest enough for him to say: ‘Oh! What sort of books?’ ‘Living abroad, mainly. Stuff like transition, portable careers, identity, Third Culture Kids...” ‘Third Culture Kids? What’s that?’ … and so on. You see. The best kind of elevator ..."

"... resume.’ Ursula, South African in America, and Here are two sources of online job postings for portable careers: Partnerjob If you are a supporting spouse and your partner’s company is a member of Partnerjob, you will be ..."
"... be cautious or eliminate mentioning associations with, for example, a political or religious connection. CV samples for portable careers are available at COVER LETTERS A cover letter should always accompany your CV or proposal, using the same font and ..."
"... concrete examples of your experience and qualities relating to the position Prepare to explain how your portable career connects with the company profile and is of benefit to the position requirements Prepare to talk about previous experiences in a positive way, indicating what you ..."

"...Working for yourself is an excellent way to live out your portable career. If you know you’re likely to be on the move again fairly shortly, and that no business you choose is worth the investment it would take to make it a big success in one location, then maybe you should think about starting a more modest concern. One that will ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...Creating a portable career, work search, starting to run your own business and adapting to changes all take hard work. Of course you will have down times, and times when you feel like giving up and retreating from the world. Self-motivation is one of the key attributes required by anyone who repeatedly has ..."
"...traits. It is encouraging to know CQ can be influenced by experience and training and can therefore be learned. Your CQ will have an influence on how effectively you will cope in your new location and it will free up the energy and clarity you need to create your portable career. ..."
"...of individual time and attention you will receive from a career advisor may be limited based on their funding source (e.g. a government service). This type of service can miss the deeper elements of your values and passion and miss some of the elements needed to discover the unique portable career paths open to you in your current situation. ..."
"... and access the support that can make the difference you need to get, and keep, going. For portable career case studies and the opportunity for you to add your own please go to ‘In Malaysia work permits are impossible to get for spouses (because there is a ..."

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"I wish A Career In Your Suitcase had been published when I was struggling with the ‘ideal portable career’ while..."

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