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Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...that in every location you may have to recycle, return or re-use some of your skills and interests. You may not always need to change careers completely, but you will probably be called upon to make creative adjustments. This is an area in which you will need to exercise resilience: be flexible and open to new ways of using what you already have. ..."
"...portable career requires constant introspection and reinvention - becoming too attached to what you’ve already been and already seen may be the biggest obstacle to your international career success. There are many inspiring stories in this book of non-traditional approaches to career management, of people who have demonstrated career resilience. Moving abroad is the perfect time to think outside the box. Prepare to see this box from a new perspective: imagine, just for a second, that perhaps you built the box yourself, climbed in, and nailed the lid down from the inside. With a little critical self-analysis, you’ll ..."

"...Career resilience, an essential skill for expats and those creating a portable career, is defined by career coach Carole Pemberton as ‘holding the beliefs that enable flexibility in thought, behaviours and actions when facing adversity’. Adversity can be seen as any situation which challenges your ability to come up with ..."
"...become so fixated on carrying out your action plan that you miss the scenery and the opportunity for serendipity to play a role in your journey. Leave room for serendipitous side-stops, detours or re-routing on your journey. This is also a form of flexibility expressed by the term career resilience. ..."

"... to make decisions Entrepreneurs step up and can make decisions without unnecessary delay, taking responsibility for their outcomes. 6. Emotional resilience Setbacks are seen as learning opportunities, not reflections on your worth as a person. Thomas Edison tried several hundred substances ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...Studies are showing one of the keys to successfully dealing with change and transition, as well as life’s other challenges, is something called resilience. We have mentioned it several times throughout this book as a key skill for your career development. What do you do when Plan A doesn’t come together? When your computer dies with your masterpiece business plan or CV unsaved? ..."
"...I (Jo) attended a workshop by Duncan at the 2011 Families in Global Transition conference on the subject of resilience and did the exercises he gave us. As a result, I discovered that my own resilience tactic was to allow myself not to be perfect. As a writer and editor, I know that it is really bad to put out work that contains errors. However, I know that to ..."
"... human after all, and I had tried my best to ensure the book would be error free. This ability to pick yourself up and start again is the stuff of resilience. It is what some people call ‘bouncebackability’. I have accepted that it is okay to get things wrong and that I am humble enough ..."
"...disorientated in the new location. I have failed time and again and certainly been less than perfect. After admitting defeat, asking for help and accepting that it is okay not to be bionic, I have been able to stand tall and keep on going. This is the stuff of resilience. ..."
" make a shift in thinking, to actively choose a way of seeing the event from a potential benefit perspective, one which helps you find constructive actions for yourself, will ultimately influence the results that event will create. Flexibility and adaptability are two fundamental elements of resilience. ..."

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"I wish A Career In Your Suitcase had been published when I was struggling with the ‘ideal portable career’ while..."

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