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"...REA partner, on the other hand, is initially both more isolated and more exposed. She has no band of colleagues with whom to huddle – but as the captain of family logistics, she interacts daily with a world dismayingly unlike the one she came from. She may not have her ..."
"... - William Bridges, an organisation psychologist who has studied and written on how people REAct to change, differentiates between change and transition. Change consists of external events, while transition is the set of internal processes we go through in adjusting to change. Just as ..."
"...REAt as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross delineated five stages in a person’s coming to terms with his or her approaching death, Bridges observes that most people REAct to change by making an inner transition that consists of three distinct stages – Endings, a Neutral Zone and New Beginnings. People achieve successful transitions ..."
"...REAnge always begins with an ending, sometimes one that we don’t recognise at the time. But when we move from one location to another it’s hard for the ending to slip by us unnoticed. For most people, the ending stage of relocation begins when the final decision has been made. ..."
"... ‘What ivory towered manager thought this would bolster my husband’s career?’ Anxiety – ‘I can’t imagine how I am going to get everything REAdy. I don’t even know what to get REAdy for.’ Sadness – ‘I am going to miss … (people, places, activities, events).’ Fear ..."
"...REA truth is that life involves discomfort and it includes painful feelings, especially at points of ending. A healthy REAction to such feelings is to move through them, not around them, talking about them with other people who understand us. This will help prevent us from getting emotionally stuck in ..."
"...REAourage open communication among family members. Inform children about the move as soon as possible. When feasible, include children in some aspects of the decision making process about how the move will be organised. Encourage everybody to speak honestly about their REActions and explore your new surroundings. ..."
"... of self care in the areas of sleep, nutrition and exercise. Have REAsonable expectations of yourself and others. Recognise that relocation is inherently stressful and do not be hard on yourself for not handling everything perfectly. These suggestions apply as much to expatriating and ..."
"... for not handling everything perfectly. These suggestions apply as much to expatriating and repatriating relocaters as they do to those who move domestically, though international pre-relocation visits are difficult to arrange for obvious REAsons. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Well, you ..."
"...REAple who are relocating may feel that this Neutral Zone gets gobbled up by the endings at one end and the beginnings at the other. We may need to make time for the Neutral Zone, settling into the new location at a REAsonable pace without feeling as though we must ..."
"...REAit can be difficult to pinpoint where the Neutral Zone merges into New Beginnings. But at some point people look back and REAlise they’ve made the shift. Families who have successfully relocated report that the key to making a healthy transition is to form connections in the new community as ..."
"...REAnning is aided by research, and happily it’s now far easier to prepare for the exigencies of expatriate vocational adventuring than it was even ten years ago. Reliable information about nearly every country in the world is now easily available. A recent check of a popular online bookshop immediately turned ..."
"... share with the gentlemen. Obviously I was wrong. ‘It was actually after one of those evenings that I REAlised how bad I was feeling about myself. I then took the decision to start my own business and by then save myself from depression.’ Jasmine, French in China, ..."

"... to add your own please go to Galen Tinder, REA Manager, explains how to understand and use a career consultant, coach, mentor, recruiter or career management firm in order to REAlise your career dREAms. In this chapter you will learn that careers consultants ..."
"...REAanne is 49 years old and after raising her children into their mid teens is REAdy for the work world. She has never held a paying job but has been active in responsible positions for volunteer organisations. She is interested in working as an administrative assistant, but is unsure about ..."
"...REAorder to understand what career consultants do, it’s helpful to compare them with other professionals. Let’s take attorneys and financial advisors. All three kinds of professionals possess a body of knowledge and a set of skills in applying that knowledge to individual situations. As with attorneys and financial advisors, much ..."
"...REAre seem to be so many people who say they offer coaching these days. They may call themselves a Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, a Transformational Coach or a Career Coach. Some offer a combination of business and life coaching; others combine general life direction coaching with career advice. ..."
"... to Use a Coach - If you are still at the ‘searching’ stage and unsure what you want to do and where your passion lies, you will need the answers to these questions before you can turn your aspirations into concrete REAlity, then a coach may be your first port of call. - How to Choose a ..."
"...REAI worked with a coach who successfully helped me to make the transition from working for corporate companies to starting my own business.  His talents and expertise were just what I needed to transform my skills. His coaching and programs helped me to gain confidence to go out to start ..."
"... ‘I worked with Dori Weinstein ( She was amazing and it was something I had never encountered before, she made me think about things prior to REActing. Now I tend to think before jumping into a situation.’ Lizzy, British in America, ..."
"... to Use a Career Management Firm - Unless you have close ties with somebody at the firm, there is no REAson to use one. You are better off engaging the services of a sole practitioner consultant. This gives you better quality control and is more economical. - How to Choose a Career ..."
"...REAs was my (Galen’s) own route into the profession, though in my case it involved an escape from the Lutheran, rather than Episcopal, ministry. Between my ten years as a parish pastor and settling into my present career I experimented with such disparate pursuits as car sales, work with the ..."
"...REAe consultants will prefer payment at the time of services. Others will send a bill or will want to be paid monthly. You need to be clear how much you are paying, when you will pay, and what, if any, services are extra. Your consultant should be able to explain ..."
"...REAy people do write their own resumés, perhaps with a bit of help from a friend or family member. The results are often adequate, but less effective than they could be. Resumés are notoriously difficult to write for oneself. In fact, most career consultants get help in writing their own ..."
"...REAeer consulting can be successfully conducted via the telephone or webcam, using a program such as Skype ( which is free. This is especially effective when supplemented by the use of the Internet. Technologically based consulting has several advantages. Firstly, it enables consultants to work with clients who live at ..."

"...REAREAsingly, these couples too decide to move abroad, or are offered the chance to do so. The advantages of such a move can be varied and include improved lifestyle, career benefits, or an escape from unemployment, redundancy, and other unpleasant situations – much the same REAsons as men take an ..."
"...REAOf course, one might question whether it is the growth of female assignees with male spouses that has prompted this action. In the past, dual career policies have been developed with a predominantly female audience in mind. Limited financial compensation but positive support measures have made some headway in encouraging ..."
"...REA woman who had worked abroad for many years as an aid worker and ESL teacher, both before and after she got married, found that when she became the sole wage earner and had a family relying on her solitary income, it suddenly became clear to her why men work ..."
"... can cause resentment of his partner. Unfortunately, the scenario is often new not for just the couple concerned, but also for colleagues, friends, relatives and employers – and they can’t always be relied on to be supportive in their REActions. For example, a female expatriate ..."
"...REAone Human Resources manager commented, ‘In most assignments, women will meet other wives who have followed their husbands, and have a built-in social circle. The male accompanying partner does not necessarily have anyone else in his position, so even if he were au fait with the idea (before departure), the ..."
"...REA the parents of the expatriate couple, though, it can be anathema for the woman to work and the man to stay at home. Any resulting loudly voiced negative REActions from family and friends can cause additional and unwanted stress during what is alREAdy a difficult transition. Of course in-laws ..."
"...REAre can often be the feeling that people think the male accompanying partner is not fulfilling his role as bREAdwinner, ‘as a man should’. This feeling is likely to come from the man himself, since despite all the politically correct talk that men and women are equal, the REAlity is ..."
"...REAe a couple is abroad, the fact that the spouse is a male accompanying partner becomes an obvious and unavoidable fact. At parties, social gatherings and in daily life, the initial batch of questions asked of newly arrived expatriates always includes, ‘So... what do you do?’ The answer ‘nothing’ provokes ..."
"... would be a male accompanying partner (before we had even heard of the title), stay at home, look after the family and be a ‘writer’. - The REAlity - One thing became clear from the start: it didn’t really matter what I had done before the move, it was what I did now that mattered to ..."
"... - The reality - One thing became clear from the start: it didn’t REAlly matter what I had done before the move, it was what I did now that mattered to most people. The good job I’d left behind in Hong Kong counted for nothing; I was now a househusband and nothing else. The first year ..."
"... It was over a year before the first article was published and I only found out because my neighbour brought round the newspaper he was REAding to show me that I was in it – they gave a six month subscription as payment for that first article. The second article earned me $25 soon afterwards. ..."
"...REA many people seemed to take my writing career seriously during that first year in Turkey, though with the friends who were supportive, the subject of writing a handbook on expatriate living was also raised quite a lot. Among those who were less supportive it seemed to be a common ..."
"...REAlso kept writing articles, especially for the booming number of websites whose publishers did not REAlly care where I was, as long as I had email. I also kept working on the novel. Mule Train was about two backpackers who become caught up in a drug smuggling ring, and was ..."
"... if it wasn’t a novel. Despite my hard work, it took me three years to feel the majority of people I knew REAlly took me seriously as a writer – mostly because no one I knew ever saw my articles published and so they had no idea it was happening so regularly. However, at cocktail ..."
"... would have taken. After a short bREAk over Christmas, the proofs came back early in the New Year and it took three days to REAd through the 255 pages. A Guide for Modern Nomads appeared on the shelves in March 2001 and the feeling of satisfaction was immense. Almost four years of slog ..."
"...REA other indispensable part of being a successful male accompanying partner, and having a REAl portable career, is having a supportive partner willing to listen to my gripes and support me in the work I choose to do. We are a team, and doing our best to support each other ..."
"...REAwere naïve too. We never REAlised it would be so tough adjusting to our new roles and the loss of respect accorded by the people around us to someone in my position. Another challenge was adjusting to my isolation at home with a pre-school child and hardly anyone to talk ..."
"...REAing a goal to aim for was probably the most important factor in making the whole arrangement successful. The final destination I was heading for developed and changed over the years as I REAlised some things were not attainable – but I still kept moving forward. I followed a correspondence ..."
"... - Options For The Male Accompanying Partner - The options will be different for every man. Some will be able to take salaried employment – but the REAlity of that option is not as widespREAd as most people seem to think before they relocate. Working for yourself is an obvious choice, but ..."
"... No matter what you decide to do, success rarely comes overnight. Developing your product, cultivating clients and making a sale usually take time and a lot of effort. It’s all very well being positive as you start out on your new adventure, but the optimism needs to be tempered with REAlism. ..."
"...REAtunately, there are some huge markets out there perfect for expatriate entrepreneurs, as is discussed extensively in Chapter Seven , ‘Working for Yourself’ – your home country, other countries where they speak your language, as well as other expatriates. English happens to be the language of international business, so the ..."
"...REA Internet has supposedly revolutionised many aspects of our lives, and for expatriate entrepreneurs it certainly makes life much easier. The telephone directories of most countries are now online – both white and yellow pages. There are numerous electronic directories of companies, classified by function, product, nationality, domicile and language, ..."

Chapter 12: 60 brilliant ideas
"... companies to advertise. 37. Run a crèche or playgroup close to shops. 38. Offer to do shopping for people and deliver it to their home. This would be REAlly useful to mothers of small children who live in apartments. 39. Make bean bag chairs to order, in fabric chosen by your clients. 40. ..."

"...REA first ten years were a struggle, in which I did my fair share of door-slamming and sulking. But it was around 1997 that I REAd Robin Pascoe’s A Wife’s Guide and REAlised, at last, a) I was not alone and b) I was not mad. In ..."
"...REAortable career is work that you can take with you wherever you go. It is based on your own unique set of skills, values, passion and vision and is not based in a physical location. Lower costs of travel and technological advances have made the global labour market a more ..."
"... CAREER STATISTICS • The 2012 Brookfield Global Relocation Trends Survey, now in its 17th year, indicated the top REAsons for refusal of an international work assignment as: 1. Family concerns, 2. Partner’s career, 3. Quality of life at the location. • This survey also shows ..."
"... assignment, only 12% were employed before and during the assignment. WHAT CAN STOP YOU FROM WORKING? The key REAsons that accompanying partners do not work include: • No work permit. • Lack of fluency in the host language. • Incompatibility of certification. • ..."
"...REAan international work assignment imposes a career hiatus on one partner, that partner will experience an identity shift alongside the physical relocation. One of the main REAsons for spousal unhappiness on international assignment is the difficulty he or she has in maintaining a professional identity or career. Without the ..."
"... household finances.’ ‘I had no idea how much my sense of self-worth was tied to my career.’ ‘I felt that I had given [up] my REAl “self ”, and had become less of a person.’ ‘Companies need to support the spouse in allowing them to further their career. I do not live for ..."
"...REAing the first decade I made and sold chutney, and taught French, cREAtive writing and computer skills. I became a journalist, wrote manuals and newsletters and self- published a cookery book. When I noticed how desperate the local expatriates were for books I turned to network marketing and sold Dorling ..."
"...REAting has always been my first love. At the time of this writing I’ve had 30 books published and countless articles. I also teach writing locally, online and via residential courses. However, a few years ago I REAlised I needed to grow my business in such a way as to ..."
"...REA can see the connecting theme in the Rule of Three is doing. This book gives you many tools and ways to take action for yourself to cREAte a career which will travel with you wherever you go. These tools are provided within the context of Jo’s compelling experiences and ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"...REAoved French though. And for me that included the literature, the language, the people and the country. I found my French teacher, Mr Feather, inspiring, and received my best marks in French. So I went to university to study French. I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher, ..."
"...REA, despite getting an agent and deluging her with many other ideas for cookery books, I guess I was let down by the fact I was neither a trained nor an experienced chef. With hindsight, I REAlise my enthusiasm didn’t quite match my skill and some of my ideas left ..."
"...REAn I (Jo) arrived in Dubai the day after my wedding, they put a stamp in my passport that REAd ‘not permitted to take up employment’. I was devastated. I had a few writing contracts to complete that I’d brought with me, but would have to spend six weeks waiting ..."
"...REAhad always pleased me to have a label. I was a ‘writer’ and a ‘computer trainer’. I was not ‘just a wife’ and the very idea made me feel hugely uncomfortable. I REAlised I had a personal need, not only to have a professional identity, but also to earn my ..."
"...REAIt is like this everywhere, change. Everything is new, so your confidence needs to be very strong just to say “Okay, here I am, wait for me, I am coming.” … I came over here at 24 with my first born son, three month old, and I didn’t know where ..."
"...REAI have only been here for two or three months. My role has changed… because my wife is here [as the lead employee]. I am now house husband and father… fundamental change... so much that it cREAtes a spiritual crisis… the whole identity has changed from the REAl one and ..."
"...REAThe REAlity of experience was different from our expectations. Although I consider myself extremely lucky to have had that one-year time with our first daughter, studying from home the first year in a new country prevented me from developing my own network of friends and my own social circle. In ..."
"...REAl, my computer did arrive and I completed my book contracts. But once they were finished, I soon learned that editors found it difficult to liaise with overseas authors. This was before we had Skype, email and even fax machines and so, reluctantly, I REAlised I had to go back ..."
"...REAe more I looked inside myself, and decided I had to calculate which among my many careers had the most earning potential. I had to think hard about which of my skills would earn me the most money per hour and for which there was also a market. During my ..."
"... long before I chose to study French at university. Sometimes we need to look more closely at the choices we make in order to spot the elements that excite us. Sometimes we are persuaded away from our passions for a variety of REAsons. Between the ages of 11 and 15 I loved drama and took ..."
"...REAay, I have run this seminar and its many permutations all over the world, to thousands of different people. I know I belong on a stage. I prepare cue cards or PowerPoint presentations, but rarely look at them. In 2007 I was even invited to be the closing keynote speaker ..."
"... lain. Another REAson why we lose sight of what we love to do, is we become rather good at other things. We may not be particularly talented at music, but practise hard because we want to be in the school orchestra with our friends. We develop a competence in an aREA so we can fit in. With ..."
"...REA could be REAlly good at maths, for example, and become a successful accounting firm partner only to REAlise one day that you are neither happy nor energised. As John Clark says in his book The Money or Your Life, you can get to the top of your chosen career ..."
"...REAn Richard Bolles published the first edition of What Color is your Parachute in 1972, he helped to popularize the idea that work is more than just a salary. Bolles writes both for people who are out of work and for those weary of work lacking in fulfilment and ..."
"...REAmise yourself you’ll follow through on this. Picture yourself enjoying the fruits of all the efforts you will put in. But also tell someone else what you’re doing. Make a commitment to someone else — a friend, counsellor or coach — whom you can trust to check up on your ..."
"...REAbara also has certified leadership materials to start your own success team available here: Who knows, maybe this is the portable career opportunity you’ve been looking for? Her bulletin board here is also a place where people can list unique ways to support yourself. Perhaps your ideas will ..."
"...REAmake an informal success team for your portable career, recruit supporters who will support you in finding out who you REAlly are, and who believe in you. We all need to be encouraged and praised, and especially so in times of transition. If your closest family members are not with ..."
"...REA could kick off your team with a Blue Sky Party. We use ‘blue sky’ to refer to those magical times when we discuss dREAms and make plans with someone else. It’s a time for brainstorming — or ‘random-entry listings’ as it is now politically correct to call these sessions. ..."
"...REArt that notebook now. Write down your thoughts and your achievements each day under the appropriate date. This will help you keep track of your progress and make this process more concrete. Include all you achieve and the thoughts that come to you each day. Date each entry. When you ..."
"...REAe that first step. Start doing something right now, even if it is only for half an hour. Don’t set yourself up for failure. The longer you put it off, the bigger it will become on a psychological level. Be REAlistic and do what will work for you. But start ..."
"...REA following range of exercises can help you discover and find words for your passions. Take time to allow your passions to emerge and clarify and keep going until you have got them written down and are able to express them simply and elegantly. Resist the temptation to jump to ..."
"...REA self-discovery tools that follow use both your rational and your intuitive capacities to help you explore. Brain research shows both are necessary to cREAte the mental state needed for optimal decision making: that is, decision making based on experience and information rather than a knee-jerk REAction to a situation. ..."
"...REAose one of the following exercises to get started. Skim through until you find one that clicks with where you’re at and start there. Continue working through a variety of the exercises until you have generated enough insights to communicate who you are, and what your passion is, in a ..."
"...REA it’s your turn to ask others for feedback. If you formed a team as suggested under ‘getting started’ then this is a gREAt task for you to do as a group. Go beyond your friends and include family, colleagues, clients (if applicable) and someone you’ve just met in your ..."
"... for me? Resist jumping to conclusions when you receive your first reply. Journal your initial REAction to the response and then wait until you’ve heard back from everyone. Then look for the themes and patterns in the responses. Summarise the feedback you have received here: YOU: What ..."
"...REAte down all the things you have ever done when you REAlised afterwards that time had flown by. Who were you with? What were you doing? What were you talking about? Does it happen while you are gardening or shopping perhaps? In conversation, cooking, typing or driving? Think about it. ..."
"...REA What topics grab my interest in a way that I am willing to spend time and money on them? What makes me sit up and pay attention? For example, what have I bought books about, got a subscription for, tuned in to, found myself searching for and REAding on ..."
"...REA’t pressure yourself into a state of panic if you find your passion is missing in action. Give yourself the time and space to explore the world and follow your curiosity for a while. Be like a tiny child exploring the world for the first time, full of wonder ..."
"...REAnk back to when you were a young child. What did you want to be when you grew up? We both wanted to be an actress or a singer! We can see now we wanted to be on a stage. And perhaps we both did REAlise that dREAm in its ..."
"...REAtrary to popular belief it is not always a fear of failure that stops us from doing something — it is just as likely to be a fear of success. When I (Jo) was a five-year-old, I had to change schools because my family moved house. I have a vivid ..."
"...REAiew the experiences that have brought you the most joy; that have allowed you to shine, be at your best and accomplish the most. By analyzing these moments in your life, you will be able to use the information to continue to put yourself into situations which ..."
"...REAte down at least five of these stories. Perhaps one of the previous exercises has reminded you of a story or stories? After you have written your five stories, your task will be to look for similar patterns between stories. When you discover patterns you will be able to identify ..."
"...REAesearched driving schools and found one that met my criteria: it would give me lessons in English, was located in the town where I live and also had the best pass- rate for students. I arranged to take the driving theory exam in English. I studied and practised for ..."
"... Choose four things you could do almost right away and keep your eyes open for ways to incorporate them into your current situation. Write them down here. Writing down your goals incREAses your chance of REAlizing them without limiting you, as you can always change and adapt them as you go along. ..."
"...REAate the time and space you need to do this exercise effectively. Make sure you have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time in a space that is just for you. You may want to pre-record the following text so your mind is free to take you where it chooses as you ..."
"...REAn you are REAdy to start, close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in a chair, feet firmly on the ground, bREAthing and body relaxed. Take the time to ensure you are relaxed, have let go of other thoughts and are REAdy to hear what is going to be said. ..."
"...REA are waking up ten years in the future after a perfect night’s rest. Your life has gone exactly as you hoped it would and you are completely satisfied with everything that has happened. As you wake up, you look around you. You see the room ..."
"...REAJo) am a firm believer in speedwriting as a valuable way to get inside yourself and unlock your secrets. Speedwriting has nothing to do with shorthand. Instead it refers to the method by which you write REAlly fast about whatever is on your mind. For this to work you must ..."
"...REAher book about speedwriting, called Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg talks about the process at length. She says speedwriting allows your subconscious to emerge and is a gREAt way to find out what you REAlly think and want and believe. As a fan of this method I (Jo) ..."
"...REAs book is particularly designed for people who want to unlock their inner cREAtivity and to discover who they REAlly are. Yet it is not reserved for artists — we all have cREAtivity in our soul. Cameron asks REAders to devote 12 weeks to her course, which includes speedwriting a ..."
"...REAt of us enjoy REAding an autobiography. They can be insightful and revealing. Your own story can be equally insightful and compelling, so there is every REAson for you to write it down in order to find out more about yourself and put your life into perspective. Often what appears ..."
"...REAn we make an effort to see each of our career choices on paper we can begin to understand what motivated us to make each decision. It is important to remember the details of the actual context in which you made your decisions, as this will allow you to uncover ..."
"...REAting your story can also help you to connect the past to your new REAlity, a REAlity that may seem so unlike anything you have experienced. This can open the door for incREAsed receptivity to the opportunities that await you in your new location. In so doing you will move ..."
"...REAte about your work, your education, your relationships and why they ended, or why they worked. What made you happy? Write about your successes, your failures, your passions, the things you spent most time with and the things you least liked to do. See if you can spot any of ..."
"... choose them. Write about what you do in your leisure time: What magazines do you REAd? What television program do you watch regularly? What is the storyline of your favourite book or movie and what does that tell you about what’s important to you, your values and drivers? When you’ve ..."
"...REA Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values assessment (PIAV) is based on Eduard Spranger’s book, Types of Men, and measures the relative prominence of six basic attitudes, interests or motives in personality. This assessment is widely used to provide insights into the motivation of a given individual. Attitudes and values help ..."
"...REAhough management capabilities, professional and technical expertise are clearly major factors underpinning a person’s effectiveness and future progress, in themselves they may not be sufficient. Career success and failure is not merely an outcome of talent. Critical to success and failure is the deployment of one’s personal time and effort ..."
"... in your agenda to do this. When you are REAdy, go to the next chapter to develop an inventory of your skills. Following that you will have the chance to integrate your passion with your skills and start looking at ways to apply them in the work world. ‘Should one work to live or ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...REAfar in this book we have talked about finding your passion and working out what REAlly matters to you. Along the way you may have come to REAlise not only your passions but also the things you can do. For some REAders, you may have REAched this stage clearer about ..."
"... lessons in order to learn, but now take for granted because they can do this complicated task without thinking. It involves: 1. Getting the equipment REAdy for use. 2. Ensuring everyone is safe. 3. Checking the way is clear. 4. Shifting gears while at the same time: steering, ..."
"...REAcourse, this skill is driving. When you first learned how to drive, you had to concentrate on each step individually. Now you can do them all almost without thinking. For those of you who don’t drive, take a look at someone behind the wheel taking driver’s training and you will ..."
"...REAA career means there is a well-defined track, but when you leave the one you are on, you do not know what to do next. We have to rethink our identity, our role, everything. When you come off the track you can’t just stand there. But there is nothing ..."
"...READubai I (Jo) taught word-processing, but when I moved four hours down the road to Muscat I found there was little demand for this skill. So I recycled my talent and taught desktop publishing instead. To elaborate with a more fanciful example, had I sand-skied in the Middle East, I ..."
"... ‘Coming away forced me to think about diversifying. It made me push myself to the limit. You know, it is so easy for people in this situation to focus on the negatives and think about the qualifications or the language they do not have. Coming here made me see what I REAlly was able to do.’ ..."
"... Continue to develop your various skills based on your curiosity and your goals. Ask yourself how you can learn these skills. At an evening class? In a workshop? With a mentor, perhaps? By REAding a book? Research online and in person what is being offered, where and in what format. MAKE ..."
"... are confident you have honestly represented your skills on the checklist: 1. Have you taken a course or some training, REAd a book or manual, taught yourself or had someone show you in order to develop the skill? 2. Have you used the skill yourself a number of times after learning how to ..."
"... / imagining Communication Skills editing explaining interviewing listening mediating persuading public speaking questioning REAding talking writing Physical Skills manual dexterity motor coordination stamina physical fitness Working with Others Skills advising / ..."
"... remembering problem solving putting ideas together Working with Numbers Skills budgeting calculating counting estimating measuring numerical REAsoning Other skills / Technical skills: dealing with emergencies exercising self-control giving and receiving feedback managing change ..."
"... managing change multi-tasking performing repetitive tasks resolving conflict taking risks tolerating discomfort Now REAd through the checklist again: 1. Place a second checkmark (^^) beside each skill you have that you would like to reuse in the future. 2. Which ones do ..."
"...REAching is a more transferable skill than most people REAlise. If you can teach one thing, the chances are you can teach another. I (Jo) taught computers in England, French conversation in Dubai, cREAtive writing in Oman and how to cREAte a portable career in Norway. Related to teaching are ..."
"... as a journey, packed with jewels, treasures, opportunities and adventure around every corner. ‘In Chinese, the characters for Challenge and Opportunity are the same. It REAlly makes you think.’ Lisa, British in Italy, and - ..."
"...REA the exercises and activities you have completed to this point have generated a multitude of information for you. Now what do you do with it? As mentioned before, we are not looking for a knee jerk REAction, but a well thought out reflective conclusion. Review and refine your findings ..."
"...REAWhen we know where we are going we approach everything differently,’ explains Helen. ‘When we don’t know what we want we tend to act REActively and end up simply going wherever the wind blows. Often we find ourselves landed on a shore where we do not belong at all. Conversely, ..."
"...REAally put in what makes you different from all the others. The key to this answer may be found by REAding your Shining Moments Stories. Often it is something so fundamental to who you are, and what you are about, that you miss seeing it. Revisit the notes you made ..."
"...REAyou are looking to use even fewer words, try summarizing your life in a six-word memoir. As described at ‘In November 2006, writer and editor Larry Smith issued a challenge to fans of his Web publication, SMITH Magazine. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s poignant shortest of short stories (“For sale: ..."

"...REA beliefs you hold about the world and work, and the rules you think guide how they operate, are very important considerations. They are beliefs about what constitutes work and a career. They are beliefs about the world and how it works. For example, believing opportunities come to those ..."
"...REAy goes on to say that bestselling author Esther Wachs Book, who wrote Why the Best Man for the Job is a Woman, defines ‘new paradigm leaders’ as those who combine many of the managerial talents traditionally attributed to men with many of the stereotypically ‘weaker’ female skills. In detailed ..."
"...REAnsitions involving career changes and physical relocations can often have an impact you weren’t expecting. Uninformed and unREAlistic expectations are one of our gREAtest sources of discontent. Manage your expectations appropriately. For example, don’t assume your transition to another culture will be easy. Anticipate challenges and even temporary setbacks. The ..."
"...REAThe gREAtest expat lesson I learned was from my son Alex, when he was five, in a French ski resort. One evening after dinner the kids went sledding, and I watched from a distance as Alex dragged his sled up the hill, alongside an older boy, and they seemed to ..."
"...REAn developing a portable career, many of the options will involve differing levels of self-employment. Before you make a choice about what to do and how to do it, it’s a good idea to ask yourself what you need from your work and what will provide a framework for your ..."
"... You’re likely to get the most family support if you commit to REAsonably predictable rules and guidelines which give them reliable access to you. They will resent you and your work less, and they’ll be more likely to respect your work time if they know they will have access to you soon after. ..."
"...REAt people tend to think of themselves as either an introvert or an extrovert. If you did the MBTI as an assessment tool in Chapter 2 - Find Your Passion you will have new insights into this for yourself. In fact, very few people are all one or all the ..."
"...REAre is no denying it can be soul-destroying to have spent years training for one occupation only to find you cannot practise it in your new environment or learn that a career bREAk doesn’t lend itself to re-entering this field. You are going to have to be flexible. Sure, you ..."
"...REAipedia defines Lateral Thinking as ‘solving problems through an indirect and cREAtive approach, using REAsoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.’ Some people think cREAtively by nature, but others are not so adept and can ..."
"...REAver Segovia, on the Harvard Business Review Blog, finds too much navel gazing and trying to find your passion can be detrimental to your sense of happiness and wellbeing. He suggests it may be better to take your focus outside yourself and look for problems that speak to you; problems ..."
"...REAColleen) found the first step in my effort to work in my field in a new language, by REAding the local paper. I REAd an article about a new charity whose purpose connected with my values and passions. There were looking for volunteers and, after meeting with me decided to ..."
"...REAd the news (local, regional and world) and notice which headlines catch your attention. Usually headlines are negatively worded, so when you REAd them ask yourself where the opportunities are that are being cREAted by this event. Think it through in terms of all industry sectors. What is needed to ..."
"...REAwas only when I REAlised that people, including myself, were frustrated about not having a portable career, and not knowing how to cREAte their own career on the move, that I came up with the idea for A Career in Your Suitcase. Make sure to use this griping about problems ..."
"...REAy country or city-focused websites advertise local information and job opportunities. REAding these can be a way to inspire ideas of different options. If none of this interests you, ask yourself what you would like to have found. You may be able to find your ..."
"...REAREAm is more likely to come true when you give it voice and write it down. When you first have a dREAm you cREAte it in your mind; when you write it down you give it life; and every time you talk about it you give it more power. ..."
"...REAaddition to thinking cREAtively about how you will mix your skills and passion to cREAte opportunities as you have just done, there are also many diverse ways of applying them in the work world. The industrial age is REAlly when the ‘job’ as we know it with a set ..."
"...REAthis case the career portfolio may contain some work roles that are related or have a common theme, and others that do not. They can include an assortment of child REAring, part time paid employment, entrepreneurial endeavours, volunteer work, community activities and hobbies. This combo-career offers a mix ..."
"...REAs is a boon to parents who want to be home when their children go to school, or REAdy to greet them at the other end of the day. Flexitime is also an attractive option for people who want to arrange their hours around what would be an otherwise ..."
"...REAunteer work can often give you additional insight into a specific field and introduce you to contacts who can give you valuable advice about how to pursue your interests. I (Colleen) took on a volunteer role as my first step towards working in the Netherlands. I approached a service ..."
"...REAService work, like volunteering a few hours a week at a children’s hospital or just helping someone in need, is much more important to our mental health than we think,’ reports Dr Kirsten Thogersen, a psychotherapist based in Beijing. ‘One of the REAsons people in transition often suffer is because ..."
"...REAs option is often the best for people who have a specific expertise which can be sold to individuals and companies. It has the advantage of low capital outlay, scheduling flexibility, variety and autonomy. But you also need to be REAlistic about the downside or challenge of consulting - the ..."
"... the spectrum than ‘small business owner’. If this sounds like something for you, you can REAd more about it in Chapter 7 — Working for Yourself, in Jo’s book, Expat Entrepreneur, or Laptop Entrepreneur by Nick Snelling and Graham Hunt. - Researching Options - It is important to ..."
"... - Researching Options - It is important to also look at the different occupations that exist in order to spur yourself to uncover new ways of using your skills. Perhaps you will find a role tailor- made for your skill set, passion, values and current REAlity! Researching ..."
"...yourself what questions you want answers for. What key information do you need to know in order to make some choices? Most of us can name just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of different occupations there are in the world. Galen Tinder of REA says one of the most complete and reliable sources of information about occupations is the United States government, specifically the US Department of Labor and BuREAu of Labor Statistics This website’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, bREAks the world of work down into industries and occupations. Its discussion ..."
"...REAe you have a pretty good idea of what kind of work you are looking for, the next subject of research may be the companies in which such work is found. The three sites listed above are good places at which to begin. Having a company website is indispensable in ..."
"...REA purpose of company research is not only to identify promising organisations of potential interest. It is also critical to your success when you get to the point of marketing your skills. Conducting company research will provide you with the information you need to target your marketing materials. REAd ..."
"...REA winds of change that influence work formation and shifts are economic, demographic, technological, social, cultural and societal. It could be there is a regional mini-baby boom cREAting needs right where you are planning to locate. It could also be a new technological development that cREAtes opportunities. I ..."
"... of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What it Was, advises, ‘Failure to achieve our career ambitions does not result from a lousy attitude; rather from isolation.’ Norm Amundson calls a career crisis REAlly a crisis of imagination — not being able to imagine any other possible ..."
"...REA REAson most people do not set goals or follow through with achieving them is because they think they will fail. They don’t REAlise progress towards a goal can only be made one step at a time. Each little success will provide a boost of confidence and a sense of ..."
"... you motivated. For example, if you wanted to write a 300-page book but had never written anything of significant length before, the task would be daunting. However, if you were to write two pages a day for 150 days the goal would seem much more REAlistic and achievable. Remember goals are ..."
"...REA[I believe in] making plans, which set goals and objectives to be achieved within specified time periods. As an example, I may decide that within one month I will initiate 8 new contacts or attend 5 networking events with the goal to expand my network of contacts at a factor ..."
"...REAI REAlly struggled giving up my work, identity and financial independence in Shanghai to move to Russia with my boyfriend. I suddenly became a ‘nobody’ in a very small expat community and a very un-dynamic city, which was a very big blow to my self-esteem and my motivation. I decided ..."
"...REAermine the REAsons why you want what you want. If they are big and compelling enough you will always figure out how to achieve them. As Daniel Burnham, American architect and urban planner said, ‘Make no little plans — they have no magic to stir your blood to action. Make ..."
"... Goals need to happen in our minds before they happen in REAlity. The unconscious mind does not differentiate between what is imagined and what is REAl. The brain always strives to help us achieve what we focus on, so make sure you focus on what you want and not on what you do not want. ..."
"... can you find your clients/potential employers? • Where can you network? • Where will you advertise/post your CV? • What will you do for free to REAch this goal? • What will you need to do/produce first? • How will you find out what to charge/what salary to ask? What are ..."
"... of others Option 1 This process of cREAting a route map is not meant to limit the ways in which your vision can be REAlised. Often your vision will be achieved through serendipitous moments where planning and actions meet unplanned opportunity. Option 2 Keep the door open ..."
"...REAt will it feel like? Describe the emotions you expect to feel. What will you hear? Will you hear people congratulating you and if so what will they be saying? What will your success look like? What will be happening when you achieve your goals, where will you be, who ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"...REAlike people who are like us. We buy from people we like. How are we ever going to let people find out whether they are like us or they like us if we don’t get out there and network? And no, networking is not about handing out business cards, it ..."
"...My commissions at The Independent came about because one of the members of our local writing circle did some sub-editing for them. At least two career consultants hired by Ricklin-Echikson Associates (REA) were recruited as the result of an email I received from them when I was editor at Woman Abroad magazine asking if I could recommend anyone suitable. ..."
"... Like a spider, you cannot build your whole web instantly. It begins with the people you know - relatives, close friends, casual acquaintances and people you haven’t seen for some time. Don’t forget to include people you see regularly and those you must make a special effort to REAch. ..."
"...REAwas January. Ian had gone to work and I was alone in our temporary apartment with the boys. Snow was falling outside the vast windows. Coming from the Middle East we were not equipped with snowsuits and boots so we couldn’t venture out to play. With only Cartoon Network for ..."
"...REAFor the first month I could not cope. I could not face going out because I couldn’t communicate in Norwegian. I sat at home and REAd most of the time. It was so demoralising. After visiting a couple of shops I was exhausted and had to come home again. The ..."
"... networks Of course, there are plenty of networks out there that exist solely online. Ecademy ( has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide and REAl time meetings. Members can post their profile, join forums and search for and connect with other Ecademists. LinkedIn ..."
"...REA why not write to authors too? One of my (Jo’s) closest friends met me that way. She REAd a copy of the second edition of A Career in Your Suitcase when in Australia, found my phone number in the book and gave me a call. Soon she was in ..."
"...REA why do we need a local network? We need a local network because working alone in a home office can be dull and lonely. As a writer and poet I (Jo) need to get out there among REAl people to get inspired. I crave REAl time, face-to-face, contact. While ..."
"...REAyou remember, we said earlier in this book that we do business with people we like. We believe that we get a much better idea of whether we click with another person when we meet them in the flesh. Most of our clients come via referral, so it is important ..."
"...REAis said you do not buy from someone until you have ‘connected with them six times. So, in order to connect with someone you could send them an email, a card, or give them a phone call now and again. I (Jo) do not have the time to connect with ..."
"... fill it with inspiring words, tips, news and connections • I mention The Inspirer in my publications • I suggest that all those who contact me for any REAson might like to sign up to The Inspirer too • I have three websites • I blog regularly and encourage people to follow my ..."
"... newsletter, blog, radio program and other professional activities • I give articles to websites and publications REAd by my target market. I do not charge for the piece if I am able to promote myself at the end of the article • I share relevant information with targeted sub-groups of my ..."
"...REA do not need to issue a newsletter in order to stay in touch with your network. You may prefer a more personal approach, contacting a small number of people individually. I attempt to do both and tend to stay in closest contact with those with whom I have ..."
"...REAI have always maintained all my contacts and networked like crazy. In fact the only REAson I found a job in BP was because I met up with an old friend who mentioned a rumour that EDS [my former employer when I had lived in Houston] were putting together ..."
"... to establish a local network too. Being on the board of Connecting Women in The Hague REAlly helped here. I need a local network in order to ensure enough people know about my regular workshops and my publishing service and to have customers for my books. Here are some of the ways that I ..."
"...REAMany of the problems men encounter are not dissimilar to those experienced by women,’ says expatriate Australian Leonie Elphinstone, who conducted a survey into the male accompanying partner. ‘What makes the difference is that men are brought up to be the bREAdwinners and when things go wrong they find they ..."
"...REAColleen) am not a natural networker. Networking is a skill I have learned and have come to REAlly enjoy. I find that when networking is more about someone other than me I can do it very well. So I take the focus off of myself and enjoy learning about other ..."
"...REAn you meet someone new it’s tempting to talk about what you do for a living first. But consider what a difference it would make if you asked, instead, what they like to do with their time off, who their heroes are or where they buy their shoes. When you ..."
"... Match their voice as soon as possible by mirroring the pitch, tempo and range of their voice. I (Colleen) often find myself mimicking the accent of another unconsciously. I didn’t understand why I did this until I studied NLP and REAlised I was mirroring voices and seeking to establish rapport. ..."
"...REA skill is to build and maintain this rapport beyond the level of body language. To do this you need to REAlly listen with your whole body, be curious about them and give your total attention. Don’t sweep away their concerns or try and impose your solutions. Rather acknowledge them ..."
"... and thoughts. The REAl key to establishing rapport is flexibility, genuine interest in another and not assuming everyone has the same map of the world as we do. Using rapport as a networking skill will be most effective when it comes from a genuine interest in the other. ..."
"...REAColleen) gave my first presentation as part of my work as a RecREAtion Therapist to people who had been diagnosed as obese. I was also a certified fitness instructor so it related to my values and interests and I REAlly enjoyed giving the monthly talks. As part of my ..."
"...REAwas after the Paris presentation I (Jo) came to REAlise the power of public speaking. My workshop had lasted over two hours, but the queue of people who wanted to buy my book, ask additional questions or exchange business cards, lasted a further hour. There were several hundred delegates at ..."
"... meet the objectives from step one MAKE IT MEMORABLE In February 2007, I heard a presentation by Nick Oulton, who runs a presentation company called M62 ( He told us people attend a presentation for one of three REAsons: • To buy something • To learn something • To ..."
"... every meeting. Here in the Netherlands I focused first on joining the board of Connecting Women. Not long after, I REAlised that the companionship of my writers’ circle was essential for me overseas. I immediately started one and now rarely miss a meeting. CREATING A NETWORKING ..."
"... the companionship of my writers’ circle was essential for me overseas. I immediately started one and now rarely miss a meeting. CREATING A NETWORKING GROUP To create a local networking group, start off by determining the group’s focus and target market. When I (Jo) formed Women ..."
"...REAe of us is REAlly out there alone. We all make connections and contacts along the way. We meet people who inspire us and teach us. We also meet people who we can teach and inspire in return. A mentor can open doors for you, as well as inspire you ..."
"... them to mentor you. Identify five people who have been or currently are role models and mentors to you on your career journey. They can be someone you know personally or have REAd about. Write their name and why you consider them a role model or mentor for you. Name: I appreciate this ..."
"...REAe the REAsons you have written down why this person is a mentor or role model for you. Is there consistency and a pattern between these elements? Do you recognise some of those elements as the ones you have written down as your values and what is important to you ..."
"...REAst review your current network to see any of them are working in the aREA or company of interest to you. You can broaden this search by posting it in a LinkedIn or Facebook status update. If no one you know has the direct information you are looking for, ask ..."
"... results. Information Interview Record Sheet Information Interview with: Date and time: Location: 1. Introduction 2. REAson for meeting: 3. Set tone 4. Agenda: 5. Personal Presentation (key points for this particular interview) a. b. c. 6. ..."
"...REAs way of describing what you do in such a way that the other person is likely to want to know more, is called the elevator pitch. The term came about to describe how you might tell someone what you do when asked in an elevator and you only have ..."
"...REAis important your own elevator pitch is short and raises curiosity. But it is also important you are clear about your target market. The REAson for this is you want the person who is asking you to identify right away whether he may need your services, or just as importantly, ..."
"... and other social media • make a point of emailing soon after the event to say how much you enjoyed meeting them. This will enter their email address into your contacts. After a few email exchanges you are more likely to REAlly remember them and vice versa Once a year it’s a good ..."
"...REAJo) try to categorise the people I meet into, say, media, human resources, entrepreneurs and writers. I put their email addresses into separate groups in my email program and then when I get useful snippets of information I think could be of interest ..."

"...REAt work searches lasting any longer than a month or two hit ‘dry stretches’ during which it feels as though nothing positive is being achieved. When you hit a patch like this, don’t permit yourself to wallow in self-pity or negative thinking. Few people go through a work search without ..."
"...REAen the free newsletters produced by businesses, local networks and clubs are a source of information about work opportunities. Some may be voluntary positions, but don’t disregard unpaid work as it can provide valuable and meaningful experience as well as a stepping-stone to paid opportunities. Don’t forget to REAd the ..."
"...REAp an eye out for organisations that seek out locally available vacancies and then compile an email or online list of vacancies for you to view. Some of the Shell Outpost networks available to Shell spouses cREAte such a list and distribute it by email. Often you will find a ..."
"...REApanies pay employment agencies to send them qualified candidates. In rare cases the job seeker may be charged for this. Most employment agencies are honest and reliable - but you must bear in mind their client is the company, not you. Be sure not to sign any contracts without ..."
"...REA fairs are places to make contacts with companies in person and often combine group and employer presentations with individual booths. If you go to a job fair, plan to take in both - not only for the exposure to potential employers, but also to gather information about companies who ..."
"...REA growth of the Internet has produced marked changes in how most of us live, work and connect with information and other people. The rate of change online is unprecedented and what follows may be out of date alREAdy by the time of printing. To access the most up to ..."
"... for the work searcher than the first wave of Internet work search tools has been. Interestingly research is showing that the brain often fails to differentiate between virtual and REAl experiences. Source: Virtual Reality and Social Networks Will Be a Powerful Combination, Jeremy N. ..."
"... virtual and real experiences. Source: Virtual REAlity and Social Networks Will Be a Powerful Combination, Jeremy N. Bailenson, Jim Blascovich (accessed 22-12-2012at See their Infinite REAlity book trailer at While this claim challenges ..."
"... for freelancers these days and less often a full time job with benefits. Galen Tinder of REA notes that the majority of job openings are posted online; 80 percent of job openings are never advertised elsewhere. Five levels of job listing websites There are roughly five different ..."
"... Decide what level of privacy you feel comfortable with before you post your information anywhere. REAd current articles about what is happening with online privacy by doing some related online searches. Then you will be able make informed choices based on current information. Be ..."
"... ability to connect on a feeling and sensing level Adapt to the times without sacrificing your identity — you must keep REAssessing your skills to make sure they are relevant to the market place - but not at the cost of sacrificing your values Be easy to find — don’t expect a job or ..."
"... then people will find it easier to buy ‘you’ Provide value and satisfy needs — unless you provide a REAl benefit for the employer/ purchaser there will be no need to buy ‘you’. Make sure you add value, know and communicate what that is Think global — think global but act local; bear ..."
"... and what it offers, and other possible substitute products/services Constantly REAssess your values and identity to make sure they are still relevant to the market — do a SWOT analysis (see Chapter 4 — CREAting Your Career) Invest in research and development, allow yourself to evolve and ..."
"...REA did you present yourself? What made you different that day? What thoughts and messages did you give yourself? Get yourself into a positive frame of mind, think about what your body posture would be like and then adopt that pose. Your physical state has a gREAt influence on your ..."
"...REAn you are communicating one on one with someone else, consider there are six ‘people’ present. You are simultaneously the person you think you are, the person you are giving the impression of being, and the REAl you. And the same applies to the person with whom you are communicating. ..."
"...REA that you have examined who you are and what you’re capable of being, you are able to cREAte your own brand statement that identifies who you are, the essence of your achievements and what you have to offer. Once that’s completed you should set some strategies on how you ..."
"...REAortfolio contains artefacts as well as facts. In many ways it is an archive of your life’s milestones and achievements. It can be made up of certificates, references, samples of work, thank you notes, employee or client evaluations, statistics or newspaper clippings. In his comprehensive book Portfolio Power, ..."
"...REAre’s no need to wait for a work search to begin on your portfolio — jobs are no longer for life and building and maintaining a professional portfolio is a way of managing your own HR file. It will help raise your awareness of all your skills and experience and ..."
"... these items: digitally, website, paper, box, blog... 4. Note what is missing that you’d like to add or continue searching for, write stories with pictures to include if there isn’t a REAdily available document representing this. 5. Read your portfolio and appreciate all you’ve done ..."
"... stories with pictures to include if there isn’t a readily available document representing this. 5. REAd your portfolio and appreciate all you’ve done and who this says that you are. 6. Keep adding to it with every new experience and artefact. My portfolio is meant to: My ..."
"...REAew type of CV is now available thanks to the advances and accessibility of technology. It is called a visual CV and incorporates more graphic elements like charts, maps, scales and pictures. Some employers may be more reticent to accept this type of CV, preferring to stick to what they ..."
"...REA saying, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is extremely relevant when it comes to your CV. Most CVs are REAd the first time within a few seconds with the intention to reduce the number of CVs to be REAd fully. The REAder is looking ..."
"... job you are seeking. Consider leaving the rest out Scanning Some agencies and employers may scan your CV electronically and for this REAson you should use a simple font, such as Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman, at about 12 points, using black ink on white paper. Fasten separate sheets ..."
"...REA words are used by larger companies to sort through resumes. The more key words you use which connect with the position you want, the higher up on the ratings your CV will come. Key words are used by search engines. As a result, if you post your CV content ..."
"...REAobjective can serve the purposes of providing an organising principle for the author and a guide for its REAders. In this way the REAder doesn’t need to guess what kind of job you are applying for. A cover letter is often not REAd and can get separated from the CV. ..."
"... A ‘professional profile’ or ‘summary of qualifications’ or ‘highlights of qualifications section’ allows the REAder to quickly find the most relevant points which demonstrate you are a candidate with a CV to REAd more closely and invite for the interview. Your ..."
"...REAa general rule, you should list both your educational and professional qualifications in reverse chronological order, from most recent to least recent, regardless of the CV format you have chosen. Use bullets to make the content easy to REAd quickly and get you through the first speed-REAding. Make sure ..."
"...Check out the standard terminology for your qualifications in the host country. Galen Tinder of REA notes that only PhD (doctorate), MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) are terms recognised worldwide. Find out what terms your potential employer will understand and make sure your qualifications will be clear to them. If needed, have your training and education ..."
"...REAo called ‘work experience’ or ‘related experience’. You may want to consider grouping similar positions together in one section. Do not try to mask gaps of unemployment. It’s no longer considered a black mark against you to have been out of the workforce, even for a lengthy ..."
"...REAyour volunteer experience does not connect directly to the position you are seeking, list it under its own heading using the same formatting as your professional experience. Include a short list of specific hobbies on your CV to provide a well- rounded impression of yourself. Stating you are taking ..."
"...REAover letter should always accompany your CV or proposal, using the same font and paper as the CV. They may also be called ‘letters of interest’ or ‘motivation letters’. Your cover letter should be of the same quality as your CV and thus deserves equal attention and targeting effort. ..."
"...REA cover letter will refer to the CV and encourage the REAder to continue REAding the CV. An effective cover letter will introduce your CV to the REAder, establish the frame of mind the REAder brings to the CV and provide your REAsons for the application. It ..."
"...REA tone of the cover letter will indicate a motivated candidate and find the middle ground between formality and familiarity. Using a generic letter to cover all your CVs communicates you have no special interest in the particular position. Compare it to how you would feel when someone makes an ..."
"... How does it feel? Now write the letter with that feeling and those images fuelling the process. According to Galen Tinder of REA, an effective cover letter has three components: The beginning This is the first paragraph of your letter and sets the tone of the letter. Confirm to ..."
"... beginning This is the first paragraph of your letter and sets the tone of the letter. Confirm to the REAder exactly which position you’re interested in and how the vacancy came to your attention. You can mention here in one sentence your motivation for applying. The middle Here ..."
"...In order to prepare successfully for an interview, you need to be able to understand the way potential employers think and what their selection criteria are. Galen Tinder of REA suggests you think of any additional skills not specified in the job description that will strengthen your chances. This will also demonstrate you have prepared well and set you apart from other candidates. As part of your preparations, get an idea of the potential salary to be ..."
"...REAerstand the principles of establishing rapport (see Chapter 5 — Networking) and use them with everyone you meet at the company and during the interview Select your clothing in advance of the interview day and ensure it is REAdy. Visit the company in advance (or review their online pictures) to ..."
"...REA same applies to a Tweet or text message. My (Colleen’s) friend Linda Tweeted with an interviewer one week after being told she was the number two candidate for a position. She stressed what a positive interview it had been and invited him meet to explore the feasibility of her ..."

"...REAiness owners and consultants also often work in isolation and complain about a lack of feedback. If you have cREAted an informal support team, success team or as we call it Blue Sky Team you will always have a source of ideas, advice and feedback. If you move frequently, as ..."
"...REAColleen) have collaborated in developing and co-facilitating workshops with other freelancers many times over the course of my career. I find it’s a natural way to develop my network and share resources for mutual benefit. It makes my work more enjoyable as well. During the last 25 years I (Jo) ..."
"...REAing a franchise seems to have many advantages. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy into an operation that has instant name recognition, protected territories, time-tested operational procedures and marketing methods and guaranteed profits, all at a REAsonable price? The problem, of course, is finding a franchise like ..."
"... off the ground. ‘My mother always says that a vacation is just a change of work. I have always made a point of visiting all potteries and galleries wherever we have been on holiday. I also take lots of courses for up to two weeks at a time. They are REAlly inspiring.’ Cheryl, American ..."
"... or themselves to achieve their goals. 2. Action orientation Entrepreneurs can take a good idea, develop the workable business plan needed to make it a REAlity and act on it. They will stick with it to make it a success. 3. Risk tolerance A successful entrepreneur will take risks that ..."
"... Can you clearly articulate your idea (in 50 words or less)? What will you do better than your competitors? Do you have a unique selling proposition (USP)? Do you REAlly know the industry? Has this business passed its peak? Has your idea passed the time test? In other words, will you still love ..."
"... idea passed the time test? In other words, will you still love it tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Do you REAlly have the skills to make it work? Do you have any experience in this business? Are you ready to commit yourself to the idea for the next five years or more? How well does this ..."
"... have the skills to make it work? Do you have any experience in this business? Are you REAdy to commit yourself to the idea for the next five years or more? How well does this business fit in with the rest of your life? Are you plugged into the right networks to pursue your idea? Do you know the ..."
"... financially? If you can answer these questions upfront, you’ll run into fewer surprises and less trouble later on. And if you decide to expand your business vision, you’ll have a basic plan to work with, which can be modified to fit the new REAlities and plans. Often the Chamber ..."
"...REAIt’s REAlly important not to assume that your product or service will succeed in a different country just because it did well in your home country. Market research is crucial and it might be necessary to change your business model. Setting up an after-school tuition centre in Egypt required introducing ..."
"...Galen Tinder of REA advises you find out what other comparable services or products cost, and remember that going rates vary from country to country - and even from region to region. A public relations consultant, for example, may have to charge two thirds of her London rate to clients in the English ..."
"...REAhourly rate can be computed as easily as dividing your daily rate by eight. You’ll want to charge an hourly rate if you find you are putting in 12-hour days every time you visit the client to provide services. Hourly rates can be used in the initial stages of a ..."
"...REAI REAlly enjoy teaching people new things and there are always plenty of people on the expatriate circuit desperate to learn from an English speaker in a relaxed environment. I worked out of my home and had two computers so I could teach up to four people at a time. ..."
"...REAte your own blog or contribute articles or a regular column for a publication your potential customers REAd regularly. An example might be a regional newspaper or a professional journal or newsletter. The articles should show your knowledge of your field and your business savvy. Join related groups on LinkedIn ..."
"...REAJo) have also employed this method many times. When I am trying out a new course, I will usually offer it at half price to students the first time. I explain they get a special price but I would like their honest feedback on the course and a testimonial in ..."
"...REAIn the beginning it was very difficult to find paid work when I first arrived to Saudi Arabia. I am fortunate to have had diverse experiences and skills, which are in demand so receiving calls and being asked for interviews was not a problem. However it is fairly typical in ..."
"...REA may also want to compose a marketing letter to be mailed with your brochure. In order to REAlly attract attention you could consider finding out more about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques that draw the REAder in. Ian Halsall’s book, NLP 4U is particularly good for this. And Gary ..."
"...REAe a look at the home page of many websites and you will see they too REAd a bit like a sales letter and draw you in, ending in a call to action, usually, signing up for something. Look at Jo’s and Alexandria Brown’s ..."
"... is in some way interactive. The static formal website is a thing of the past. Here are some tips to create your online business presence. CREATE A WEBSITE Today, one of the first things you should do when you are setting up your business is to start a website. After all, what do you do when ..."
"... own site. If you find it hard to encourage people to advertise on your site, think about setting up affiliations with other sites and receive commission on sales resulting from all business that REAched the affiliate’s site from yours. offers such a program. Search ..."
"...REAe you have posted a blog, it is a good idea to Tweet about it. This communicates in a succinct nugget of 140 characters, information that can draw the REAder of your Tweet to your blog and website, thus incREAsing traffic to your website. Again, know who your Tweeting target ..."
"... Risner, ‘Having a business plan is essential regardless of the specific nature of the business. It allows one to identify goals and objectives, form a mission and vision statement as well as be used as a REAlity check to gauge progress.’ Carol, American in Saudi ..."
"...REAI think a business plan is often the kiss of death. It’s better to have an articulated vision, which outlines what you need to do and go from there. It’s a lot more flexible. And, do we REAlly have all that time to evaluate our potential customers and marketing programs? ..."
"...REAe management can be a REAl problem for the less organised. If you are working for yourself, your time will be your own and, for this very REAson, you will have to structure it. In many jobs, we structure our time based on the job description, or on the ..."
"...REAIt can be scary to integrate your to-do list into your calendar and I promise, it is worth it. What do you have to lose? Try it and if it doesn’t work you can always go back to the never-ending list of things that never get done. Stop living in ..."
"...REA things sap motivation more than an impossible workload. Life throws the unexpected at us too, and we need to ensure we have enough slack in our time schedule to be able to cope with emergencies, urgent jobs or ill children. If you aim to write a manageable number of ..."
"...REAe sure too, that you plan time off in advance, a short lunch bREAk, opportunities for fresh air and to recharge your batteries. Be aware you may need a mixture of solitary and less solitary activities, so try to cREAte a balance. When I (Jo) worked from home and lived ..."
"...REAil, mobile phones and other labour saving devices only serve to make us busier than ever. It’s incREAsingly difficult to switch off. It is not uncommon for people to receive more than 200 emails a day. Luckily spam filters are very effective these days, but you will need to discipline ..."
"... with your personal and professional goals. 3. Recognise a transition takes energy and you may not get as much done as you are used to: set REAlistic goals as to how much you can accomplish and include bREAks, tREAts and rewards for yourself. 4. Eat meals on time and at the table (not in ..."
"... when developing your daily and weekly structure. Here is an example of how it could be filled in. Obviously you will need to take your own REAlities, fixed activities (e.g. school drop off and pick up times) and priorities into account. ..."
"... 7 Get up & REAdy; bREAkfast; kids to school if applicable Get up & REAdy; bREAkfast; kids to school if applicable Get up & REAdy; bREAkfast; kids to school if applicable Get up & REAdy; bREAkfast; kids to school if applicable Get up & REAdy; bREAkfast; kids to school if applicable ..."
"...REAYou do need to be a very motivated, dedicated and determined person otherwise you would never get anything done. I planned my day the night before — listing what I wanted to achieve and then would make sure I would get those items completed (my plan also included the ..."
"...REAh a home-based business, you have the perfect opportunity to set up the exact environment with the right business tools at your disposal. With today’s technology, a highly technical home office operation can be set up at relatively low cost. These things are all possible, but they don’t fall into ..."
"...REAause your family is in such close proximity to your business, you will have to manage them as well. You need to let them know when you are at work and when you are free to attend to family matters. Not to do so can interrupt your concentration on your ..."
"... Kids are another matter. They may be the most important REAson why you elected to work from home. But you cannot expect work and life to fall into balance because you are home. However, you will be more in control and be in closer proximity to family in times of need or crisis. I ..."
"...REAColleen) have chosen to limit the hours I work from home to the amount of day- care I was willing to have my son in during his pre-school years. I didn’t see myself juggling child care and working during the same times and didn’t want my son to feel ..."
"...REA home-based business can be a true blessing to the parent responsible for a baby, toddler or pre-schooler. These are the years when a child is most dependent, and the most emotionally difficult for parents who must work. During this stage, though, you must be flexible to the needs of ..."
"...REAay 1/2 from home. I managed to convince them by acting very professional and putting together a “case”: a Word document of 50 pages with the benefits of working from home and many success stories. BUT REAlity seemed a bit more difficult. It worked pretty well till my baby was ..."
"... ‘I appreciated the convenience (and the commute) of having the office in the home but at the same time, because it was within the corporate residence, the company corporate headquarters always expected me to be REAdily available in spite of the 11 hour time ..."
"...REAI have a designated work-space, which is off-limits of the rest of the family, so to convey the sense of “I-am-at-work” to the others. But the REAlity is that working from home, no matter how virtually connected you are still in many ways lacks the human enriching experience of the ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...REAnge is a constant element of life. To think otherwise is to invite disillusionment. Kids grow and change constantly. In adults the process slows down, but it continues. The stability the workforce had a few years ago is no longer the REAlity for most. Finding work-life balance is often elusive ..."
"... made. However, I could still take action to deal with them effectively. Relocation and change Relocation cREAtes change on at least three levels according to Galen Tinder of REA: Physical relocation: Logistical details of selling or renting a house, securing housing in the new ..."
"... William Bridges, an organisational psychologist who has studied and written on how people REAct to change, differentiates between change and transition. Change consists of external events, while transition is the set of internal processes we go through in adjusting to change. THE ..."
"...REAdges observes that most people REAct to change by making an inner transition of three distinct stages — Endings, a Neutral Zone and New Beginnings. In other words, a transition starts with an ending and ends with a new beginning. People achieve successful transitions when they adjust to change through ..."
"... stage three. New Beginnings signal the stage of investing energy in our new world. Here are several of the most common ‘sticking’ points in this three stage process as described by Galen Tinder of REA. Endings For most people, the endings stage of relocation begins when the final ..."
"...REA most people, the endings stage of relocation begins when the final decision has been made. At this point, whether we REAlise it or not, we begin to disengage psychologically from the place we’re leaving. This disengagement begins subtly, becoming more conscious and intentional as we grow closer ..."
"...REA truth is, life involves discomfort and it includes painful feelings, especially at points of ending. A healthy REAction is to feel fully and move through them, not around them, talking about them with people who understand us. This will help prevent us from getting emotionally stuck in the old ..."
"...REAmay need to make time for the Neutral Zone, settling into the new location at a REAsonable pace without feeling as though we must master the entirety of our new environment in the first week. We give ourselves a gift by not pressing hard towards premature new beginnings. No, our ..."
"...REAeran movers learn the unpacking of their belongings scarcely concludes their relocation. Experience teaches them it takes six to nine months to functionally acclimatise to their new world. In her book Beyond the Sky and the Earth, Jamie Zeppa described it as the difference between arrival and entry. Entry ..."
"...REAit can be difficult to pinpoint where the Neutral Zone merges into New Beginnings. But at some point people look back and REAlise they’ve made the shift. It will happen for you too. ‘[Not having work made me feel] devastated and insecure. I have worked all my life by ..."
"... with the gentlemen. Obviously I was wrong.’ ‘It was actually after one of those evenings that I REAlised how bad I was feeling about myself. I then took the decision to start my own business and by then save myself from depression.’ Jasmine, French in China, ..."
"...REAparaphrase the international bestselling psychiatrist, M Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Travelled, change is difficult. Add to that statement the REAlity that life is change. It is growing from one stage to another, learning and accepting the changes that accompany each stage. Whether it is changing ourselves ..."
"...REAJo) attended a workshop by Duncan at the 2011 Families in Global Transition conference on the subject of resilience and did the exercises he gave us. As a result, I discovered that my own resilience tactic was to allow myself not to be perfect. As a writer and editor, I ..."
"...REAublished my novel, Sunshine Soup, in 2011, after having paid three separate proof REAders to check it for me. I discovered mistakes in it and received lots of, ahem ‘helpful’ feedback. So, I pulled the book, corrected the mistakes and republished. In order to be 100 percent sure of ..."
"...REAt you believe about the world, as you explored in Chapter 4 — CREAting Your Career will influence your thoughts and REActions to adverse situations when they occur. The ability to make a shift in thinking, to actively choose a way of seeing the event from a potential benefit ..."
"...REAy Farmer has lived and worked in six different countries and speaks the languages of all of them. ‘I do not consider myself gifted linguistically,’ she says, ‘but I am both motivated and stubborn. And as a media addict, I could not conceive of living happily in a place where ..."
"...REAWhen I moved to Beijing with my husband and my two kids, I thought that finding a job in China – land of opportunities – should be no problem. After all, I had 7 years work experience as a UK chartered accountant and had worked in Paris, London and Zurich ..."
"...REAr subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a REAl and an imagined experience. If you keep telling yourself you are going to fail then you will — because the next time you attempt the same thing you will find yourself remembering the previous failure. As soon as you ..."
"... with positive thoughts, self-talk and affirmations. An affirmation is a statement you REAd and repeat throughout your day. If you like you can write yourself notes and post them all over the house, so they are never far from your thoughts. The requirements for effective and powerful ..."
"... (your name) is confident and a competent public speaker.’ The REAson for this is that our current views of ourselves tend to be formed by a mixture of what others say about us, what we say to ourselves and what others tell us. Read your affirmations at least once a day. Alternatively ..."
"...REAd your affirmations at least once a day. Alternatively record them and listen to them in the car, before going to bed or first thing in the morning. Stand in front of the bathroom mirror, look yourself directly in the eye and say your affirmations to yourself, ending with ..."
"...REAsomeone instructs you not to think of monkeys, it is impossible not to picture one. Your unconscious mind doesn’t recognise negatives. If you ask it not to worry or make a mistake, you are setting yourself up to do just that. Successful people, in particular sports people, know they are ..."
"...REAk-life balance does not mean having it all. And even when we do manage to ‘have it all’ we’re usually too tired to enjoy it.! A working woman can indeed have a nanny, and a cleaner, and live off REAdy meals — but business dinners mean missing out on bedtime ..."
"...REA women, the issue of work-life balance REArs its head daily, as we race from packing lunchboxes, to school runs, cram in some work, scrabble together supper, then start ferrying children to Brownies, swimming lessons or karate. Action is everything. And it is not until the house is silent that ..."
"... regarded, and valued, as work. Keeping soul and home together is a lot like spinning plates. Try to stop juggling and start balancing. REAL LIFE SOLUTIONS I’m the first to admit it is easier to talk about taking time off than asking for permission to go, particularly if the person who ..."
"...REAm the first to admit it is easier to talk about taking time off than asking for permission to go, particularly if the person who gives the permission is you. Years of conditioning have made women, particularly mothers, willing to accept a martyr’s role. REAd some REAl-life examples in the ..."
"...REAWithout setting work hours and a designated workspace it can be more difficult to “leave the office” and “call it a day”. Being strict about setting those limits and spaces is important for balancing work and life. In my opinion it is essential to cREAte structure and schedule ..."
"...REAOne thing we have begun to insist on is regular holidays. It’s so easy to go through a whole year without stopping. Now we book bREAks ahead and make sure we work to deadlines to ensure we can get away. The other thing I find important is to have a ..."
"...REAn our attention is dominated by a stressful situation we often forget or don’t REAlise we have coping resources. Matheny and McCarthy, authors of Write Your Own Prescription for Stress (2000), suggest making a list of possible coping strategies you have used in the past or intend to use ..."
"...REAution: Determine why your services or products are good and how they can be of benefit or add value to your clients. Make a list of all the possible REAsons why people might not buy your services. Write down all the objections they might have. Now write down the ways ..."
"...REA thinking cREAtes much of our stress. Feelings are not caused by events themselves, but by beliefs we have regarding the event. Our self-talk and beliefs are based on our past experiences, some of which are self-defeating. Some negative beliefs are so deeply ingrained we don’t REAlise we have them. ..."
"...REAopen to negative feedback; you may have to step back and adopt a new course of action. Robert Kohls, author of Survival Kit for Overseas Living, found the most important skill for living successfully abroad was the ability to fail. Keep looking for the positive in any situation and REAlise ..."
"...REAFor me, probably REAding works best. I am an avid REAder. When I feel REAlly fed up with the world I REAd a light historical novel, set in a world without the pressures of consumerism, commercialisation, globalisation, politics and global warming. Pure escapism. As well, I do Tai Chi, ..."
"... Canadian in England, ‘For each person this can be so different. I find exercise, meditation, watching films, REAding, writing and connecting with friends by phone or email are helpful ways to reduce stress.’ Megan, American in Italy, ..."
"...REAry day make a point of relaxing, even if for only a few minutes. Try walking, stretching, yoga or taking up a hobby. We need to give our brain some quiet time when it is not nervously REActing to everything around it. The act of colouring in a Mandala is ..."
"... of your life, this stage of your journey. Some examples could be: Life is a Highway, RESPECT, People Get REAdy and Something’s Got a Hold on Me. I (Jo) picked Summertime as a theme song years ago and it never fails to revive my flagging spirits. To expand your music repertoire, go to ..."
"...REAaddition to the above methods, we have found that having an interest or hobby separate from work does wonders for taking the mind off your problems. There is a REAson the word recREAtion stems from re-cREAte! Making the time to pursue hobbies and interests will refresh and replenish. Start something ..."
"...REAJo) REAlise writing poetry is my own kind of meditation, as is walking outside in nature. I (Colleen) also find getting outside in nature to be an effective way to deal with stress. I also use music. Sitting down at the piano to play and sing a song or two ..."
"...REAnd a few minutes every day having a good laugh. Research has shown laughter relieves stress and makes us feel better — watch a movie or comedy show, listen to a tape, REAd some jokes or watch some funny stuff on YouTube. Look for the funny side of life and ..."
"...REAe a list of all the ways you can reward yourself for completing another small step on your journey. Is it a special cup of tea, a chocolate tREAt, a walk by the ocean, a new pair of shoes? Think about your 10 Things I Love to Do List and ..."
"...REA[To stay motivated I] REAd positive affirmations or poems when I feel lonely. Call peers and have a 5-minute marketing discussion with them. I have to pay my own medical insurance and bills - that motivates me. A big motivation is to have a goal and a vision board - ..."
"... title. Much of what Career Development Professionals provide for their clients is intangible, consisting of information, coaching, counselling and advice. This is the major REAson why it’s not easy to be sure you’ve selected the right person and are getting the services you need. In this ..."
"...REAI worked with a coach who successfully helped me to make the transition from working for corporate companies to starting my own business. His talents and expertise were just what I needed to transform my skills. His coaching and programs helped me to gain confidence to go out to start ..."
"... ‘I worked with Dori Weinstein ( She was amazing and it was something I had never encountered before, she made me think about things prior to REActing. Now I tend to think before jumping into a situation.’ Lizzy, British in America, ..."

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