Career in Your Suitcase
A practical guide to creating meaningful work... anywhere

Further resources and reading for Career in Your Suitcase

These are suggested resources and reading for Career in Your Suitcase carefully selected by the authors, Jo Parfitt and Colleen Reichrath-Smith

Expat Bookshop
Expat Bookshop was started in late 2011 by Jo Parfitt and the team at Summertime Publishing to showcase books by people living abroad for people living abroad.

Expat Bookshop
The place to go for books by and for people living overseas.

Trailing Spouse
A website by PhD global mobility expert expat Yvonne McNulty that details her survey about women working abroad

Expat Women
Online magazine and rich resource for women living overseas. Crammed with amazing, inspiring stories, information, blogs and more.

A Portable Identity
Run by the authors of the book of the same name, this is a great resource for expatriate partners.

Rich resource crammed with advice, articles and forums on everything to do with living abroad

Tales from a Small Planet
Originally formed for US diplomatic wives, this site is crammed with Real Post Reports from real expats living all over the world.

Transitions Abroad
A bit more for backpackers and students this, but full of articles and ideas for out of the box adventure and work.

Expat Arrivals
Full of advice and articles for the new in town.

Newcomers Club
A list with links to networks all over the world - just what you need if you want to meet people in your new location.

Passport Career
Led by Susan Musich, this site offers tailormade information on working in many top locations. Up to the minute, relevant tips and resources.

With sites in many European capitals, this site is rich with news, articles and links, country by country.

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