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"...Marketing your skills will require you to prepare a summary of your skills, accomplishments and qualifications, otherwise known as a CV or resume. You will need to write a cover letter or email to accompany and introduce a CV or proposal. Few jobs and contracts are offered until at least one, often face-to-face, interview has taken place. Even if you are offered a position through your networking efforts, you will probably still ..."
"... use that site. ‘I found work on The only recommendation I have is to follow up with a letter in the mail. If you are close to the company, hand deliver a resume. Online companies receive hundreds of resumes. Stand out with a well-printed resume.’ Ursula, South ..."
"...size’. Choose the appropriate paper size for where you are applying when writing your CV so it looks the way you expect when printed. If possible when sending your CV by post or courier, purchase stationery that has the same dimensions as the recipient’s and mail or fax your resume and cover letter on this stationery. ..."
"...Key words are used by larger companies to sort through resumes. The more key words you use which connect with the position you want, the higher up on the ratings your CV will come. Key words are used by search engines. As a result, if you post your CV content anywhere online you will want the most important and relevant ..."
"...from most recent to least recent, regardless of the CV format you have chosen. Use bullets to make the content easy to read quickly and get you through the first speed-reading. Make sure your bulleted items begin with active and engaging verbs. Search online for ‘action verbs CV’ or ‘resume’. These lists can help you find the right word to capture your experience on paper. ..."
"...‘When I first put my resume out, no one at all was interested. So I had to find someone who knew a little about hiring staff, as luck would have it I found a HR director at Qwest Communications and she sat and went through my resume with me, helping me re-word literally the whole ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...‘I used a professional resume writer. He knew exactly how to take my experiences, achievements and strengths and put it into one document that presented who I am. I have a resume that is authentic and true to my career experiences and personality. They know what type of words to use to attract immediate ..."

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"An awesome networker and intrepid traveller, there is nothing that Jo doesn't know about creating, sustaining and growing a portable..."

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