Career in Your Suitcase
A practical guide to creating meaningful work... anywhere

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Find your direction

What is a portable career? • A note for accompanying spouses • Jo’s Story • Colleen’s Story
Your Calling • How I (Jo) Found My Passions • How passions become portable • How Jo’s career in her suitcase came home • Why our passions can be hard to find • Find Your Passion • Ways to get started • Put your passions on paper • Speedwriting • Self-Assessment Tools
What Can You Do? • Review your experience • What are your skills? • Time For Some New Skills? • Learn new skills • What is a Perfect Portable Career? • Food for Thought • Putting It All Together

Find your opportunity

What Do You Believe? • A Changing World • Manage your Expectations • Cultural Considerations • Influencing Factors • Purposes • Your Career Evolution • Getting Ideas • Blue sky dreams • Ways of Working • Researching Options • Evaluate Your Options • Living Your Mission
The Importance of Relationships • Building Your Network • Networking Skills

Putting it together

Finding Opportunities • Creating Your Own Opportunities • Self Marketing Tools
Starting Your Own Thing • Your To Do List • Marketing your business • Working From Home
Change • The Challenge Of Change • Work-Life Balance • Need A Career Development Professional?

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